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Name: Nancey
My age: 32

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It was about five years ago, almost to the day, that she had received the job offer which she felt would change her life. Samara had finally reached the end of her near decade-long, well-decorated academic career in the bitterly cold environment of Michigan, and while having grown up and living her entire life somewhere in the Midwest, she was so ready to head to a warmer climate.

Doctoral degree in her figurative hand and a determination to not spend another winter as a resident of the region, Samara was overjoyed when she received an incredible job offer in Miami Beach, Florida!

Never having even been to that area of south Florida before, she decided she had to visit at least once before accepting the offer, so she accepted the invite from her prospective future employer to come for a quick trip to meet in person and see the facilities. Even though Samara was only planning on staying in Miami for a few days, enough time to soak in a little bit of the feeling of the area, the company, the people, and more, she was in no way going to miss out on every chance at experiencing everything Miami had to offer a young woman who was ready to have some fun!

The first order of business, in keeping with her new path of starting fresh, was to end the relationship once and for all with her on-again, off-again, commitment-shy boyfriend who had taken her for-granted for far too long!

Samara made the dreaded phone call, the last little string keeping her tied to her life in the Midwest and once that was done, all she could see were sunny skies ahead of her! Samara continued packing and while she was sifting and sorting through her clothes, trying things on, either tossing them to the floor or throwing them in the suitcase, she got a text from her favorite Aunt, the wild and crazy Aunt of the family, Aunt Rita.

All I can say is you better take that job because you are not coming back to Michigan, little missy, and I need somewhere warm to visit!

Let me know how it all goes! The late-twenties scholarly gal was ready to shed her heavy, fall clothing, along with any fears and insecurities she was still hanging on to, and spice up her already exciting trip to Miami, Florida by hiring a sexy male companion to spend an evening with while she was visiting.

Samara quickly called the agency back and inquired about if her top choice was available for the evening this coming Friday night, and lo and behold he was! All the plans were made and she could not wait to board that flight tomorrow and get down to Miami to meet her male escort!

There really was no question in her mind that she had chosen the best south Florida male escort for her, once she saw Ethan on the website, read his biography, saw his photos, it was as if there was literally no one else in the world she would rather spend time with in south Florida.

He was everything she was attracted to, tall, dark and handsome, exotic, sophisticated, sexy, muscular and romantic.

Just as she had anticipated, Ethan surely lived up to and actually exceeded all of her hopes and expectations of how the evening would go with her south Florida male escort in Miami. The two enjoyed an exciting night together, complete with drinks, dinner, dancing, a dip in the majestic Atlantic Ocean by moonlight, a romantic stroll, walking hand-in-hand, as well as soaking in the hot tub at her resort, to top it all off.

Samara was not only fully ready to on the dotted line anywhere she needed to in order to begin her new life in Miami, yet she was also ready to become a regular client of the agency, to of course spend more time with Ethan, yet also try her hand at some of the other handsome gentlemen in south Florida.

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