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Cum in pants at strip club

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Oh, the horror. The dread. The sheer disgust you experience the first time a customer climaxes during your dance. Unless you work in a no contact club, the chances of this happening are pretty good. As an adult entertainer, this is just one more of the adult dilemmas you will be faced with.

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Forum Rules. for FREE! Remember Me? What's New? 1 to 13 of Thread: Let him cum or not? Let him cum or not? Do you let your customer cum in their pants after a of dances? I'm curious about those guys that don't go for VIP but keep buying you dances one after another.

They may say they want to take a break but then you seduce them right into buying another and they cannot help it. Do you let these guys finish? I generally try to keep them on the edge but don't let them go over, so they have to keep paying.

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But when I have danced for a guy for an hour and I know he is almost broke, I usually just keep going and finish him off. How do you deal with it? Reply With Quote. Re: Let him cum or not? Where do you work? Why do you care? You are paid to dance. Do you work at a strip club or a brothel?

Do you know the difference? Is what you are asking legal where you work? I danced at titty bars for 12 years, never once did I ask myself or anyone else that question. It never occurred to me to give a fuck.

I was there to entertain not to make them cum. I work at a reputable clean strip club in Germany. Everything is legal here, but that is not the question.

Ejaculating during a dance

I don't do any "extras" just for the record. The point is: even from just clean lap dancing, a guy will come in his pants if you know your moves.

It's not your fault if they do - even in the strictest of jurisdictions you can always say you didn't know and didn't do anything you were not supposed to. Why I ask this question is of course because I want to maximize profit. How do you use that power that you have, to get the maximum cash out of it, also with regards to repeat customers?

I left them always wanting more. I didn't do hard rubbing or grinding. Uh he shouldn't be finishing YOU need to tone your dances down or else go be an escort. Our job is to tease and dance, not actually get them off, legal or not.

For : stripper lapdance cum in pants

Originally Posted by Lucelia. You guys seriously have never had a guy cum while doing a dance.? It's not like any girl wants it to happen! But if you actually know how to give good lap dances it happens sometimes and yes it's gross and a turn off and they don't even tell you it's happening.

I guess what it really means is you're TOO good at dancing so I would tone it down a little and keep teasing them so they spend more money. That's what i've learned from those situations is when 'it' happens they're pretty much done spending money for the rest of the night. It's in your best interest for it not to happen but trust me girl you aren't alone.

Originally Posted by alyssanna. But if you actually know how to give good lap dances it happens sometimes.

Cum in pants strip club

Originally Posted by Selina M. OP certainly sounds like she wants it to happen, or at least doesn't mind. And stop tying "good dances" to "guys blowing a load". It's disgusting. You know how I know I give good dances?

No no no no no no!!! Sounds like you should probably change professions if making a guy cum in his pants is part of why you're getting paid. I don't dance that way at all; I don't heavily grind or almost ever grind period. I'm sure it's something that can occasionally or accidentally happen but you shouldn't be doing things that you actively know are going to facilitate that process.

Strip club horror: he came in his pants

It isn't sanitary. Time's up buddy, get out or pay the girl more money. If men want sexual satisfaction or orgasm they would go to a brothel rather than a strip club. Brothels are legal in Germany are they not? Go work there if such events cause you so much concern.

Strippers belong in strip clubs. I'm a cam girl, I cam. I'm a porn star, I make movies.

When on cam, I don't tell men they can star in movies with me. You are making it harder for other ladies who work there just to be a stripper. Which isn't fair to them at all. Similar Thre they can't cum if you're being mean to them. Replies: 0 Last Post:PM. I smell like cum his cum By leilanicandy in forum Body Business. Replies: 17 Last Post:PM.

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