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Desert Tarantula.

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. The Desert Hairy Scorpion. Woodhouse toad. Axolotls, a member of the Salamander family. Zilla, the snapping turtle is featured.

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A Big Bend Slider eats mice. This month Elizabeth eats a meal of mice. Elizabeth, the Spiny Softshell Turtle enjoys a meal of shrimp. Residents of the Nature Center's community turtle tank enjoy a meal of shrimp. Observe a Sonoran Mud Turtle using his long claws to help tackle a large piece of shrimp.

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Everyone's favorite snapping turtle, Zilla, enjoys a snack of frozen-thawed mice. Piggy' enjoy a delicious spread of mealworms. Pueblan Milksnake is featured today. Western Diamondback rattlesnake-taxidermy. Inga, the Hognose snake isn't hungry today, watch her reaction. Houdini, a Great Plains Rat Snake.

Nelly, a female Gopher Snake. Granny, a Desert Kinsgsnake, is seen eating a mouse. Granny was hatched in captivity in Granny, a Desert Kingsnake. Doughnut, the museum's resident Variable Kingsnake uses his tongue to 'taste the air' to find his prey. Sprinkles, an Arizona Mountain Kingsnake, is a little beauty on display. Watch the Colorado River Toad's back toes when prey has been spotted. Red spotted to feast on mealworms.

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Taco, a Colorado River Toad eats mice. Ivan, the Gila Monster enjoys a meal of mice.

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Gary, the Collared Lizard enjoying his basking spot. Collared Lizards. A New Mexico Spadefoot eats mealworms. Watch an overzealous toad and one annoyed salamander together. In the late s and early s the mill was used to process galena ore and other minerals. Eugene Van Patten, one of the important city leaders of early Las Cruces, built a grand hotel and resort on this spot in the late s.

In the early s, Dr. Nathan Boyd constructed a of cottages and open-air tent areas on site to accommodate resort visitors who sought the high-altitude of the Organs to treat their respiratory related illnesses, such as tuberculosis.

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Built by the Hayner family in the late s and used by the Cox Ranch. Enjoy a conversation with Esterio Segura. Enjoy this fun art project.

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Make your own drip painting based on the work of Jackson Pollock. Use oil pastels and crayons to make your drawing. Use acrylics to create an abstract painting based on seasons and landscapes. Use watercolors to create an abstract painting based on scenery of a place you visited. Write about a memorable experience from a trip and include a drawing to illustrate it.

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Draw an outline of a State, Territory or Country and fill it in with places you've visited or would like to visit. A fun art project weaving paper to make geometric patterns. Art based on tessellation. We are highlighting the work of Claude Monet.

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Highlighting the work of French artist Claude Monet. Make your own mini herb crop circle. Let's "paint" our own desert with sand based on the Painted Desert in Arizona. Make a cardboard creature based on the work of Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

Make an art scroll based on the work of Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki.

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Make a bag puppet based on the work of American puppeteer Jim Henson. Make a crazy creature based on the art of Swiss painter H. Make a sponge painting based on the work of Yves Klein. Bubble your way to a one-of-a-kind art piece. Let your creativity flow with paint pouring. Make splashy paintings with water and food colorinig.

Make a piece of art using rubber and plastic. Make a piece of art using natural materials. Make a piece of art using items in your kitchen. Make a piece of art using bits of paper. A fun and challenging activity for you to make at home. for a fun activity to do at home. For instructions. Your at home art adventure. Have fun with this activity at home. Enjoy a craft you can make at home. Instructions and materials to create your masterpiece are listed here. For materials and instructions for your activity. Your art activity will be based on her diptych "Girasoles de Van Gogh".

The featured art piece is Kcho's drawing. Instructions are listed here. By focusing on Frank Stella's art piece "Harran II" and its use of bold colors and geometric shapes you can create your own art.

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We will focus on Henri Matisse's art piece "The Snail" and its bizarre yet intricate use of colors and abstract shapes. Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky will be the theme for this art activity.

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Follow along with these instructions. For a fun activity, focus on the Dutch Art style known as De Stijl.

Focus on the snow and take inspiration from Vincent van Gogh's "Landscape with Snow". Make your own arts and crafts from home, f ollow along with these graphics for the material list and instructions featuring the art of Vincent van Gogh, focusing on rain from his painting La Pluie Rain. Make your own arts and crafts from home, f ollow along with these graphics for the material list and instructions featuring the art of Vincent van Gogh, focusing on the sun from his painting, "The Sower".

Make your own arts and crafts from home, f ollow along with these graphics for the material list and instructions featuring the art of Vincent van Gogh, focusing on wind from his series of paintings titled, "Wheat Field with Cypresses". Troy Ainsworth, Ph. Enjoy local expert, Troy Ainsworth, Ph. Enjoy a lecture with Jim Eckles. Community Share connects community members to teachers and projects in order to support education here in Las Cruces.

Learn what rights you have, how to exercise them, and what to do when they are violated. Hear perspectives on the strategies for putting culture into classrooms across New Mexico. Michelle Valverde, Dr. Maria Coronado from ACLU of New Mexico presents a brief history of farmworker's rights as well as tips for farmworkers, and all workers, to work safe and advocate for themselves within the law. Keep thinking like a scientist while putting together pieces of the prehistoric puzzle. Put on your paleontologist hat and excavate fossils.

Animal encounters

Think about the diversity of ancient animals while you create a balloon dinosaur. Dolores Huerta presents her powerful story and legacy. Learn from youth that are migrant and seasonal farmworkers, dairyworkers, and ranchworkers as well as students and leaders on the New Mexico State University campus. Engage with the farmworker experience and the work being done for equality and protection of farmworkers here in our community. This activity is inspired by the themes of the "Geometric Aljamia".

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