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Dating a person who smokes weed

Is it possible? Or is the relationship destined for doom from the start?

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While getting a little stoned with someone on the first date can be really fun, pot can be a hard subject to broach with a person you just met. If the conversation is flowing, and you have good chemistry with your date, you might feel comfortable enough to share you like smoking a t or two after work. And sometimes, if your date is super against weed, it could be a dealbreaker. By setting up profiles on dating apps and sites, you can use filters built into the program. Matchone of the leading and one of our favorite dating sites has done its own research into weed smoking and the dating world. Dating sites and apps are starting to accommodate smokers, too: A lot of sites have built-in questions about recreational drug use, including marijuana, during the initial profile set-up questions, or often as a filter.

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When it comes to relationship deal-breakers, people tend to think put different drug or alcohol use on their list. But a new study shows that, at least when it comes to pot, dating someone who smokes weed is not a big deal. Dating site WhatsYourPrice.

Although the dropped to 55 percent in regards to women, it's still the majority that are feeling positive to our stoner brothers and sister. It was only in the plus age bracket that it dropped— and still 43 percent of them were OK with it. The most weed-friendly city for singles?

Cleveland, Ohio. In the WhatsYourPrice.

How many singles will date someone who loves weed?

It is the blue grass state, after all, so our stoner couples might all be there. It does it all.

Weed can have an amazing affect on your sex life. Mitch Earleywine tells Elite Daily that "that CB1 receptor seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria" and there are some anecdotal reports of marijuana being linked to longer orgasms. And if that isn't enough of a reason to give it a try I think that's a reason to give it a try.

Can i compromise with a marijuana smoker i love?

It's not just silly stuff. When it comes to serious relationship issues, like domestic violence, smoking marijuana may help. A study of couples by the University of Buffalo found there was less domestic violence in couples where at least one partner smoke marijuana, and the lowest were both did.

If you don't like the idea of smoking upthere are other ways for weed to help your sex life. Cannabis lube exists.

It's a thing. And it's " deed for female pleasure. It's not just that people are open to dating pot smokers, stoners are looking for love in a real way.

According to research released by Match, 44 percent of smokers were looking for a real relationship. Not only that, they were percent more likely than non-daters to have been in a relationship before, so we're talking some serious daters.

Weed has more to do with your love life than you think

Don't think that all the giggles and loving that go along with weed makes them open to everyone. Weed smokers are actually picker than non-weed smokers.

That's right, there not just strong and potentially longer. Match found that those " open to marijuana use " were percent more likely to have multiple orgasms.

Your partner smokes weed. you don’t. will it work?

Sound intense? They were also 30 percent more likely to want to make out at the end of the date, and who doesn't like making out? Images: Fotolia; Giphy 7. By Lea Rose Emery.