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Aunty having sex stories

Hi friends, my name is Adnan.

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This story is about how new year party helped me to get my sexy neighbor prema aunty to bed and had lot of fun.

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And always have huge crush on them. Well this story is about how I got to fuck my childhood crush, my aunt. From the day she was introduced to my family, I have always loved her.

I was 10 then and she around her late 20s. I always blushed whenever she was near me or hugged me. I loved seeing her boobs and she was a perfect bodied woman. Presently, I live in Chennai and I am 20yr old. Usually during vacations I go to my hometown.

But this time my uncle, aunt and their children were coming here to visit us for a week and then we were to go together to our hometown. Finally the day had arrived. She was looking stunning as ever. She was in her 30s and yet so bold and hot. She wore a full white churidar. And her boobs were so perfectly cupped. She was in good shape, hot. I was blushing like a 10yr old again. She came near me and greeted me and hugged me tight with her most beautiful smile and kissed me on my cheek.

Her boobs touching my chest was so amazing. I can still feel that when writing this story. As she was hugging, her smile changed into a kind of doubtful one, and she looked down.

I was having a boner and it was poking her as she hugged me. She started laughing. I corrected it before anyone saw. She was still laughing and when asked she said nothing. I guess she knew that I had a thing for her. Since it was a long train journey, the children slept off after breakfast and my uncle was reading the newspaper and my aunt was helping my mom in the kitchen.

I was in my room texting my best friend about my aunt and how I wanted her so badly. I went to pee keeping my phone on my table. When I came back it was not there. I then went to the room where my cousin sisters where sleeping to see if they woke up and took it.

To my surprise, there was my phone, with my aunt. And she was probably reading my chats. Aunt: what is all this?

How dare you talk like that about me to your filthy Friends. Me: I am sorry, I just like you so much, and I am sorry. How can you tell like that about me to your friends.

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She threw the phone on the bed and left the room. I was afraid whether she is gonna tell my mom or uncle. In the evening my uncle and cousins were sleeping and mom had gone out to the market and my aunt was reading magazines in the hall. I thought this was the perfect time to say sorry, and as I was about to leave my room, she came in.

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We chatted for a while, where she got to know about my personal life, my sex life, masturbation and stuff. Then she went out of my room, and then came in and locked the door. Those were the words I was not expecting at all. She came forward and kissed my cheeks, then my lips. We hugged each other and rolled onto the bed while kissing. I was happy that it was finally happening. She made me stand while she was sitting on the edge of the bed and removed my tracks and underwear. She stroked the dick for a while and smiled at me and put it in her mouth.

I just loved the way she blowed me. But then it had to end there cause the bell had rung and mom was home. I was happy yet disappointed. This content appeared first on new sex story. Later that evening I was roaming around the kitchen area, while my mom and aunt were cooking dinner.

Aunt was wearing a saree revealing her hips. Whenever my mom went out of the kitchen I used to touch her and kiss her. It was a very dangerous task but I enjoyed this the most. At night I was sleeping in the hall while my mom and aunt slept in my room. I was thinking about if my mom had not rung bell, I would have had sex with my aunt. And I was having boner thinking about that. Later that night as everyone was sleeping, I heard someone come to the hall.

It was my aunt. I said sure and she jumped in the couch with me and we were kissing again, laying on each other. She was wearing a one piece night dress.

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So I removed it and started caressing her beautiful breasts. Started sucking the nipples while pinching the other one. I then made her lie on the couch and started licking her pussy. She was wet already. I had to cover her mouth with my hand as she was moaning. I put one finger in her mouth for her to suck and then continued licking her wet and juicy pussy. Later then I fucked her mouth.

We then did the 69 position, for the first time in my life. It was awesome. She was sucking my dick while I was licking her pussy. We did that for a while and heard some sound. And realised that it was just my uncle snoring. We continued in the kitchen. Made her sit on the slab and inserted my dick inside her juicy pussy. It was hot.

I had to kiss her while fucking cause her moan could wake everyone in the house. We tried standing and fucking in many positions until I cummed. She wanted me to cum inside her, and see the cum run out of her pussy. She loved it. My aunt and I did this secret sex work for the rest of the days and on our journey on the train back to our hometown.

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