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Certain types of headaches, breathing issues, and mood swings might just be the aftermath of an amazing sexual encounter. Even if you take smart steps to protect yourself from the biggest and most worrisome sex aftereffects — like getting a sexually transmitted infection or ending up pregnant — others can occur that are far less serious but still annoying. These post-coital hangovers can range from truly rare conditions, such as transient global amnesia after sex temporary memory loss and confusion, per researchwhich, the Mayo Clinic says, warrants medical attention to rule out more serious conditions; to common ones, such as after-sex leg cramps, according to Planned Parenthoodwhich can be relieved with some simple stretches or will dissipate on their own. Here are four other surprising but fairly common after-sex hangovers, with advice on how to handle them:.

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You do it more than 23, times a day, but are you breathing properly? From a rebirthing session to holotropic breathwork, Richard Godwin inhales the latest wellness craze. A re you sitting comfortably?

Airways clear, back straight, no respiratory conditions? Take a series of short, deep breaths. Activate your diaphragm, pull the air right down into your belly, let the chest fall. Repeat times.

What is tantric sex?

Feeling a little floaty? Fingers tingling? Now take a big breath, then expel all the air from your lungs and hold it. That slight feeling of panic? You might be surprised how long you can push it before you have to take a huge gasp. After three attempts, I managed three minutes 23 seconds of not breathing. The person who formulated this exercise, Dutch endurance specialist and multiple world record holder Wim Hof59, has trained himself to go up to six or seven minutes.

He claims that by performing this exercise daily along with a regimen of cold showers and meditationwe can help treat a whole suite of conditions and diseases, from depression to arthritis. While Hof may be the most eccentric person to tout breath as a panacea for the 21st century, he is not alone. I first started noticing how fashionable breathing had become when I moved to Sex Angeles in New friends told me about conscious breathwork circles and breathing re-education classes.

A whole self-care industry has made us doubt everything we do naturally — eat, exercise, sleep — and breathing is at the heart of it all. She now has her sights on the general breathing public. Yogis have been looking at pranayama. But no one has been taking of the average person like you and me. She has developed a breath IQ test, deed to measure both lung capacity and breathing style. In her book Breatheshe asks further questions: do you sit in front of a computer all day?

Did you experience trauma, fear or anxiety as ? She tells me to spread my fingers between my nipples and my belly button.

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Not up in your collar bones. She tells a respiratory version of The Fall; humans used to breathe correctly.

When a three-year-old breathes, their tummy goes in and out. Same with animals. Cheap, too. Breathing is automatic and not automatic at the same time. Respiratory function is controlled in the brain stem, the part of the brain that controls the basic things that keep us alive, like a heartbeat. Your brain automatically adjusts your steps, just as your brain will occasionally insert a sigh when it needs more oxygen.

W hen I first became conscious of my breathing, aged five or so — about the time Dr Vranich thinks we start doing it wrong — I remember experiencing hood version of an existential crisis.

What if I forget to breathe? Not without reason: I used to faint frequently due to a lack of oxygen in the brain. But somehow I went through the next few decades barely thinking about it, until one Sunday morning last year when I went to report on a communal exercise class on a basketball court in Runyon Canyon, LA, hosted by a group of wellness bros who call themselves the Wildfire Initiative.

I was expecting a gruelling session of weights, cardio, humiliation. In fact, it was quite pleasant. He asked us to lie down and put us through a breathing exercise in which we hyperventilated, then held our collective breath.

Tantric sex can be an amazing way to reconnect with your partner and a sure-fire way to increased pleasure. an expert explains how it's done.

Not when our phone has died. As we hiked up the canyon, Ellis told me that he can hold his breath for six minutes, despite smoking 10 cigarettes a day. Hof is also known as the Ice Man, which comes from his penchant for encasing himself in ice, swimming under bits of the Arctic and climbing up mountains in shorts. He holds 26 world records for withstanding extreme temperatures, partly thanks to his breathing technique, and runs retreats in Holland, Poland and Spain; he also sells online courses, while giving away the basics free in his app.

How to breathe

The endocrine system! The lymphatic system! The immune system!

The vascular system! But we have shown that you can tap into them.

Our ancestors used to be fine mooching around the tundra in loincloths. But as humans have learned to control our environments — with central heating, insulation, coats and so on — we are losing our ability to respond to nature. And there is some evidence that he may be on to something. The most credible evidence came inwhen a team of researchers at Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands studied 12 subjects who had followed the Wim Hof Method and found they had an increased ability to resist infection and fight inflammation.

Still, the notion that breathing is good for you is one of the least controversial things you could say about the human body. Similar techniques are at the heart of hypnobirthing classes, which are becoming increasingly popular.

A little more on the edge are the consciousness-altering breathing techniques adapted from various Buddhist practices by the psychedelic pioneer Stanislav Grof at the Esalen Institute in California in the s — now seeing a comeback as part of a wider psychedelic renaissance. Holotropic breathwork is not recommended if you have prior heart conditions, as Pollan had.

4 strange sex-related symptoms - and how to handle them

A British entrepreneur, Poppy Jamie, 28, tells me she was so inspired by the holotropic breathing workshop she attended in LA that she decided to reassess her whole career. And it was such a release, I cried for two hours afterwards. It grounds you in the present moment.

In my dreams, there would be a breathing centre on every street corner. Intrigued, I visit a breathwork practitioner named Federica Ferro at her home in London. She used to work in fashion in Milan and New York, but became disillusioned. The idea is not to pause between exhaling and inhaling, so every time you breathe out you cut it a little short and breathe in again.

This induces a trance-like state in which the conscious mind quietens down, apparently allowing the subconscious to do a little rewiring. Her own first experience was life-changing. It came up through me and I felt this breath liberation. After a while, I saw galaxies, darkness, stars, and felt this sense of belonging. I had this incredible peace of mind. It was my body, my breath, all of my dimensions: everything. And it lasted for quite a while.

A cosmic orgasm? Instead, I get a sort of waking trance. After a few preliminary deep breaths, Ferro instructs me to breathe in and out on her instruction, establishing a deliberate rhythm. At first, I find it sort of stressful. But before long, my mind wanders away from my taking of deadlines and errands to some other zone.

Time bends sex little. I emerge after what feels like 10 minutes but is actually an hour. I feel refreshed.

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It is safe to feel all my emotion and let my heart guide me. Put one hand on your belly and one on your chest, between your collar bones.

Breathe slowly and deeply from the diaphragm.