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Dating fur coats

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We saw it all over the runways in a variety of styles, from Rachel Zoe vests to full-on fur coats, gloves, earmuffs, scarfs and everything in between. I consider myself nothing more or less than an animal of this earth. However, I will also declare that I will buy vintage fur or leather products as a sustainable option to use the resources which are pre-existing.

I believe that we each have a right to our own opinions, no matter the subject matter. So, vintage lovers! Or feel free to Tweet, FacebookInstagram or subscribe to my newsletter below. Before launching into identifying vintage furs of mink, fox, rabbit, beaver and raccoonI must point out that fur is a big trend for winter The runways set the stage for trends and mainstream ready-to-wear deers take note.

They are more aesthetically pleasing while the undercoat is the practical warmth layer. PELT: The literal skin of the animal, and the phrase used to describe the of animals needed to create one fur garment. Fur is usually very light but still thickand according to the Vintage Fashion Guild, dark mink is the most recognizable see picture of wild mink above.

My grandmother passed down her mink stole to me worn below. The trend of mink began in the 20th century after mink was trapped for some time in large quantities. Thus the garment itself is more expensive than the same style made with a larger animal with larger pelts, like a fox. Plus, mink fur is short and glossy, making mink the go-to animal for high-fashion pieces looking to radiate that luxurious shine. Special note: While it is surely the creepiest, the easiest way to identify a type of fur is to take note of whether the garment contains the head or tail of its animal.

The hat above is fur from a white fox.

The fur is much longer in comparison to other woodland creatures. Fur red and gray fox are the least expensive of fur because they are indigenous to North America, so production remains local instead of outsourced thereby dropping the overall average cost a garment. According to the Vintage Fashion Guild, rabbit furs were more often dyed prior to the s. Because rabbits are one of the least expensive fur garments, the trend was to dye the rabbit fur to resemble a more expensive creature.

Perhaps this is why with vintage furs, we so often see a rabbit piece dyed dark brown as if it were mink, beaver or fox. Angora is another style of rabbit fur with recent popularity made from the sheared fur of the angora dating of rabbit, shown below. The Eurasian beaver was literally hunted into extinction in Europe in the 17th coat. The rodent creature is just recently being introduced back into its indigenous European countries.

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As for North America, the same population-decline of the beaver occurred because beaver trapping became so popular in the s to mid s. While the styles of hats changed over the course of years, the tradition remained the same: Men were to wear a hat no matter the social situation — Always! Flash forward to the 20th century vintage pieces, and beaver appears to have been a more popular style for outerwear accessories than anything else.

And boy, did Beaver they find! But of course, the newly arrived French wanted these lands too for their own financial gain. The industry flourished until the s, when hat styles began to change and a demand for beaver lessened. Also, much like was experienced in Europe, beaver were being slowly trapped into a dwindling population.

Thus, more beavers were removed from their natural habitats.

When examining a fur garment, note how dense the warm the fur feels. Beaver garments have less tendency to fall apart or shed. Felt is stronger than a woven material. It will not tear or unravel in a straight line; it is more resistant to water, and it coat hold its shape even if it gets wet. These characteristics made dating the prime material for hatters especially when fashion called for hats with large brims. Fur highest quality hats would be made fully from beaver wool, whereas lower quality hats included inferior wool, such as rabbit.

In desert areas — think the American southwest — these night-loving creatures hang more around garbage cans of your home because there are less woodlands to make their home. And if you see a raccoon out during the day, run the other way! The animal is most likely infected with rabbis and a potential harm to humans. I guess this was because the hat was mostly popular with young boys who may not have had the income to buy a bonafide coonskin hat. Do you interested do you have buyers for above items?

I have a mahogany x-long shoulder stole mink in excellent condition,how do i find out its value? I love this!! So much good info!

At this moment I am writing an with pictures to a local Furrier for possible pricing! Help me!!! My husband passed a way and I have the coat in storage since then.

Fur coat + date night ideas

It is in good condition. I have the apprasial papers.

Do u know any co-ment shops I can sell it ay? I have here a stole that is such a neutral brown, it is almost gray. There is a darker soft stripe down the middle of each pelt. Very old s? Any idea what I am looking at? I will take pictures tomorrow.

I have a mink stole that is a long rectangle in shape with pockets for hands to slide into. About a third do the way off of each end, there is a straight row with alternating little animal feet and long smooth tails attached with some type of crochet type thing in the end of the tails where attached.

It is lined, though not silky lining. Help ……. I would like to sell them.

How would i go about doing that? Im trying to sell my dating long beaver fur coat from Sachs fine furs South Bend Indiana to help pay for my grandpas funeral. If interested please me at [ protected] I can send you pictures. Thank you. Good day i have inherited two fur items from my grandmother i would like to coat out more about them if they is anyone that could assist me or refer me to someone that can kimd regards.

Do you have an where I could send some pics of my great grandmothers fur coats and hats? I am also selling one of my great grandmothers coats. I am trying to figure out what type of fur it is. Would love some fur from you on what you think, if I can you pictures. I uncovered my grandmothers stole. They are long and slender but not too large. I would love to verify the pelt for certain. What do you suggest? However, there are no deer labels anywhere!

It is in excellent condition, considering she never had it in cold storage. She said she paid alot of money for it. It is full length with leather buttons. Dark brown. It is soft, but not soft when brushed in opposite direction.

How to identify vintage mink, fox, rabbit, beaver & raccoon furs

I can send a picture. I would say she purchased it about Any assistance would be great. Very helpful and informative, thanks. Hi Sammy, Thanks very much for a very informative explanation on this confusing matter of fur. I bought some fur items recently at auction and thanks to your post, I have a rough idea of what types of fur they are, but I am however wondering if you would be kind enough to help me better identify them.

I can post photos bymaybe? Hello Sammy, Thank you for your very useful information! I am wondering if you have any advice on re-styling old fur coats without the expense of a professional furrier?