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Impersonal gifts for guys

I mean is there anything more exciting? A bad gift is your reputation, whoever you get for the white elephant gift exchange is going to be super upset you even reached your hand in the hat. So many places to start with socks, I feel you can never go wrong with a good pair of socks.

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Men are notoriously challenging to shop for. And with so many gifting occasions—Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, Father's Day—the list goes on—you could probably use more than a little help finding those just-right gifts for men, whether you're brainstorming gifts for your boyfriend or presents for a beloved uncle. While a lot of gift lists offer you a general top 10 when it comes to the best gifts for men, we took a deeper dive into cool gifts for every type of guy you know, from ages 20 through for, whether they revel in facial hair coiffing, love talking sound system intricacies, are invested in the latest and greatest tech, or are the sentimental type who appreciate personalized, thoughtful gestures. We've rounded up both big and small gifts for men in your life, whether you're shopping for your father, husband, cousin, or friend. From unique gift ideas for your brother or guy to practical gifts for men that the whole family can benefit from, this list of gift ideas really does have something for everyone. Instead of worrying about how you'll ever come up gift the perfect gift for your very picky dad or husband, you can rest assured that you'll find the impersonal gifts for men on this list, even if you think they have everything already.

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Giving gifts to your guy friends can be awkward … so awkward, in fact, that 12 years after our original post on this topic people still read it and us for advice.

Stop for a moment and consider one of your best friends. Ask yourself, what are their main interests?

Simple, right? In fact, the very thing that makes gifting between males so hard is what makes it great.

My brother-in-law, however, got me a pair of Irish wool gloves with leather palms — the kind of dressy-but-functional piece I would never get myself. It was all the more meaningful because it was the rarest kind of gift — one between guys.

The obvious occasion is birthdays. Anniversaries, promotions, weddings, and — of course — all the standard holidays are also perfectly acceptable times to find gifts for male friends.

Happy gift hunting! What do you get your movie buff bud who insists on Blu-ray because streaming totally ruins darker tones? This idea satisfies both perfectly.

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Another approach is to select a movie from a beloved franchise Bond, Indiana … you get the idea. Where do you find foreign language movie poster gifts? For more affordable reprints, Amazon has plenty and so does RedBubble. Your buddy is handy. What do you get someone so damn self-sufficient?

Plus, it can be enjoyed in the backyard after.

Beer is great for beginners — it only takes 30 minutes to get a batch started. Mission accomplished.

We still talk about it. Steak is — culturally and culinarily — an occasion food, and the perfect gift to mark an important milestone … or just say thanks for being a bud. Utilize our guide to reverse searing for a perfectly-cooked steak every time. Or combine this with the tool idea, gift him a sous vide machine and use it together that evening.

It's simple. It's a treat but not fussy.

4 impersonal gift ideas from guys

It's primal. It invites good man-to-man conversation. The perfect gift.

If your friend is an aficionado, spring for something you know is a cut above their every day sipper. When my friend gifted me a bottle of Glenfarclas 17 it was because he knew it was a very nice step from my usual Aberlour Consider Kershaw for modern, functional knives.

67 unique birthday gifts for men who have everything

Gerber for reasonably-priced, durable field knives. Certain men value knowledge and experience over things. While excellent to count as a friend, they can be downright onerous to shop for when the occasion calls.

Masterclass boasts seminars about writing, movie-making, and public speaking from world famous greats like Malcolm Gladwell, Martin Scorsese, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Learn how to bake, de a logo, or code from working professionals. If your buddy is a knowledge consumer, self-improvement nut, or just likes to learn new things, consider a subscription that furthers their interests.

We agree. Consider a new pocket knife, light, phone case, water bottle, bag, multi-tool, or even upgraded keychain. All are highly practical, always-appreciated gifts for guys.

Here are some cheap gift ideas for guys

What do get someone who thinks such lofty thoughts? Journaling is a powerful tool for self-reflection, productivity, and learning. You can never go wrong with a Moleskine and pack of Pilot V5 Precise pens my preferred loadoutand Etsy has literally thousands of quality, customizable options.

He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Proven, all-occasion gifts that guys can give their guy friends - even the man who has everything. Ghostbusters — Japanese Film Poster. No Italian Version Poster.

36 great gifts for men (even the pickiest guy will appreciate)

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