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Dating a low self esteem guy

People with self-esteem issues often neglect to take care of themselves. They may refuse to go shopping for new clothes, or fail to maintain good personal hygiene.

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Either way, low self-esteem can destroy relationships.

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Published by Jatinder Kaur. While searching for a partner, you must look for a person with high self-esteem and sound emotional health. It is important to be aware of low self-esteem s from the early days of the relationship because a person who cannot love himself cannot give you due respect and love. A guy with low self-esteem won't feel secure with you, want the best for you, and be there for you. He will always be competing with you, even in mundane things that do not make sense.

It is more difficult for him to genuinely fall in love due to the multiple subconscious emotional barriers preventing him from letting go when necessary. It is harder for him to make the process of falling in love take its natural course.

Here are a few s of low self-esteem in a man to look out for.

You should be scared stiff of a low self-esteemed man! With time, you will realize that the existence of a low self-esteemed man in your life can potentially become cancerous to your self-worth and self-esteem. A man with low self-esteem is too worried about his position in your life and how he fits in a competitive world.

Consequently, he will have a little time to appreciate your love and existence.

He constantly puts you down, even for the little battles you have won! He never sees a triumph, rather just a mistake. He will never praise you for anything you are doing, but he will find fault in one way or another. Even when you try to look good for him, he will find something to criticize. Psychologists refer to such a guy as an individual with a low mate value. Such a man is full of negativity and guarantees sadness. Run while you can! Dating men with low self-esteem is destined to earn you many missed opportunities. This man is a pessimist and never sees an opportunity in a challenging situation.

He will keep complaining about life without offering any viable solution.

A man who does not feel good about himself finds it difficult to feel positive about anything. He will always predict a negative outcome when others see it differently. To him, the glass is half empty and not half full!

One of the most unmistakable s he has low self-esteem is the feeling of insecurity when other men are around you. He is even jealous of your male relatives sticking around you. Even after you have explained that you have childhood male friends, he still does not trust you. He does not even allow you to have fun with your friends. He keeps gloating about how other people are useful, yet he is not. He is never happy for others! He thinks he is going to lose you if other people interact with you! The fear of failure is one of the most recognizable s he has low self-esteem.

He does not believe he can take the lead in something and steer it to fruition. He shies away when faced with challenges. He sees others as being superior and special than him. He thinks he is going to fail in something if he were to be put in charge and never provides direction. This guy is obsessed with something. He might be even mistaken for suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Evident s of low self-esteem in a man

He spends most of his time doing a particular thing. His actions are predictable. He cannot go a minute without mentioning something he holds dear. Other additions may be negative. Maybe he is addicted to alcohol or even porn! A guy with low self-esteem will react negatively to criticism even when it is constructive.

9 s of low self-esteem in a man

He ends up yelling at others who criticize his choices. He will confront negative criticism with anger and hostility. Such a man considers negative criticism as an attack on his character. Lack of principles is one of the key s of low self-esteem in a man.

What can you do when the person you love, doesn’t love themselves? it can be quite a challenge, but here are some tips to help you provide the words of comfort and support they need

He is a guy who does not stand for anything and falls for anything even when not under pressure. Other people find it easy to influence him and his actions. He will easily change his position when confronted by others or talked into thinking in a particular way. It is difficult for a guy with low self-esteem to draw out a woman's sexual desire naturally. He will attempt to pressurize you.

8 s a guy has toxically low self-esteem (yikes!) — and why you need to move on

This guy will use this desperate strategy because he knows he lacks the status or value to make a woman bow to his desires. He does not add value to your life.

Even worse, he is likely to take it away from you! He is even obsessed with the idea of having sex. Such a guy could hit and run away because he cannot offer what a woman needs — affection and respect! Mistakes are a part of human life. A man with low self-esteem does not recognize this important facet. He always blames others for his failure. He cannot do introspection and admit he has erred. He thinks he is a victim of circumstances and not his decisions or actions that have resulted in mistakes! If you want to be happy and calm in your life, never fall for the low self-esteemed guy.

He is likely to turn your life into a nightmare. No matter your effort to boost his ego, you are likely to suffer under him. Knowing this, go out and have fun searching for your soul mate.

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