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How much are tokens chaturbate

Step aside! VIP coming through! Read on for our complete guide that will leave no pube untouched, completely clean shaven.

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But you know what they say; the more things change, the more they stay the same.

How to get chaturbate tokens

Customers on the site use tokens to buy private chats, tip their favorite models, and purchase pre-recorded clips. Performers generally use tokens to cash out into real dollars, although they can be spent on the site as well. So, how does the token system work? How much do they cost, and can you get any freebies?

Chaturbate token price

For example, many models use tip-controlled sex toys to jerk off in public. Not ed up for Chaturbate yet? All you need is a valid address. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to pay.

You can use your credit card, pay by direct wire transfer, or even use cryptocurrency. Each of these payment methods offers different rates and benefits.

Also, wire transfers and cryptocurrency offer the best price. On the downside, you need to buy a larger package in order to take advantage of these deals. All those tokens can be cashed out into dollars. Contrary to popular belief, there are three legal ways to earn free tokens on Chaturbate!

How much are chaturbate tokens worth? chaturbate coin guide

Method one - get your friends to up, or better yet, to become cam performers on Chaturbate themselves! I hope you have some extremely horny friends who are ready to show it to the world.

Method two - broadcast yourself! Remember that you must verify your age with an official ID before you can cash out tokens into dollars. The obvious downside is that strangers will be watching you beat your meat.

Definitely worth doing, since it nets you tokens once approved and increases your spending limit on Chaturbate. Best of all? It costs you nothing.

You can keep your pants on and still get all the benefits. There are a lot of shady sites that offer shortcuts to free tokens, but these are total scams.

Any attempt to hack sex cam currency is not worth the effort or risk involved. These scams work in two ways. First off, they steal your information and sell it to strangers.

So if you have any money in youryou can wave bye-bye to it. Second, they can even steal your payment information. So we know how many dollars tokens are worth, but how much does that actually get you?

Models will try to drag out the performance and extract cash in tips for every inch of skin revealed. Alternatively you can spend tokens on private chats. This is just you and the model, one on one, doing… whatever you agree on. Chaturbate prices their private chat in tiers:. Since Chaturbate is a huge site with a ton of models, there are plenty of options at every price tier, though the quality will vary.

Webmasters / affiliates chaturbate tokens

Remember - you get what you pay for. Tokens can also be spent to unlock pre-recorded videos or photo sets hosted by individual models. So even when your favorite model is offline, you can still jerk off to them. Many models also keep a menu of purchasable items in their profiles. Some models even sell panties or private chats for fixed token amounts.

These offerings can cost a fair amount of tokens. But if you want a pair of panties soaked with pussy juice, you can own them. Just be prepared to pay the price.

That should be about everything you need to know about Chaturbate tokens. Also be sure to check out our review of Chaturbate.