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The Look Over My Shoulder program consists of 20 hours of audio recordings and transcripts of these recordings. In addition, when you order Look Over My Shoulder, you will receive my series on how best to use the program in your case interview preparation.

Look Over My Shoulder teaches you to master the analytical problem-solving process desired by the top management consulting firms. The audio delivery of the program forces you to focus more on the content, allowing you to improve your case skills instead of focusing on the body language of candidates, which is not as relevant to your case skills. Look Over My Shoulder is delivered to you digitally within minutes of your purchase, allowing you to start using the program immediately.

An important factor in considering whether to invest in this program is the value of a full-time job offer from a top management consulting firm. As with anything, what you get out of the program is dependent on what you put into it and the time spent practicing.

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In my tips on how to use Look Over My Shoulder, I guide you through how to use the program to maximize its value. In addition, I highly recommend utilizing all of my free resources, particularly my CaseInterviewPartner.

This resource and bonus, along with my other free resources, are completely free to you. More Information.

Read what some of our , students have to say:

Order Now. Comprehensive Guide to Case Interview Math. Ultimate Case Interview Prep Program.

Guide to Personal Experience Interview. Read what some of ourstudents have to say:.

Not surprisingly, I often failed in being shortlisted, although I was 1 in my class from the London School of Economics! I found the rewriting videos are extremely helpful! I applied to McKinsey on Wednesday and three hours later I got an invitation to an interview. Your toolkit was very helpful, in particular the rewrite videos.

These formed the basis of my rewriting process. The methodology was great.

Got questions? Do you have options for students with limited budgets? Do you plan to do any updates?

Look Over My Shoulder.