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Name: Nona
Years: 20

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Family always is first with us. We're wanting to explore some new worlds. Nudists as well. Single gay guy that loves all kinds of sex - always horny.

Mainly interested in orally servicing other males either alone or with female helping our or watching. I love to suck cock, lick balls and rim a man's ass. Love to swallow cum! Club Coppia is the most upscale LS dance club in Houston.?? Coppia is?? We are a off-premise club, with a no pressure environment. Club Coppia has a fully stocked bar for your favorite cocktail or VIP bottle service.??

Our attentive staff will make sure your experience at Coppia will be a great one. We enjoy couples, especially if the Wife is Bi. We enjoy really nice people, we are a committed married couple, we enjoy hedonistically oriented, intelligent people that enjoy HOT adult sessions between consenting adults. We drink socially.

I am cute, sexy, 40D 5'2 blonde with blue eyes, I have been told that i have a really nice ass and my breasts are firm. I am very out going and lots fun!?? So i am not the quiet type. I love to please a woman as much as a man.?? He is handsome 6'0, lbs, brown hair and blue eyes.??

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He has an athletic build and a very cute butt,?? He is new to the lifestyle but not the art of playing. He knows how to please a woman, the tongue ring is not just for looks. She is in the Austin area, and he is still in Houston. We are still looking for both couples and singles, male and female, for friendship and fun, but since we are now split between two cities, we are looking in both places.

We figure that it will double our chances of having fun, lol. If we haven't responded to you, we sincerely apologize, but with the move and family adjustments to the new situation, things have been crazy. We promise to get back with you soon. Even though we enjoy playing aloneplease show respect to our ificant others! We truly believe that sharing each other is a GIFT to those who spend time with us and expect that this gift is respected and we will return the appreciation in kind.

Speak to her in an intelligent manner, use a good vocabulary and let her fall for your mind and personality. Everything else will fall into place. Tall and a professional, discretion is not a preference but mandated. She takes some time to assess the situation [probably debating both sides of the issue in her head] and tends to be quiet at first.

However, once she lets her inhibitions go- she will probably be willing to live out all of her fantasies and probably some of yours as well! He is not shy, and is usually the first one in a group to start the skinny dipping.

His flirtatious personality makes every woman feel like a princess He appreciates and loves women and does not have any particular type. He finds all types of women attractive as long as they are height and weight proportionate and take care of themselves physically as well as mentally no drama please. He is a true gentleman that says "Yes, Ma'am" and opens doors for ladies.

He is tender, gentle, and loving unless you prefer otherwise, and then will do all in his power to accommodate you.

He sincerely enjoys watching his lovely wife flirt and make friends on CT, and is usually content to sit back and watch her explore. Our lives stay pretty crazy with his and hers. We enjoy being together more than anything and can talk to one another for hours. We have discovered that with the right couple the same thing can happen on a double date.

We enjoy cooking with friends or just being quiet together and watching a movie preferably naked - doubly so if the friends are naked also :- though we do enjoy parties and getting out. We especially love trying new and unusual restaurants. We are each other's best friends and believe that we were brought into one another's lives for a reason and are thankful each and every day for what was meant to be.

Though depending on the situation and chemistry, we think we would be more comfortable playing in the same room to start. As the evening progresses, it is anyone's guess. A rather steep learning curve exists for her despite being in and out of the LS for several years - he has played on occasion in a life. Once we get to know a couple or single well, and trust them, we will open up to many more possibilities. We do drink, but are not into drugs of ANY kind, Marijuana included!

There are many things that we want to try. She is waiting to live out several fantasies with him and would love to watch him with another woman - and it's a real perk if the girls are friends. She is not totally averse to playing with the girls though it is merely an appetizer, not the entree. Having two men shower her with attention all night after a good meal and a glass of wine is a real winner as well And, as always, we are on a quest for the perfect couple match - our "swinger soulmates" if you will. Someone to us in our vanilla life and then retreat to the bedroom for the after party.

You are out there somewhere and when the time is right, the moon and stars will align and everything will fall right into place. Other than that, we are waiting to see where our new friendships take us We are also not interested in those cheating on their spouse or ificant other; we believe in and respect honesty. Again, our greatest fantasy is watching each other.

We prefer to meet. One line, and especially one word s will be ignored.

We are not interested in quickies, either on here or in person. If you're profile contains minimal information, please, tell us a little about yourselves. Proper spelling, punctuation and grammar in your profile are important! Any group memberships that we may have are only indicative of a curiosity we may have and does not mean any desire for active participation in those activities. Looking for couples and singles who want fun. Can meet together or if second time, separately.

Want fun not romance. Very laid back here and all must feel comfortable. Almost anything goes here, but no means no. We play hard and crazy for hours on end. We are always looking for new play friends. Would love to hear from you! She is a fun and sarcastic person who is shy at first, but when she opens up is the center of attention.??

She is very creative and open.?? She is a beautiful woman with a beautifully dirty side.?? She loves to laugh and knows when to be serious.??

Houston texas swingers

She's the type of person that you want to be your best friend.?? Her hair is long and naturally blonde.?? She looks great in a pair of jeans and doesn't need a bucket full of makeup.?? He is a very musically artistic person.?? I have never seen anyone that can think on their feet as well as he can.?? He has an infectious smile and bright inquisitive blue eyes.?? The two things I love most about him are his sensual hands and his gentle nature.?? He loves to laugh and be the life of the party, however, he is also very introspective at times and enjoys quiet nights at home.??

Seeing that he is a Gemini