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How much is a pint of beer in thailand

Its busy airport usually has good deals on incoming flights, and once you are here nearly everything is cheap by international standards. Spending a bit more can get you something fairly nice, and things get better and better the more you are able to spend.

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Pattaya is the closest beach resort town to Bangkokand this makes it very easy to reach for people from all over the world, as well as for Bangkok residents themselves.

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Are you travelling to Thailand soon? Each heading tells you the type of place, be it a fancy nightclub or a gritty hole-in-the-wall. At the end, I also answered a couple of peculiarities about alcohol in Thailand. Namely, why it costs so much compared to similar countries and also what the deal is with craft beer here.

To help you convert, here are the current exchange rates as of writing in July with accurate s in brackets. For more accurate figures, do a quick Google search.

Bangkok prices

Shops and stores are the cheapest places to buy alcohol in Thailand, like much of the world. Everyone knows pregaming is the way to a cheap night.

Do bear in mind that that sales of alcohol are restricted at certain times. You cannot buy alcohol between 2pm and 5pm the school rush! This is strictly enforced by the major chains but it is possible to get around it by visiting the more lax mom and pop style stores. The way Thai people get their drink on is different to what you might expect. A Thai night out consists of one venue, lots of food, lots of beer and a couple of bottles of whiskey. The cheapest way to do this is to get a person table at a sit-down street food restaurant and spend a few hours munching on Isaan dishes and bingeing on Chang.

A Thai-style bar has outside seating, offer mostly Thai beers and spirits, live music will be playing and good Thai food will be served. I am something of a connoisseur of anywhere I can spend 6 hours chugging Blend for a fistful of baht. The prices are much higher here, touching on what you might expect to pay in Western countries.

So if you can go early enough, before 7pm or so, you can get great deals like buy one get one free or at least cut-price drinks, usually on beer but sometimes on spirits as well. No list of drinks prices in Thailand is complete without a description of the sleazy side.

What are the most popular beers in thailand

I hate these places and avoid them where I can, but still get dragged into one every so often. This is a drink you buy for one of the women in the club. A look at the prices on the drinks menu will reinforce that idea.

Above Eleven is a wonderful rooftop bar on Soi 11 that fits into this mould. Maggie Choos, Iron Fairies and Sing Sing are just a few more of these gorgeous bars you can check out here. Last but not least we have nightclubs, where bleary-eyed partygoers get the chance to empty their wallet and stare at prostitutes. Also, count your change in clubs. Nowhere is this more apparent than with alcohol and particularly beer. So why is Thailand so much pricier than its surrounding countries? The region is one of the poorest in the world.

It contains countries that have been devastated by wars with other nations, dubious economic policies and internal conflicts. By contrast, Thailand made the decision of allying with the major Empires back in the s and adopting capitalist economic policies early on. This has resulted in Thailand being the rich man of South East Asia, which means the cost of living is higher here. Thailand has high taxes on alcohol, especially imported stuff.

This is the best English language article I could find on it.

What you gonna do about it? The answer that you frugal types are looking for is to buy domestic, to drink like the Thais. The domestic Thai beers are beloved among expats, tourists and locals alike.

Beers like Singha, Leo, Chang or Tiger are produced in Thailand, available everywhere and a cheap way to get drunk. They are all lagers, comparable in taste to what you might find in the West. Things become more thorny when we explore the hard alcohols.

The most popular spirits are Sangsom which is a rum and Blend which is a blended whiskey. A bottle of any of these costs next to nothing in a shop or bar and are the mainstay of a typical Thai night out. Enjoy with a lot of ice and coke and soda water.

The larger supermarkets stock some choices that are way out there. Lastly, it would be remiss of me to not mention the infamous lao khao white liquor.

The tropical climate with its year-round balmy temperatures makes for some awesome venues to quaff an IPA or two. The only drawback? One of my favourites is Mikkeler. And of course the beer is wonderful too. Another cool t is on Sukhumvit Soi 23 called Craft.

Great food options are available while you drink.

The last one is Chit Beer on Koh Kret little trek to get out there, but totally worth it. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. article.

Cost of living in thailand

Next article. The prices at these kinds of places are very reasonable, not being much more than retail cost. Leave this field empty.