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Hot stones, warmed by fire, have been used by native Americans to give relief to aching muscles. However, the present-day use of hot stones in massage therapy is attributed to Mary Nelson, a native of Tucson, Arizona. Her style of hot stone massage was trademarked as LaStone Therapy, which has a North American spiritual component and requires training and certification. In the present-day massage therapy practice, hot stone massage is a speciality massage where smooth, heated stones are used by the therapist by placing them or rubbing them on the body. The heat from the stones le to deep relaxation and to warming up of the tight muscles enabling the therapist to work more deeply and more quickly.

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A massage is one of the ultimate forms of self-care. An hour spent destressing, relaxing, and relieving muscular soreness will benefit you mentally, emotionally, and physically. At Stillwaters MedSpa located in Pensacola, FL, we offer hot stone massages as well as other types of massages that will help you relax, release toxins, ease muscle pain, and find balance amid the stresses of your life.

This type of massage involves the use and placement of basalt River rock on different points of the body. The rocks are heated before use and the massage therapist can then apply deeper pressure to areas of concern without causing any discomfort.

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They are typically made of volcanic rock which enables them to heat quickly and retain that heat for an extended period. Everyone knows that massages are an effective, natural cure for stress but this particular type of massage can also help treat and resolve other problematic conditions.

It can relieve stress and anxiety, help manage depression, relieve tension and pain from sore muscles, and can help provide some relief for chronic illnesses or chronic pain. This type of massage allows you to enter deeper into a state of relaxation as the therapist works to relieve muscle pain and tension.

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The heat within the rocks relaxes the muscles, making them more pliable. Once you are free of some of the tension that you walked in, your massage therapist can release the rest of it during your session.

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Our hot stone massage combines both traditional massage techniques with those that are used during this treatment. During this massage, your massage therapist will prepare the hot stones for treatment and will typically place them strategically down the center of the back along the spine. The hot stones can also be placed on the stomach, the feet, the chest, the face, and even the toes and the palms of your hands if needed.

The placement of the stones can help relieve pain in the problem areas.

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Before your session, your massage therapist will discuss your concerns and determine the best location for the stones based on your needs and their evaluation of your physical condition. Your massage therapist will use oil before beginning the massage to make sure that the rocks can glide across your skin without resistance. Hot stones, when used during massage, allow the massage therapist to utilize the basic Swedish massage techniques including long strokes, kneading, rolling, tapping, and circular movements, just with rocks instead of the hands.

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We offer both 70 and 85 minute hot stone massage treatments; you can choose the one that works best for your needs and your schedule. When you consider the amount of time that you spend under stress each week, this appointment will provide you with so much stress-relief and may feel shorter than it an hour, but the deep relaxation you experience will have you counting down the days until your next treatment. Will I Get Burned?

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You can schedule massage treatments as often as you want. Some people schedule standing weekly appointments, others biweekly or monthly, while others only consider it as a special occasion treatment and only come once or twice a year.

The best typically come from regular massages.

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Your massage therapist will suggest a treatment plan based on your needs so that you. Aside from our stress-relieving hot stone massages, we also offer other types of massage treatments that you can schedule alternately with hot stone treatments. You can also choose add-on treatments for any massage, including extra scalp massages and extra foot massages. Our classic massage uses a combination of lotions and oils to create a relaxing experience.

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Your massage therapist will utilize the classic Swedish massage techniques but will cater them and the entire massage to your needs. The type of movement used in this massage includes long, rolling strokes. This technique promotes circulation within the body and helps you relax. We offer classic massages in 55, 70, and minute sessions. If you have never had a massage before, the classic massage is the best treatment to begin with. Once you undergo this massage, you may want to experience the different massages that we offer based on your needs.

Anyone who has experienced chronic muscle fatigue, especially athletes or those who spend a lot of time exercising, knows that a deep tissue massage is almost better than medicine. This massage utilizes deep pressure to help your muscles heal and recover. One of the main goals of this massage is to alleviate pain and muscle soreness, as well as to get rid of the knots that form and cause chronic muscle pain. Deep tissue massages are available in 55, 70, and minute sessions.

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We typically do not recommend deep tissue massages for first-time massage clients. Once you experience a classic massage, you will be ready to take your massage to the next level with a deep tissue massage. If you have had a deep tissue massage before and you are experiencing muscle soreness and tightness, you are most likely a candidate for this massage.

If you love your massages but want to experience them with your ificant other, you can do so at a couples massage. During this massage, you will share a massage room but will have different massage therapists. You can choose from a classic, deep tissue, or hot stone treatment. Couples massages are available in 55, 70, and minute sessions. If you and your ificant other enjoy massages, and you are looking for a way to spend quality time together enjoying some much-needed relaxation, you are a candidate for this massage.

Motherhood Massage Pregnancy limits you in many ways, from what you are and are not allowed to eat, to even want you can put on your skin. There are many activities that you cannot participate in while you were pregnant and while typical massages should be avoided during pregnancy, the motherhood massage should not.

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This massage is tailored for those who are pregnant and it uses special techniques that help alleviate the different aches and pains that accompany pregnancy including lower back pain, leg pain, and hip pain. This massage will increase circulation and help maintain a healthy lymphatic flow to help you feel energized. Motherhood massages are available and 55, 70, and minute sessions.

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One of the best things that you can do for your mental, physical, and emotional health is to engage in regular self-care practices. A VISIA Skin Analysis session that captures key visual information for six areas affecting skin complexion health and appearance: wrinkles, spots, pores, evenness, bacteria in pores, UV spots and photodamage.

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How does this benefit me? This VISIA allows us to create a customized treatment plan for your specific skin care needs and provide options to reach patient skincare goals.

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Mobile Request Buttons. The main difference between a hot stone massage and a regular massage is that the focal point of a hot stone massage is the use of stones to apply pressure during the massage therapy session to promote relaxation. Regular massages do not use stones to massage the body but instead focus on pressure points and muscles. In a regular massage, the massage therapist uses pressure from their hands to massage different areas of the body.

What is the difference between a hot stone massage and a regular massage?

When you choose a knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist who understands the temperature range required for this treatment, you can rest assured that you will not get burned or experience negative side effects from our massage that utilizes hot stones during treatment. At our office, our massage therapists are skilled in this technique and will make sure that you get the best possible. If you have been experiencing anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, or muscle soreness and stiffness, you are most likely a candidate for this massage. Massage treatments can help improve many different ailments and physical concerns.

Pregnant women and children should avoid this treatment. Prior to your treatment, your massage therapist will ensure that this is the best massage for your needs so that you will get the best. Be sure to disclose to your massage therapist any health conditions you may have that may make this treatment a hazard to your overall health.

If you are concerned about whether or not you are a candidate for this massage, contact your primary care provider before scheduling this massage so that you can get the go-ahead from your physician. Doing so will help you relax during your treatment once you are here.

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If you are pregnant and just need some time to relax or you are struggling with hip, leg, or lower back pain and nothing seems to be helping, you are a candidate for the motherhood massage. This massage will give you the relaxation that you need and help you enjoy some much-needed time to yourself before your time is completely monopolized by your new baby.

Schedule Your Massage Today One of the best things that you can do for your mental, physical, and emotional health is to engage in regular self-care practices. PensacolaFL Follow Us. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.