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Dating spanish men

Learn how to navigate the world of dating in Spain with our guide to understanding Spanish men and women and the local dating culture.

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More and more people from different races and cultures are dating. Today, it is not unusual to see bi-racial couples dating and getting married. In fact, it is becoming part of the normal. As long as you know what is girlfriend activation system and the right approach you need, remember not all people are the same, you have to find out how their culture works for you to reach out and make a move. If you are of another race and want to date a Spanish male, you need to be prepared in advance.

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Do you know how often you contemplated international dating wanting to be swooned away by his style, his passion, fervour, and his kind look at the same time? And at the same time you thought how impossible that is…hm, what if I told you there are men exactly like this? Well, where are they, you may wonder? In Spain. They are in Spain. And they are absolutely gorgeous. Yeah, Antonio Banderas. In this guide, I am going to share some first-hand experience about dating Spanish men and will also provide some useful tips for dating a Spanish man. And pictures!

Of course, there will be pictures a-plenty, as well as some hot Instagram profiles. You know how there are some special qualities that help you distinguish people from different regions? I will try to provide a list now of the most ificant features of typical Spanish men, so you know one when you see one.

I know you are curious enough, so let me tell you straight away — typical Spanish guys are neither hunks nor generally that large and tall as Russians, for example. They are mostly of average height and not so stocky and muscularly built. On the other hand, they are not obese or anything.

Just normal, you know?

Due to a mix of cultures and Arabic influence gained over time, they are mostly dark-haired. Still, of course, you will find a light-haired Spanish guy often enough. They are also characterized by thick hair, though not as thick as you will find in Arabs for example. Again, due to the environment i.

Being sports lovers and huge football soccer, not American football fans, they take care of their physical appearance by regular exercise, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle in general.

Spanish men

As mentioned ly, Spanish guys pay attention to their physical appearance and as a consequence can brag with being healthy. They also spend time gyms so they do not have problems with obesity. In addition, they are open fans of dancing. Moreover, Spain is famous for its diverse and yet balanced cuisine.

Offering a perfect mix of multiple lines of influence, Spanish cuisine is a ificant factor contributing to the overall health of Spanish males. With optimum combination of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, they never have to be concerned with health issues arising from an inadequate diet. Next, living in a sunny area, it also induces multiple benefits both physically and mentally. We know how the sun has positive effects on vitamin D levels, the general state of mind, etc, which as a consequence lead to a healthy individual.

What additionally contributes to the general good looks and health of the handsome Spanish men is the fact that they are not heavy drinkers, as Eastern Europeans tend to be.

Of course, they have a drink on special occasions and over the weekend, but that is all. With their expressive and big eyes, the Spanish are so pleasing to look and wink :D at. Now, as for their facial features in general, this is where you will find two opposing streaks.

On the opposite end, though, you will find the typical mild, boyish face in a year-old and you will be amazed how this is possible. However, do not be confused by either of these since their broad and dating smile will reassure you of their spanish looks and good nature. In addition to their bushy eyebrows, they are also known for their thick and luxuriant hair they avoiding experimenting on. They trim it regularly, together with the beard, if they grow any. They are not fans of dyeing their hair either, so you will find natural dark haired Spaniards everywhere you go.

Finally, when you add all of men physical traits together, you get a little bit of a standard Caucasian with just a tad of Arabic and tropical exotic, which is a perfect recipe for you to fall in love with a hot Spanish stud.

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We have already established how men from Spain take care of their physical appearance. So, as concerns the style, you will mostly find them casually dressed.

However, they are excellent in judging when to go out of this casual style and mix things up by showing up all elegant. Interestingly, they are not so into fashion and the latest fashion trends as the French would be.

Moreover, they do not pay too much attention to ornamenting their body in terms of jewelry and similar. They keep it simple by wearing only a watch and you will rarely, almost never, see a guy wearing multiple rings as the Italians are prone to. Their casual appearance combined with their fiery nature makes you fall for a Spanish guy sooner than you expected and you will find yourself dating a Spanish guy soon enough. Still, their being casual is far from saying they are messy, they just keep it simple which is in full accord with their easy-going personality.

