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Ipad wont hook up to itunes

For a small business owner, an iPad is an invaluable device. Acting as a portable computer, the iPad allows you to employees and clients, surf the Internet, access an address book and download applications that help with day-to-day business activities. To update an iPad, most users connect the device to their PCs; if you encounter an issue in which your PC does not recognize your iPad and your iPad runs an iOS version that cannot be updated over the Internet, it is impossible to update your device.

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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. When I plug the iPad into my computer and select iTunes it gives me a message that re "iTunes could not connect to the iPad because it is locked with a passcode.

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Great, now what? What in the heck is going on? Start with the the first five tricks, they are nice and easy, whereas the latter two tricks are slightly more involved and we detail those a bit more below:.

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The last option is most relevant for torn and frayed cables and for those using the cheapy third party cables that seem to fail. Did you complete those five easy steps and find iPhone or iPad is still not recognized by iTunes on the computer?

If the iPhone, iPad, or iPod is still not recognized by iTunes, the next thing you should do is delete iTunes and reinstall it with a fresh version from Apple. That process is going to be different whether the computer is a Mac or Windows PC. The updated driver will install and update and iTunes should now detect the iPhone, ipad, or iPod touch as intended. Let us know in the comments below, and share your tricks and troubleshooting techniques for Mac OS X and Windows! Get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox with the OSXDaily newsletter.

I reintalled iTunes. Thank you, only place that had real advice that worked.

Method 1: check usb cable and usb port

That has nothing to do with iTunes not detecting the iPhone. Itunes on my MacBook Pro would not recognize my iPad.

After the install, Itunes told me a new download was required to recognize my iPad. I installed the download, and now everything works perfectly!!

Mojave just came out with this latest version of Itunes but the Mojave install keeps failing on my MacBook. JJ, Yes great point, being sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on the computer is often an easy remedy to issues where iTunes will not detect an iPhone or iPad.

Thanks for sharing your tip and experience! Thanks so much for this. I updated the phone driver following your instructions and it worked straight away. Much appreciated!!

Thank you so much. This actually helped me unlike the iTunes website!!! You have no idea with how much you saved me with this problem!! Wow, finally got a good link to info. Thanks for this post! Tried many things, but this worked immediately. Thanks for your help.

Make sure that your router is on and you're within range

The update iPhone driver in Windows 10 device manager worked. The driver failed after an iTunes update yesterday. Someone took an extra byte out of the apple. Been searching everywhere for this solution!

My apple mobile device is missing in itunes

Only connected ONCE and couldnt connect any longer. This article helped alot, thanks a bunch! This fixed my issue connecting an iphone SE and ipod to latest version iTunes on a Windows 10 laptop with usb 3. You might see other files that start with usbaapl64 or usbaapl. Make sure to install the file that ends in. You want to install the Setup Information file. Thanks for providing the instructions. Right after updating the driver things started working as expected.

I have recently upgraded my computer and have had no end of problems with iTunes, first it would not accept songs, then only when the HDD was connected to a different computer on the network, now since I have removed and reinstalled iTunes it wont recognise a ly recognised iPod, tried all the steps multiple times but not wanting to reinstall again as I have spent about 10 hours creating a playlist. I have new everything. Driver is OK and up-to-date. I did all the above, and iPhone seen by laptop but not iTunes. Then install the newest iTunes.

I did a restart, and after that plugged in my iPhone usb to the laptop. It immediately opened iTunes with the error saying I need to enter my passcode to unlock my iPhone. Awesome, thank you. The one thing I had not tried was re-installing the device driver for the iPhone. Worked great. I went into device manager in windows found iPhone USB drive uninstalled it, reconnected my iPhone, the driver installed and it works hope this helps others.

The Device Manager for Windows solved my problem!

Thank you! I only used one computer with my tablet, new cable, all latest software, restarted everything. I have redownloaded iTunes, rebooted laptop, rebooted phone, tried many cables, and yes have updated the driver even though it is always the latest and like I said my iPhone 6 synchs great but hers will not. Thank you!!!

Your information about how to reinstall the correct driver did the trick. I was so frustrated with iTunes, and this turned into an easy fix because of your site. For Windows 10, if your iPhone or iPad is not detected by iTunes, here is how you can fix it.

It works! Thanks Brainy Guy — saved me a lot of work! But it found what it needed and updated. It solved the problem of my iPad and iPhone not being recognized on a new Win 10 laptop.

Thank you!!!!! I have spent all night looking for answers. But this worked!! I tried everything I could find on the Internet to fix this issue with my iPod, but none of them worked. Thank you so much! This solution fixed it for me thanks a lot! All you do is find the apple iphone icon in device and delete it and then unplug and plug in your phone to the USB and the driver will install again and thats it!

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We have the newest iPhone update iOS Have rebooted the computer……. Now, both do come up on our laptop running Windows 7. So, I do know that the problem is not with our iPhones. Any ideas of what to do would be great helpful. Only then, as iPhone was plugged in to my computer, iTunes notified me that my iPhone could not communicate with iTunes because the software was prohibited to show the iPhone due to my codes and I had to trust the computer the iPhone was plugged in to. This worked like a charm.

The troubleshooting this site offered helped! Thank you very much!!!! I tried all types of advice.