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Greyhound in tampa

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As of January 1, greyhound racing became illegal in the State of Florida.

Therefore, we are no longer receiving greyhounds from the local tracks. We will remain open for any greyhounds that have been adopted but now need rehoming.

We will post any greyhounds that are returned to us that need a new home on our website under Adoptable Greyhounds. Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions has been recognized as a responsible adoption partner of the National Greyhound Association.

We love greyhounds and are committed to finding every greyhound in our care a loving and caring home. Our greyhounds are fostered in our homes with our other pets other greyhounds, other breeds of dogs, and sometimes with cats so they are acclimated to living in a house prior to adoption.

Greyhounds adapt easily to home life and have one of the best temperaments of all breeds. They are sweet, calm, gentle, quiet, and loving with children and adults.

Since they have not grown up with children, greyhounds can sometimes become fearful of toddlers who may fall on them while they are lying down, or become stressed at the high pitch of a baby crying. For this reason, we have found that it is best to wait until children are at least 4 years old before bringing a greyhound into the home. Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions, Inc. To date, we have found loving homes for over 1, retired racers.

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We handle greyhound adoptions on the west coast of Florida Ocala area through Fort Myers area. Greyhounds have become so popular as pets that there are now greyhound adoption organizations all over the country.

If you are not in an area where we handle adoptions, please go to The Greyhound Project at www. Greyhounds are revered by their owners for their calm and gentle demeanor and make absolutely wonderful family companions.

If your family is ready for a new canine friend and welcomes the enjoyment and responsibility, a greyhound may be perfect for you. Greyhounds require no extraordinary care, have low to moderate exercise needs, have easy interaction with adults, children, other dogs, and many times get along well with cats.

Greyhounds have no doggie odor, shed only lightly, and are easy to maintain. They can live happily in apartments, condos, single family homes, and sometimes even in motor homes!

Greyhounds expect little and are grateful for every ounce of love and attention you give them. Once you have made a greyhound a part of your family, we know you will agree that it is one of the best decisions that you have ever made. .