An overview of dating in spain

On top of the physical trait ratings for Spanish men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Spanish men we see on Tinder. We call it the 1, Tinder swipe rating.

It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the men and how attractive they are. We swiped through different profiles in all of the major cities of Spain and took note of how many handsome men there are.

They are nice to look at

Here is a quick breakdown. With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Spanish men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare.

Anyhow, maybe the Spanish guys will not be as romantic and the French, but they will do the small gentlemanly things for you. In any case, he will be the perfect, well-mannered gentleman as an Englishman would be, for example, though not as stuck-up sorry, chaps! Though, rest assured he will not tolerate your fooling around with other guys.

Of course, he will not be jealous if you engage in a casual conversation — far from it.

They do not like to be made fools or made fun of in this sense. As for everything else, let them echar una siesta, and all will be well with the world again. And with the two of you, too! Nor will he make any obstacles to other aspects of your life that are not directly linked to him. They are selfless in their actions towards others and they will do everything for their friends and family. And, if you also wonder what are Spanish guys like in relationships, let me tell once you win over their hearts, they are indeed faithfully yours.

The language

He will not divide his loyalties into many fronts — you are his and he is yours. He will be respectful and committed all the way through and he will expect you to reciprocate. But they do like to flirt, so always keep him on a leash, or some hot Spanish girl might take him over. Ladies, I know how you secretly fantasize about what your stud would be like as a father once you see him with a random kid in a park.

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They are committed to raising their children to become honest people without prejudice. A Spanish man will treat his children equally, without giving the advantage to sons just because they are males. Men this way, they teach their sons to treat women equally and teach their daughters to accept nothing less. He will not leave it up to you to change diapers, putting the baby to sleep, and the spanish.

He will be there every step of the way. With a Spanish guy as a father, you will never have to worry about how you have to do everything on your own. As I mentioned a few paragraphs above, the handsome Spanish guys are very friendly and dating when meeting new people. Whether you are at a beach or local bars and theatres, they will not have a problem approaching and striking up a conversation, so you will not have any trouble finding Spanish friends in no time.

With all the friendliness comes the connection with a lot of people. They will also help you get around, find places.

Moreover, they are also very open about international dating, so if he finds you interesting enough, you will not have any trouble with dating a Spanish man soon enough. A typical Spanish guy is all about maturity and passion. They will light your fire easily with their sexy talk and their rough and mellow and seductive voice at the same time. And, take my word for it, the fact that you are a foreigner turns them on even more. They have a beautiful language that sounds sexy whichever words are spoken, they are sexy as hell and, romantic as heaven.

A big dating of their self-confidence is their romantic nature. They know how to use it properly and make you feel like men are dating the most confident guy there is. Just imagine all this Mediterranean sun spanish over your bodies while hugging, spending time on time on hidden beaches far away from gazing eyes? What is even more romantic about these sexy Spanish men is the fact they will take you dancing without holding back their natural dancing moves. I already mentioned how guys from Spain are intrigued by your being a foreign girl, so they will do their best to charm you.

What is essential to know about dating spanish men

As a nation, they are generally open to strangers, the fact mirrored in encountering multiple other cultures across Spain. This is why they are not prejudiced against newcomers and they will accept you easily. Hot Spanish guys are known to be all about no stress and chill out. At the same time, their fiery character does not allow them to spend too much time pondering some heavy topics. They are all about action and always moving around. Our Spanish boys love to spend time hanging out with their friends in their free time and are open to meeting strangers, which is great.

The good thing about them is that any time you go out with a Spanish guy, you do not have to worry about him getting wasted. Still, he will lack the overall smoothness of moves, as is found with Latino men, specifically Cubans or Mexicans.

The truth about dating spanish men

And, please, do not make a mistake to confuse the Spanish Spanish with Latino Spanish. They will not be insulted, they will merely see you as ignorant and if you want to discover the world of Latino men, check out my guide on Mexican men. They are of the average height, relatively handsome, and good to go with.