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Fundamental music instruction

Since we have helped thousands of students begin and continue on their musical journey. Fundamental Music Instruction began as Future Musicians and has been teaching instrumental music lessons in a great many private and public schools. All of our music teachers have a degree in music and music education.

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Are you a versatile all-round musician? Do you enjoy realizing your artistic ideas in creative projects and concerts?

Do you like working with people and want to stimulate them to musical experiences through their own artistic work? Do you have the inkling that music is so deeply connected to people that making music can have an impact on personal development and the accompaniment of human development, that music can even heal?

The aim is to discover and address the musician in fundamental person in a creative process using instruments, the voice, and movement. The professional field of musicians in the social field moves at the interface of art, pedagogy and curative music. Parent-child groups with music, early musical education, music offers in the retirement home Conducting singing groups, drum groups, choirs and instrumental ensembles Youth work in the social focus, use in emergency and trauma pedagogy in crisis areas Musical process support.

Artistic main subject instrument, singing or rhythmicsmethodology and didactics of the main subject, second main subject EMP, trauma pedagogy, sitting in on classes and teaching internships, EMP projects, instruction, ensemble, practice-oriented piano playing, musical phenomenology, speech, voice training, acting after Chekhov, Eurythmy, improvisation, arranging and conducting the ensemble, musical composition, music theory, ear training, relative solmization, movement, dance, rhythm, percussion, body percussion, music history, form theory, anthroposophical anthropology, Musikvermittlungmusic management.

Musical phenomenology as an interdisciplinary method. Anthroposophical anthropology as the basis of pedagogy.

Development of the human-forming powers of music in individual professional practice Additional qualification: Trauma pedagogy with music in German. For entrance — apply now!

Professional Field The professional field of musicians in the social field moves at the interface of art, pedagogy and curative education. Contact Course director: Barbara Hanssen info menschmusik. We would like to use cookies to make this website optimal. If you continue to visit this website, we assume your consent.

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