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Brooklyn second hand furniture

This melange of styles and stories creates the intimacy of each tour that draws DS readers back for more. One of the ways to bring this storied style to your own home is to find beautifully aged pieces — or even almost-new ones — secondhand.

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I even stumbled upon a few that were permanently closed — not sure of the last time Google was updated.

The best vintage & thrift furniture stores in brooklyn

New York City is full of independent, non-profit, and corporate thrift shops. Brooklyn, specifically, encompasses some of the most characteristic boutiques and vintage warehouses that carry truly one-of-a-kind items. So, setting Google aside, I put together a compact list of the vintage furniture shops in Brooklyn that will give you the best chance of finding beautiful and original items without overpaying for that vintage feel.

Mother of Junk is quite literally the Motherload of thrift furniture. This is like a salvage yard of retro relics. Piled warehouse style, this store has aisles and aisles of dressers, chairs, lamps, rugs, bookcases — you name it. They even have a large selection of vintage records.

Prices are very cheap considering the size of a lot of this furniture. They may not be in perfect condition, but a lot of the blemishes are minor and can be easily fixed with a little love. Erica, the owner, hand-picks all furniture with the strongest aesthetic and originality. Choosing quality over quantity, this store is small but new furniture arrives almost daily and the pieces are in near-perfect-to-perfect condition. A neighborhood favorite, this store is a great place to start your search for comfortable and beautiful pieces. Also, important to note, they will spruce up any furniture item before they deliver it fix tears, scratches, etc.

Vintage — a laid-back mix of retro style vintage furniture and clothing. The store is full of colorful accent pieces and one-of-kind finds.

The quality is excellent, and the prices are very fair. Cozy couches, posters of succulents, and velvet armchairs await you here.

This store has two other locations, both in Bushwick. I definitely recommend visiting all three as they all have beautiful pieces to offer and a great atmosphere that hits you as soon as you walk in. This is my neighborhood thrift store. I walk past this shop on my way home from the train station each day and normally stop to see the new pieces they brought in new pieces arrive everyday and they always have a lovely display out front.

The furniture here is neat and organized but still has a wonderful thrifty atmosphere. Most pieces are finished and in very good condition. Anytime a Brooklynite finds a new thrift store they compare it back to Reuse America.

This vintage warehouse brings in a new truck of furniture every day. The staff here are very helpful — if you are looking for something specific just ask, they might have something in their two storage warehouses that could be of interest to you. The furniture here comes in all states, but the prices are very reasonable. They have an entire backroom dedicated to all kinds of chairs.

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This place cannot be missed. Another warehouse style thrift shop but less crowded than Mother of Junk. Not as huge but still a very large collection of furniture; tables, bookcases chairs, etc. Many of the pieces out front and near the entrance are good as new.

The owners are very friendly and helpful, and the pieces are generally in good condition with few to no blemishes. This warehouse is full of not just vintage items but actual antiques; huge chests, hand painted armoires, and grandfather clocks.

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Anything you need, they will have it somewhere. They even deliver. Like the name says, they sell used furniture and clothing, but I would suggest you just come for the furniture.

Though there is a huge pile of purses in the corner aisle you might want to dig through. Admittedly more on the pricey side but hear me out. There are just so many options in this 65, sq ft space.

Some things are overpriced, I admit, but there are many pieces that are astoundingly affordable. You just gotta dig. I hope this helped narrow down your search for some eco-friendly thrift store furniture that will add some thoughtful character to your home.


I stayed away from large chain stores in this article because I wanted to explore the local neighborhood thrift shop options that go overlooked but have a lot to offer. Though one chain I would look out for in addition to the stores on this list is Housing Works : a non-profit fighting against AIDS and homelessness. They are all over the city and offer membership programs. Happy hunting! These look like DIY projects that can resold at a profit. I like the jacket you bought! What a wonderful time you must have had doing research for this post.

This trend is on the increase in my country but stores are spaced out and prices are far from friendly to the pocket.

I wish we had local shops that had vintage finds. It really depends where you are, a lot of the thrift stores here have been around for decades but have become very popular in recent years. Some of those pieces are just exquisite!

They have the ability to bring so much character to a home or room! Favorite Find: This gorgeous blush velvet couch that was destined for auction I hope this helped narrow down your search for some eco-friendly thrift store furniture that will add some thoughtful character to your home. Thanks for reading! Despina Maria.