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How do i get him to open up

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Remember, guys think showing any kind of weakness and yes, he thinks sharing his emotions are a weakness will make you think less of him. With the right techniques, you can totally do it — you just need to know how. Start with a joke.

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The more relaxed he feels, the more likely he is to start sharing. Be open with him. Save some of those for your girlfriends. Just show him there are no consequences for talking to you. Bring up an imaginary scenario.

6 ways to get him to talk about feelings (advice from a dude!)

Ask him what advice you should give and how you might better understand your friend. Keep your tone relaxed and friendly. Encourage him. A little patience goes a long way.

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Ask him general questions. Two can play at this game.

Ask him simple, general questions. This makes him start having a genuine conversation with you. Talk about his interests. Ask a man about his interests and he goes from quiet to talkative in two seconds flat. Explain why it means so much to you. Play games with each other. As in, actual games.

Start by asking him questions and sharing details about yourself. Before long, game time becomes conversation time. Your man has fun, stays relaxed and shares his feelings.

Everyone wins. Reward him. Tell him thank you, give him a long deep kiss or even offer to fix his favorite dessert.

A small reward encourages more conversation in the future. Encourage and be positive.

Start slow and be patient. If your man has been distant or quiet for a while, there may not be a quick fix.

You may need to use several of these methods and start off slowly. He might share a little one day, be quiet for the next two and then open up more on the fourth. All you have to do is ask. Just keep trying.

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