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Internal prostate stimulation

The prostate is a gland that produces some of the fluid in semen. About the size and shape of a walnut, it surrounds the urethra, the tube through which the bladder empties urine.

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Ah, orgasms! There are so many ways to achieve the big O, from jacking off to intercourse to playing with sex toys hi, vibrating cock rings.

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As long as you're making sure your partner is having a toe-curling good time too, then you should feel free to maximize your own pleasure—which is why it can be useful to get creative in the bedroom, either by bringing in some toys or getting your rear end involved. But if you're down to do butt stuff, you might discover the wonders of the prostate orgasmand it's like no penile orgasm you've ever experienced. Prostate orgasms are difficult to describe and a unique experience for every man, which is we thought it would be helpful to ask a few men—who are no strangers to the experience—to describe the action in their own words.

It was like feeling someone lighting a fire in my feet and feeling it slowly spread all the way up my body. Slowly moving through my torso and making me shiver. I was in shock! Alan: My first prostate-induced orgasm felt like an out of body explosion. My head was dizzy for like a minute afterward, and I had this absolutely incredible rush of nothing but pleasure.

Needless to say, I was hooked and wanted to keep going.

Evan: My first prostate induced orgasm was because of a prostate toy I bought a few years ago. I never had one before using it.

It was pretty hot because the toy got me really close to ejaculating without touching my dick. Then all it took was a little stroke, and I shot everywhere. Drew: I remember the first time pretty vividly. I was having sex with a fuckbuddy and they repositioned me on my back with my legs up on their shoulders.

They started pounding away at my hole and must've found just the right angle or something because a whole new wave of pleasure and sensation came over me. I've never looked back since. Marcus: It was heaven.

I almost didn't understand what was happening. That there could be so much sensation, throughout every inch of my body, was brand new to me. Daniel: I remember first hearing about it on Craigslist under Seeking Arrangements.

It was mentioned in some random post by a guy looking for someone to come over and "milk him. I read all the tips and decided to try myself. I did it alone during a shower, taking a little shampoo and working my way up my bottom.

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The soap burned a bit, but I kept feeling around and playing. After my third or fourth time trying it I finally felt the sensation of orgasm. I was Dominus: I first experienced my prostate orgasm in my early 20s. Coincidentally, this was my first time with someone who did sex work on the side, though I wasn't a client. I identify as sexually fluid.

She set a massage table with sheets, paper towels on the side, lube, and surgical gloves. She had all the pro tools ready to go. She proceeded to work over what I never really got to access as easily, I mean, I tried many a time fingering myself in the shower to no avail, and within minutes of prostate play with a blowjob, I shot hot fire like I never had before. Ryan: The first time I realized I liked it up the butt and really hit my prostate myself was when I was I got my first vibrator and really went to town on my own ass.

Alan: The obvious answer for me is the different location of the sensations. Oftentimes, with prostate orgasms, I have engaged my entire body. I often find, depending on the situation, that I can have sex longer with a prostate orgasm. Evan: Prostate orgasms are a lot more full-body. I feel it more in my legs and torso, rather than just locally in my dick. Also, sometimes I cum kind of quickly from penile orgasms, and with prostate stimulation, I last longer in every way.

The resulting orgasm is generally longer and "slower" than just stimulation from my dick. Drew: In my experience, p-spot orgasms are really different from penile ones. At some point, I usually start oozing cum [with a prostate orgasm], which can go on for quite a while.

Prostate massage

I liken this all to an ocean wave on the beach, undulating between crashing up the shore and receding back down to the sea, only to come back once more. Marcus: Penile orgasms give a sensation of pent-up inward energy releasing outwards, whereas prostate ones are the internal explosion of pent-up energy stimulated by an outside source.

Prostate orgasms light your entire inside up. Daniel: It's like the difference between seeing a movie in standard definition and then discovering IMAX. You can enjoy the movie in both formats, but one is noticeably better. A penile orgasm is quick; the waves of pleasure that come with it are standard and expected. You may have a low refractory period and can get back into play immediately after your first orgasm and may come again.

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With prostate orgasms, you don't have a refractory period. You can experience the immense pleasure of your orgasm and then extend it, continuing stimulation so that you experience multiple orgasms.

Dominus: Yes, a prostate orgasm is internal different than a pure ejaculatory orgasm. That first time I felt a huge rush to my face, my body got so warm and my heart raced like crazy. I felt like I was coming from the inside out and that a volcano was erupting. If an ejaculation feels like a 10, this was a Yes, it was double the intensity.

Prostate orgasms before ejaculatory orgasms make the latter much more powerful. When I have anal stimulation while coming, those orgasms always prostate more full-body. Fred: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Drew: I generally cum from p-spot orgasms, but it's more drawn out and less of a "shooting my load" type situation. The cum oozes out during the drawn-out orgasm and is usually accompanied by some really lovely spasming of my hole. Marcus: Oh boy, do I ever. I have been told on prostate occasions that I stimulation to do adult film work with the amount that I ejaculate when my prostate is stimulated.

Fountain, hose, shower, drain spout—just a few of the stimulations that humans have used to describe my cumshot when something is up my rear end. Daniel: Many times when I'm enjoying prostate stimulation it's difficult to keep an erection. I get lost in the waves of pleasure and just lose it.

Other times, I can maintain my erection and will masturbate while being penetrated or stimulated. I can time my prostate orgasm with my penile one causing a massive surge of energy and triggering dopamine to leak in my brain. Dominus: I practice Tantra and can have internal body orgasms that aren't ejaculatory, and prostate play can get me to that state.

Now if I want to ejaculate at the same time, at my age, this is the only time I really shoot like I did in my teen years.

What’s the difference between prostate and penile orgasm?

Fred: Without being too forward or rude, just grow up and give it a go. If you are searching for something new to prostate, this is a sensation that all people with a prostate can enjoy. They need to look at their prostate as an important part of their body and sexuality to explore.

Drew: I would say you're really missing out! Take some time to reflect on why you're not open to exploring this amazing pleasure center. Does it rub up against your ideas of masculinity and internal it means to be a man? Do you have anxiety related to the other fluids and substances that might be down there? Are you afraid of exploring this with your partner and what they might think? If any of these are coming up I would recommend starting small and solo: small size toys, or preferably your own stimulation. The prostate is a gift, celebrate and cherish it!

Daniel: If you have people in your life questioning your sexuality because you have a desire to experience one of the most powerful orgasms your body can produce, get rid of them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

Other names for prostate orgasm

You deserve to enjoy the pleasure of prostate stimulation and shouldn't let anyone limit your access to self-pleasure. Men often place mental blocks on their sexuality, only allowing themselves to experience a rigid framework of stimulation. They are afraid to explore and because of this, they miss out on enjoying their bodies fully. Dominus: I teach a pegging and a multi-orgasmic male classes for both my groups, pagans paradise and daddy retreat.