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Dating vintage clothing labels

Want to know how to research a brand or vintage label or date an vintage item? Here are some of the tools that may be helpful to research the history of vintage clothing….

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Your search comes up empty, so you turn the garment inside out to look along the side or bottom seam.

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The construction and labeling of clothing garments changed from decade to decade in the 20th century, which is a benefit for vintage lovers who want to learn how to accurately date their clothing, whether for personal or resale services. Visit my label for 13 tips on dating vintage clothing labels! How do you determine the era of your garment? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below the post, or by saying hello on TwitterFacebook or Instagram! Feel free to scroll through the clothing to read these eight tips for dating clothing as vintage, or click any of the links below to be taken immediately to the text within the article!

Also important to note for accurate dating is placement of zipper either along the side or in the back middle of the garment. In52 million women in the U. Between andthe amount of clothes sewn at home increased by 50 percent! Bys dipped to 44 million women sewing at home. But by the s, women were purchasing mass produced vintage that was less expensive than ever thanks to outsourcing of production to Asian countries.

If the garment was made by a brand but is missing care instructions, you can confidently conclude the piece was produced before Companies like Alice of CaliforniaMurs of CaliforniaKoret of CaliforniaMarc of California dating and Cole of California were born in the s and s and continued producing styles into the s. Hale Hawaii and Kuu-Ipo Hawaii are other examples with more deliberate Hawiaan branding in their names.

Wondering how to figure out whether your item is really vintage?

With a size listed, you need to look at other aspects of the garment to determine its age, as sizing was used before just not in regulated fashion. If you find a piece produced by a brand and without a listed size, you can confidently conclude that garment was produced in or earlier. I am a size 6, roughly a This dress fits me perfectly, because a size 12 vintage is a modern size 6! The sizing system changed again into roughly 4 sizes bigger than modern size. Lilly Pulitzer the brand was born inwhen Mrs. These styles of clothing usually included muumuu dresses, jumpsuits with culotte style wide pants and various polyester separates that could be mixed and matched into different outfits.

Vintage clothing label: my name!

While relaxed in fit and material, hostess wear was still elegant and thoughtfully deed as they were intended to be worn by the woman-of-the-household when hosting a social gathering at her home. She needed to wear an attractive ensemble that still allowed her to manage the party and needs of her guests.

Great list, Sammy — 4, 5, and 8 were all new to me. Pics are super helpful too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

I am constantly learning new tricks too. Thanks Natalie! Maybe you could submit your pictures to that as well. This is the only resource I know of — the Ebay guide lost its photos!

I really appreciate it! More coming up. I need some buttons knowledge now for dating .

Such a brilliant post, so useful and well researched. I learnt more reading this than I have in the last week. Ps love the Pucci fabric! This is incredibly helpful! I will be a scientist of vintage more often then. Thank you for your feedback! Hi, I have a long black Velvet gown that was made by Int ladies garment workers union the lable has acxo doesnt have USA but unclear what the other logo is second lable re order style Can you tell me what year this was made?

Vintage clothing labels

Thank You. A couple of other things to keep in mind about the metal zippers. I know this as I find them all the time at thrift shops, yard sales, etc and have used them on occasion when I needed a new zip in something new.

Also the opposite can happen, where you find a vintage dress with a plastic zipper. Sure enough when I looked hard I could find that it was definitely not the original zipper!

How to date vintage clothing

So I suppose you need to keep all your other tips in mind, and not judge by one thing alone! XXX Suzanne. Suzanne thank you so much for lending this insight to the post! What a great explanation though of your own predicament. I love it!

How to date or research vintage labels, brands, and deers

Be my guest Sammy, always happy to help! I wish you had been my mom! This is so amazing and helpful.

Jumping in to vintage clothing is a little daunting and your site makes it easier! I needed to hear this today. You sent blessings and motivation my way, Ang! Thank you and happy vintage hunting! Please share your finds on the fan ;- XO. Feel free to share your vintage find on the fan ;- XO.

Hi Sammy, I was so glad that I found your guide! Am I missing some tags? Thank you so much! My developer is trying to persuade me to move to.

I have always disliked the idea because of the costs. I have heard very good things about blogengine.

Is there a way I can import all my wordpress content into it? Any help would be really appreciated! Aloha, I realize this post is old but I thought I would comment anyway. I work at Tori Richard and you reference our company in the above and I would like to provide some corrections: 1.

Tori Richard is a company founded in Hawaii in And while we are an American company of course, we are still based here in Hawaii. From this thread it appears either we stopped making product in Hawaii in the s or that we are not based in Hawaii -neither of which is accurate. Hi, Sammy. Any suggestions on how to date department store labels? I discovered a maxi skirt made of gold and Rusty red Lurex with a Bonwit Teller tag.

BT is in blue thread on a white background. It also has a lot and is sized 12 although it fits more like a 6.

Thanks so much. I bought a red vintage 2 PC outfit. Fabian Holina, or Molina. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stay Connected I'll tell you where to find the best vintage online.