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Her father, who had been born in Norway, was a ship's captain in the merchant marine. He was twenty years older than his wife and had four grown up children by his first marriage, and a three-year-old son, Berndt, from his second marriage.

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Name: Harriett
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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Most people would feel I had it made. I live in a mansion, I can buy anything I desire and my husband works as an executive with a large corporation.

Unfortunately I find myself alone most days.

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I have been married nearly twenty years and the sex started to taper off two years ago. My husband Robert is away on business constantly.

I suspect he is seeing another woman but I can't prove it. I mostly sit at home thinking about sex.

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I do workout in order to keep in shape just in case. There is one guy I have my eyes on. His name is Shaun and he does the landscaping at our home. He is around twenty or twenty-one, he is tall with curly brown hair. I have taken to sunning myself in my bikini on the back patio when Shaun is working in the backyard. I love the days when he is bare chested with just a pair of shorts on. I can see his cock bulging through the material.

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I also have caught Shaun looking at me when I have my bathing suit on. I just haven't made the connection with him yet. One day when he was in the backyard working I waved for him to stop and come over to where I was sitting. Shaun was dripping sweat when he walked over to me. Shaun said sure and we both went back into the house. I poured the lemonade into a glass and handed it to him. I watched Shaun as he took a big gulp. Be of sweat were running down his chest.

Shaun set the cup down and we stood there looking at each other. I ended up breaking the silence. I reached over and ran a finger across Shaun's chest. He looked surprised as I brought it to my mouth and tasted it. The next part I can barely believe I did. I knelt down in front of Shaun and I pulled down the zipper on his shorts. Shaun's eyes went big as I reached in and pulled his cock free. Damn, he was big. I bet his dick was eight inches in length and he was thick as well.

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I had been waiting all this time for just this moment. I took his meat in my hand and I brought it to my mouth. I surrounded his head with my lips. I could manage to only get a few inches of his prick into my mouth, he was that big.

I looked up to see Shaun with his head thrown back and he was sighing as I sucked on his rod. I sucked on that cock for only a few minutes. I pulled away and stood up. I unfastened my bikini top and I slid my bottom half down to the floor. Shaun didn't waste any time. He kicked his shoes off and he lowered his shorts to the floor. We were standing face to face naked. Shaun came over to me and he told me to wrap my arms around his neck. I did as he asked and Shaun lifted me up from the floor.

Shaun had a hold of my legs. I could feel the tip of his cock at my opening. Shaun then lowered me onto his cock and I felt him slip inside me. I hadn't had sex with my husband in so many months. I was tight and Shaun's prick felt like he was splitting me apart. Shaun brought his hips up and he began to feed me his thick monster. I just held on and moaned as Shaun's cock drove deep into my pussy.

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Shaun walked me over to the carpeted floor. He lowered me and him down. I was on my back now.

Shaun still had his cock inside me. That was when the true fucking began. I watched as Shaun's ass went up and down as he entered me. I was feeling his balls slapping against my ass. He was going fast and giving me every inch of his pole. I can say I never felt a cock like that inside me before. I just tried to clamp my pussy muscles around his cock and hold on the best I could.

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I have no idea how long we did it. I seemed like most of the afternoon Shaun had his cock buried inside me. After awhile I started getting sore.

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Thankfully that was when Shaun said he was getting close. He roared like a wild bull and I felt my young lover explode inside me. I could feel the heat of his seed as he kept shooting his cream inside my greedy pussy. That was when I finally had this giant orgasm. My body shook as I gripped Shaun's cock harder.

If only my husband had fucked me like that. It took some minutes before Shaun finally stopped seeding me. When he did pull out he was still quite hard. I got up from the floor and I ran into the bathroom. I didn't want all of Shaun's cum getting on the floor. When I came back Shaun was on carpet but on his back.

His cock was standing straight up.

It was like we hadn't even fucked. He motioned for me to him. I didn't think I could take much more but I had to try. I got up over Shaun's dick and I lowered myself down. His big cock went sliding between my folds. He pumped his dick into me as fast and hard as he could.

I rode my lover's cock for at least another half hour. To my surprise Shaun squirted another load of his cum into my belly. After he took me that second time I collapsed onto his chest. He was right about that.

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After work most days, Shaun would arrive at my door and we would end up fucking throughout the evening. I just couldn't get enough of his thick cock. Shaun seemed like he could fuck nonstop all the time. The only time we had to stop was when my husband Robert decided to show up. Luckily he was home for a day or so and then off he went.

Shaun and I have been having sex almost a month now.