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Cute ways to say hi in a text

Texting may not seem like it should require much thought or effort, but when you're interested in someone, you probably second-guess your messages. How can you be flirty and original without trying too hard?

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Every day we meet with many people. We greet differently with everyone, it depends on the relationship which we share with them. We hug each other or shake hands or call in different funny and unique ways. Except for saying hi, we can use different words when we meet, here is a list of different ways to say hello, which we can use in our daily routine.

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It could be the fact you both have cats, the fact you both love to travel, or the fact you both posted a profile pic from the exact same restaurant. That thing you have in common will be the bridge that ties you together, which in turn will make it easier and more exciting for them to write back.

1. point out a shared interest

It will also make it clear that you took the time to read their dating profile, Wood says. To get a convo rolling, it also helps to ask open-ended questions. Those are awesome pictures of the Grand Canyon.

What was your favorite part of that trip? Another perk of the open-ended question?

The other person will get to talk about themselves and share their experiences, Wood says, which is something pretty much everyone loves to do. If you spot an intriguing opinion in their profile, ask for them to elaborate.

It could be something important, like a political opinion, or something lighter, like their hot take on pizza toppings though one could argue pizza toppings are important in their own way. Who knows? You might find yourselves debating late into the night.

If their profile gives you a good impression of their sense of humor, consider reaching out with a well-selected meme. When in doubt, talk about pets. What's their name? Brutus the bulldog says hi.

If you don't have a pet but you do love animals, you can say that, too. So why not go with a simple introduction?

30+ clever, funny and cute ways to say good morning

Say something interesting about yourself and then follow up with a question. From there, you could even follow up with an offer to go on a date if the timing feels right.

They will love it. Another cute way to reach out is by saying their first name followed by an exclamation point.

2. ask open-ended questions

Simple as that. Tennesha Woodrelationship expert and matchmaker. Claire AHmatchmaker and dating coach. Emily Freemandating coach.

This article was originally published on Aug. By Cathy Vandewater and Carolyn Steber. Updated: June 4, Originally Published: Aug. Ask Open-Ended Questions To get a convo rolling, it also helps to ask open-ended questions.

Get Their Opinion.