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How much tip for a tattoo

While tattooing has existed in many different forms for thousands of years, its modern American incarnation has only been around for about years. With the acceptance of tattooing as a legitimate art form, tattoo artists have been catapulted into a sort of celebrity they were never exposed to in the past.

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While we've ly touched on many other areas of tattoo etiquettes, from finding an artist to client hygiene, a topic that is frequently skipped over is tipping. This is because there is plenty of hot discussion within the tattoo community and the mainstream world at large about tipping a tattooer. Let's get started with discussing why tipping your artist is important in the first place. Tipping is a huge factor in the tattoo process and there are several critical reasons why you should tip an artist for their services. First and foremost, many service industries, from restaurant to hairstyling to cab driving to bartending, feature tipping as an opportunity to thank the worker for their personalized service.

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The ride share driver who takes you and your heavy luggage to the airport, or for the experiences you have at restaurants, bars, hotels and for countless other services. This guide will deal with scenarios relating to tipping and pricing in the US and abroad, while also addressing questions that you may have around tipping etiquette and expectations. This tip is known as the lucky seven, and is never frowned upon by artists that are bashing out hundreds of pieces on a day when they would probably rather be partying.

We lack the tipping culture found across the service industry of the USA. I spent a lot of time figuring this kind of stuff out before making my first foray over to the States for vacation and tattoo work. One time I got inked literally hours before I flew home from Hawaii think Forgetting Sarah Marshall without the puppets and crying and my de was a lot more difficult than first thought. The artist went above and beyond to do the tattoo justice without having me miss my flight.

It was the most expensive piece I received from my artist Long — with whom I ended up spending 50 hours, give or take. His pricing came down considerably as I came back more often. I got my whole chest done and linked with my arms sleeves, and got a 16 hour black and gray octopus side tattoo on either side of New Years Eve. Even in body art, building great relationships is awesome!

I felt that paying the price was acceptable for the work I received and allowed me to get better terms as I got more work done as a repeat client. You can get inked up and walk right out of the shop without leaving a tip behind if you feel inclined to do so.

It all comes down to value. How much you value the artist, their art, your tattoo, and the time taken to bring it to life, and how they treated you when doing so.

Yet, many people still do it regardless. Remember, tipping is not mandatory at all, you can decline for any reason. If you receive poor service, a lack of kindness and consideration, or are unhappy with the professional elements of your tattoo then you have every right to withhold a tip. Tipping is a direct reflection of the service you received!

It is a representation of your appreciation for not only your artists time but also their work and care during the job. You should only tip when you feel as if your artist has either met all your expectations or gone above and beyond. There are a considerable amount of artists who can be rude or simply do a botch job with your new ink.

Just like airlines, travel agents, and hotels, tattoo artists love repeat business, More than often, as a repeat customer the price lowers along with each new piece too, and that will definitely be the case for good tippers. Being a good tipper also helps regarding things such as scheduling issues and changes, call ups at openings, party invites, and even pricing deposits for future work. Ultimately, the decision to tip or not is up to you and no one else.

It is your responsibility.

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How much to tip a tattoo artist

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How much to tip your tattoo artist – tipping guide

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How much do you tip a tattoo artist?

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How to tell if your tattoo healed poorly

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How much should you tip your tattoo artist?

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