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Cuckold sissy stories

Welcome to all things sissy cuckold.

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He waited on the bed as instructed. He also had on a garter belt and some high heels. Too top in off he had on some coral lipstick and he had painted his nails perfectly. There was a knock at the door. The door opened to reveal a tall, thickset, ugly old man, with white hair.

Name: Allix
Years: 18

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A collection of sissy humiliation stories I've read and liked, with strong emphasis on dominant males and submissive boys or sissies. I know what makes you little faggots happy.

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Come on sissy boy, get ready to swallow. Come get your medicine son.

Read the rest of this entry ». Before you get any ideas of what you might do, listen. Heather has your wallet, your keys, and I am going to drive your car away tonight.

So, what are you going to do tomorrow? You will practice walking on the high heels and practice with the dildo so you can properly deep throat me. Finally, you will practice inserting the plug up your cute little backside, and work on keeping it there for at least 2 hours. When I get here tomorrow night, I will let myself in, and you will be waiting for me on the sofa, wearing the teddy, with the white socks, white shoes, and peignoir.

Your finger and toe nails will be shaped and painted pink, and they had better look nice!

No stubble anywhere. Your crotch, your ass, your under arms, legs, etc. I also want that poor excuse for a mustache gone. You will use the enema, and then bathe and wash your hair, brushing it out real nice for me.

Use the shampoo and stuff I brought. I expect all of these instructions to be carried out to the letter, or those pictures will be out within minutes, and your life will be over.

The sissy cuckold

So here he is gorgeously laid out across my lap. I look down at him. You know the one I like, the one that gets my dick hard for you. Come on, baby. My hand pushed down between his legs griping it tight, top of my wrist pushed up and softly spre his cheeks, brushes up against his little hole as I lift his chastity tube up.

I hear him whimper, cry out softly. I love that sound.

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Never fails to get me rock hard. As I pull it up as far as I can I feel his legs spread. I hold his caged and locked penis up almost level with the backs of his exposed thighs. He squirms slightly, whimpers louder.

He knows not to close his legs together, not time yet to do that and hold it in place, not until I have it pulled up high enough. She is probably going to get pregnant but if you are quick and do a good job you may be able to prevent it.

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You have my permission to lick her cunt out with your tongue. Her cunt and the crack of her arse are soaked in my thick creamy cum. The taste is incredibly powerful in your throat and you gag as you choke it down. I grin at the expression of distaste on your face but, looking at me you continue to lick out your wife knowing that it may protect her from getting pregnant and that by being obedient you may avoid another thrashing. If you are really lucky this time your wife will not get pregnant.

This time you immediately respond, standing where I indicate. I put the cuffs back on you and you begin to whimper again.

I turn to your slut of a wife and say. Address:. me up!

Sissy cuckold stories

Riana's Collection of Sissy Humiliation Stories A collection of sissy humiliation stories I've read and liked, with strong emphasis on dominant males and submissive boys or sissies. Posted by riana Filed in Author: Kent Tags: cuckoldcum eatingphysicalsissificationverbal humiliation. My Sissy Submission Hell January 15, Posted by riana Filed in Author: Missy Satinpanties Tags: cuckoldsex toyssissificationverbal humiliation. Sissy Across His Lap October 12, Posted by riana Filed in Author: a kept sissy Tags: cuckoldsissificationverbal humiliation.

Posted by riana Filed in Author: Tafod Arian Tags: cuckoldcum eatingsissificationverbal humiliation.

“i bet you $ i can get my dick in his wife’s mouth”

Search for:. The stories posted here have all reached certain standards of readability and content. I focus on collecting stories that involve humiliation of a young, feminine submissive by a dominant male. As a rule, all the stories posted here are X rated, but they involve more than straightforward non-consensual sex.

Instead, these stories will pay attention to the emotional and psychological humiliation of the submissive. More often than not, there is a training or feminization scenario through which the sub learns to submit to and please "real men". Subscribe in a reader.