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Dachshund english cream

This stylish dog breed, with a soft cream coat that looks stunning, is a rare breed to find. Seen as among the most prized dachshund varieties in the canine community, the main point of this particular breed is without a doubt their coat! There are endless possibilities when talking about varieties of canines.

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If you have read my blog about Dachshund factsyou may find the name of this dog variety ironic and intriguing. Aside from this little geeky fact, English cream Dachshunds are also known to be very expensive due to their coat color. A certain gene, which we will cover in detail later, causes the unique shade of their fur and creates different coat types that confuse many pet owners. I collated all the key information about this dog that will surely have you looking for a breeder or rescue facility to adopt one.

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Dog lovers around the world rave about English Cream Dachshund. These long-haired, light-colored miniature Dachshunds can be as mysterious as they are adorable.

English cream dachshund appearance

English Cream Dachshunds have a unique color, but they are identical to standard Dachshunds in every other way. Like all short-legged dogs, English Creams suffer from various health issues in their back and legs. Part of caring for your Dachshund is knowing the facts about its breed. How is it different from other Cream Dachshunds?

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Is it a mix or a deer breed? Luckily, you can learn some helpful tricks to spotting an actual English Cream Dachshund. An English Cream Dachshund is a rare long-haired breed that stands out with its light cream coloring. Its coat ranges from light white to golden, while its paw p, nails, and whiskers are dark in color.

Weighing in at pounds, this dog has a charming miniature size.

Originally intended as a hunting companion, the English Cream was bred in the UK to have a loyal, affectionate personality. Its short stature and long body are ideal for chasing tunneling prey like moles. Over time, this breed has become popular around the world as a family dog.

English Cream Dachshunds get their unique color from two recessive Chinchilla genes. This combination causes depigmentation in the fur color.

This breed is born with very dark fur that gradually lightens as the dog matures. English Creams are easily confused with other types of Cream Dachshunds.

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EE Creams have similar genetic qualities, but their lack of Chinchilla genes causes subtle color differences in the toenails and whiskers. Shaded Creams are distinguished by dark banding on the tips of the fur. Reputable breeders can provide a pedigree that traces their Dachshund puppies back to an English grandparent. You can often spot these dogs by looking for a reddish tint in their light fur.

A real English Cream has bright white or gold-colored hair. Many English Cream Dachshund owners claim their pets are sweeter and more laid-back than the average Dachshund.

While there is little scientific evidence to back this up, this mild-mannered breed may skip the stubborn doxie reputation and be extra pleasant. Inthe American Kennel Club recognized Dachshunds as a standard breed. Plus, their natural curiosity makes playtime fun. While these dogs are incredibly loyal, they may also have a tough time warming up to strangers. Hunting dogs, of course, are also going to hunt. Dachshunds are known to chase squirrels, birds, and other small prey.

Another typical quality of working breeds is barking. Dachshunds are known to bark while pursuing prey or warning their family about a stranger at the door.

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Like any other breed, doxies need exercise and stimulation. Dachshunds are moderate-energy dogs. To avoid the health risks of obesity, an English Cream needs regular exercise.

Luckily, the Chinchilla gene does not cause any extra health problems for English Creams. Like all Dachshunds, these dogs will enjoy a lifespan of 12 to 16 years. However, this breed faces debilitating issues with its back and legs due to its unusual body shape. Depending on the severity of the case, treatment for this disease could involve therapy or surgery.

What is an english cream dachshund?

If your Dachshund is limping, they may be suffering from Patella Luxation or a dislocated kneecap. Patella Luxation is another common injury for short-legged breeds that typically requires surgery.

Overweight dogs suffer added stress on their legs and back. Unfortunately, doxies, in general, are prone to obesity. Even a healthy and active Dachshund may gain unexplained pounds due to hypothyroidism, common in younger dogs. Just like humans, aging Dachshunds suffer many eye-related issues. They may also develop fluid in the eye glaucoma and cataracts, or milky cloudiness of the cornea. Dachshunds with long hair tend to be more mild-mannered than their short or wire-haired cousins. However, the beautiful and sweet English Cream comes with some work.

Dogs with long hair need excellent grooming to stay healthy and happy. One of the essential grooming habits for an English Cream Dachshund is brushing.

To avoid mats and tangles, you should brush or comb an English Cream Dachshund as often as three times a day. Removing loose hair will cut down on shedding in your environment. English Cream Dachshunds are not hypoallergenic. Regular brushing is the best way to protect friends and families with allergies from irritating dander.

Because English Creams have very light fur, they will appear dirty more quickly than other breeds. Groomers recommend bathing a light-haired dog times per month.

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Long-haired Dachshunds benefit from occasional light trimming. You may take your dog to the groomer or use clippers to clean up its fur. Remember, an actual English Cream puppy will have a grandparent from England in its ancestry, and its breeder can prove this to you with a pedigree.

Keep in mind that this Dachshund is born with dark fur, which magically turns to a lighter shade as it grows up. Other types of Cream Dachshunds show the same light coloring from birth to adulthood and will have small differences, such as dark overlays, on the tips of their ears.

An English Cream Dachshund is a beautiful, sweet, and loyal addition to any family. This miniature breed has an incredibly unique coat, thanks to the Chinchilla genes that make its long hair light and golden in color. The English Cream is not without its share of health problems. An English Cream will show off its stunning light coat for as long as 16 years, and this sweet breed can provide you with tons of love and entertainment.

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What is an english cream dachshund mix?

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