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Harsh things to say to a guy

We have often heard and said that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. But what happens when this communication becomes the cause for hurtful exchanges and fights in a relationship or marriage?

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However, before we explore this list of popular quotes, I need you to read the following sentences very carefully. I want to share a powerful online tool that can help you find out whether that is the case. More often than not, if he has been getting stuck into some other woman, this tool will reveal the evidence. If a lady communicates her feelings to her boyfriend, she'll feel special if her words make him cry. Her heart will melt with joy, knowing she could express herself and get an emotional response. But knowing what to say to your boyfriend, that would actually make him cry can be very challenging.

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As women, we can sometimes be mean. But let's face it, we've all been a jerk at one time or another. Sometimes, it's a counter-reaction to the other person's mean behavior or insensitive comment, so we go ahead and be mean right back because we are not taking it.

For example, your man did a huge on you, like sleep with your best friend, or perhaps something worse. Then yes, it might be okay to be a little mean for a couple of seconds. Most times, we don't even realize we are dropping those damaging phrases. That's because we let our emotions get in the way.

When it comes to your husband or boyfriend, there are just some things you don't want to say if you still want that relationship to remain alive.

With that said, here are many examples of mean things to say to your man or shouldn't say. It'll be great to know them so that you can altogether avoid unintentionally hurting your man and relationship. Okay, there's no subtle way to put this one; it's overly blunt and insensitive. You might have said it because it's genuinely not a good time to discuss the issue. But what it sounds like is, "I don't care about whatever you have to say.

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This statement might seem harmless if you are addressing a constantly nagging boyfriend. But it's also a way of throwing someone's opinion or complaint in the trash like they don't have a say.

Unless your man is trying to conjure some ridiculous explanation as to why he had sex with your best friend, shut up is a mean and straightforward way of saying, "your feeling and opinions don't matter. Your boyfriend is not your child, so there's no point trying to make him feel like he's a toddler just because you want him to do something your way.

When you say that in a conversation, that's a message that he's a far cry from what you expect from a man. Perhaps, this one came out of your mouth because you expect more from your husband or boyfriend. Trust me, it's a punch at your man's egounsupportive, and altogether insensitive. If he's doing his best, this type of comment will pull him down and push him away.

The truth is you just want more help. So, why don't you just lovingly ask him?

If you take a second assessment before dropping that selfish comment, you'll realize you aren't the only one doing everything in your home. It just looks like that because of the angle you see it from.

Even if you've made the decision to call the relationship quits, this is no phrase you want to throw at a guy you are dating. High and low periods are common to all humans, so there's no point pulling someone down with mean words, especially when they're trying their best. It's not uncommon for women to feel we are better than men at most domestic chores.

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If you have a guy that helps around the house, try not to be a know-it-all by always making his effort or style look wrong just because it's not your way of doing things. This comment is another punch at the ego. Research shows that men like to be the hero in their relationship. Reminding him of his past failed effort is a slap at his mental capabilities, which will make him feel incapacitated around you. Perhaps you've got a clumsy guy for a boyfriend or husband; still, blaming him all the time for every happening in your relationship is not the best way to go.

Sometimes a man might need a reality check if he's acting all irresponsible, like lying around playing video games all day. But if he's trying his best, it's meant to add undue pressure by making emasculating statements. So, you are the breadwinner of the home, but it feels like your partner hasn't quite gotten his rhythm with his sales and commission job.

Throwing it at his face all the time can be damaging to both his success and feelings. Support is what everyone needs, not insults. You don't want to pull your friends down, let alone someone you are romantically involved with. This short sentence can come up once or twice because you are highly upset.

If it's frequent, you are sending a wrong message into the heart of the receiver. Some couples joke with this line a lot, but for the most part, it's not a nice thing to say. Making your partner feel they are not good enough for you or that you could do better than them. Guys don't like to feel like they are beneath their girl.

This one is how condescending people manage to say they are sorry.

Apologizing helps to bring both parties on the same. There's no point adding a fault to it just to make your man look bad or feel guilty. It's not a good idea to invalidate the feelings of others. Because it's not a big deal to you doesn't mean it's no big deal to your man. There are tons of ways to tell a guy he might need to hit the gym.

Body shaming isn't one of them. You might think you're being honest, but it's mean coming from you that's the closest person to him. While this comment may come in like a joke, it also has a manipulative tune in it. You man has a working mind. You didn't make him like software.

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Even if your presence somehow contributed to his current great status. It's not a nice thing to say. The relationship between your boyfriend and his mom may not be the best. He may even complain and say some weird things to you. But don't you dare throw insults at his mom, thinking he'll be cool with it. This is one territory you might want to tread softly, especially when you don't have a t or he earns way more than you do.

They are his family. It's meant to make them look like they are disturbing nobodies. Again, relationships are complexand it's possible you man isn't totally psyched about his mom, dad, or entire folks. But that doesn't give you the freedom to bad-mouth his family. He might play it cool with you at first but may open a can of worms about it later.

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Sex is one major department guys don't like to feel inadequate. There are millions of ways to tell a guy the sex wasn't all that great. Asking if it's in when you know it's already in is a mean punch below the belt. Okay, so you were expecting more, but the whole bedroom parade ended after two minutes. You can always tell him you want more instead of asking if that's all he's got. Girl, that's mean.

Oh no! You don't want to go there. Research shows that men feel insecure about their penis size. So, if the sex isn't lousy, there's no point in making a comparison about the size.

You can let the comparison stay in your head. Well, you are just looking out for him, right? Here's the thing, men don't relate nicely with anything that makes them feel inadequate down there.

Okay, there were no fireworks in the first few parades. Still, you don't have to "hit him below the belt. Okay, he could be tired or not very strong. Pulling out an "alternative" without caring to know what's up with him is another "punch" where men don't like it.

There could be times you are not feeling the vibe.

But telling him to stop and switch to touching himself is like the worst thing ever you can say to a guy. Oh no. Tell me you didn't say this one in the middle of sex. You not only succeeded in making him feel inadequate, but you may also have permanently killed his pride. What are you trying to do, start world war three? This one is mean on levels.

Tell your man how you need him to be. It's best to do away with comparisons. Shots fired, man down. Now, I know some phrases might sound harmless to you, but when you are trying to make your man do something for you in a way, don't make it about your ex. There's a reason or reasons why you are not with your ex anymore.