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Advantages of dating an architect

Dating is, in and of itself, a challenge.

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Dating an architect seems like the perfect find in the sea of love that we all fish in. The reality of dating an architect might involve more coffee than champagne, and looking at the same sketch for 2 months. Ted Mosby had us dream of the hopeless romantic who builds the next Empire State building. Looking back at his depiction, being an architect often looks a l ot different than reality. One thing you need to prepare for when meeting an architect is that they are already taken by someone else.

Architecture is the committed relationship they got into when they first ed up to University. There will be times where you get stood up for studio sessions or construction site visits.

And you will have to deal with that. Being passionate is one of their greatest qualities, even if it affects other parts of their life. For a passionate architect, deing a sleek home renovation will often take priority over their dating life. It is a common misconception that Architects make a lot of money.

There are exceptions of Architects that made the big break. You are more likely to come across a younger, less successful partner, who will not be cutting red ribbons any time soon. If your architect and you have already made it to living together, beware of the laundry.

The endless supply of pencils often comes out of a black hole in their back pockets. Their dominantly black wardrobe is pretty much immune to any damage. Any arts and craft stationery is likely to appear around your partner and their home. To make up for their smaller budget, they can craft the best presents.

Wedding season seems a lot less intimidating now. And they willno matter what the payment checks look like.

They will show you the world of granite structures and stuck decorations. If you like a good city holiday you are in luck because with an architect by your side a lot of those are coming for you. Prepare for treks on the path of architectural history with your personal tour guide. Rome, Paris, and Athens make for good destinations and also offer delicious food if your guide allows you a lunch break.

Did you know the Luxor Obelisk on the Paris Place de la Concorde is also the biggest sundial in the world? Without you or your family in it. If you manage to convince your ificant other to you on a trip to the beach, you will need a book to relax with. Decorating your flat will prove a lot easier, as half of the space is already covered by books. Going on exclusively cultural holidays will eventually pay off.

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The good thing about dating an architect is that their passion and knowledge will rub off on you. After a couple of months of coffee dates, y ou could easily pass architecturewithout the endless all-nighters. Architects spend a majority of their early years learning the industry lingo. Selfless as they, this knowledge will be passed to you.

You can start to learn about world-famous architects and buildings! Architectural jargon sounds like a mystery to outsiders but once you are in, you are in.

The world of architecture humor is almost as big as their heart. To make it through the hard times with your partner you will both need to show a lot of patience, working together. Gluing miniature trees to a model requires fine-tuning that will help your relationship as well.

If you are someone who likes to provoke conflict to get what they want, you might be out of luck with this partner. An adventure down the road might include a history lesson on the embassy building you just passed. Fear not, there are more podcasts out there than you could ever possibly listen to. No matter the time of the day, they are always seen with a steaming cup in their hand. Prepare to make room for quality arabica coffee and wave goodbye to the instant sachets left in the cupboard.

If you are still on route to dating an architect, do some research and suggest a date at a good coffee shop. Knowing 2 facts about coffee can go a long way.

2. 50 shades of black

What brought them to their coffee addiction in the first place are the all-nighters they had to endure during their studies and continue on in their career. As a partner, you might be happy that they can stay up all night doing more fun things, being used to the lack of sleep. But in most cases, they are more likely to have already stayed awake the nights working, so on a day of their brain clocks out at 7 pm.

After an hour of discussion on the sustainability of the new opera house being built even the most dedicated partner can zone out. Dreaming of long walks in the city with your loved one. Sounds pretty romantic. As you may have guessed from their lack of sleep and coffee addiction, being an architect involves a lot of overtime. This might be where the misconception about their wealth comes from. Someone who spends all weekend in a studio surely are paid back for that sacrifice. The issue of overworking interns has become so widespread that in a new federal law was passed in the USA demanding that companies pay their employees time and a half for their overtime.

With hour weeks leading up to competitions, an architects schedule can be insane. They have the power to connect everything around them to architecture. Chose one that plays in an architecturally interesting location. Luckily almost every rom-com plays in New York with sufficient scenes of th e Empire State building.

His portrayal is said to be one of the most accurate when it comes to showing the struggle in the industry. His character, while lovable, has a habit of talking around the point, and constantly correcting his friends about everything. Architects being so passionate about their job makes gift shopping a lot easier. Or maybe get them a subscription to a new software tool to play around with?

As creative individualsthey will appreciate a creative effort from you as well. It might be hard to master their humor but once you get it, you will nail every present. Get your Architect lover a great gift! They would have deed the bridge much better themselves. They will talk about projects they like, but always systematically criticize it at the same time.

Often in the same sentence. If you manage to get yourself to date an architect and dealt with the 19 things mentioned above, you are looking towards a bright future. Do you recognize the architect in your life, or yourself in this list?

Do you have more points to add to the list? Anything we missed? We LOVE to hear from you! Submit Comment. Constructing a new house from scratch. This includes preparation of the construction site, materials and labor.

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