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Half of Americans older than age 18 are without a mate AND most of the single folks report that they are happy with their unmarried status, thank you very much. A study by the American Psychological Association backs that up, citing that single people may have more fulfilling social lives and experience greater psychological growth than a lot of married people. Our conclusion is that the KC single scene is what you make it. My mother always reminded me that boys mature much slower than girls, but jeez, how much slower? Bad move. I set my hopes high and I followed every bit of advice given to me: I checked in my church, on campus while getting my undergrad, in the nearest coffee shop or bookstore.

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In fact, the wedding season is projected to be the biggest ever. But your chances of marital bliss vary from city to city. So where should you settle down with your ificant other for the best chance at a happily ever after? FYI: As the gloomy pandemic ends and you pick out your wedding attire, brights are in, while darks are out. Want a shot at making it to your golden anniversary? Move to the Golden State. Fremont lands in first place overall, as well as in the married and unmarried population. The strong Catholic presence in Fremont might help explain its track record: The Catholic Church considers marriage permanent and has an estranged relationship with divorce.

Claiming another three spots in the top 10 are Bay Area cities — Glendale at No. Stability is clearly the name of the game in California. At No. Other Ohio cities land in the bottom Cleveland atAkron atand Toledo barely escaping last place at This Miami suburb registers the highest separation and divorce rate and highest five-year changeas well as the fourth highest decrease in rate of married households in the country. Why are so many couples splitting up in Hialeah?

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One Floridian blames it partly on the high immigration rate, specifically the strain immigration puts on a relationship that eventually could lead to a breakup. Take that with a grain of Florida sea salt. Whatever the real reason smarried couples might want to steer clear of Hialeah if sticking together is a long-term goal. Why so mediocre?

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After her surprise trip down the aisle in Sin City, Britney Spears divorced her new hubby just 55 hours later. But if your dream is to be married by Elvis, Vegas is still your best option for that cinematic ceremony. Only four of the top 20 cities for wedding chapels and churches perresidents hail from this deeply Christian region: Shreveport, Louisiana, at No.

Most of those at the bottom are some of the biggest U. Among these are Dallas and Los Angeles. What s for this strange phenomenon? Size matters. So while there are fewer churches in these cities, they simply might preach to a bigger flock. Glendale, California, monopolizes the wedding industry, boasting more venues, bridal shops, and tuxedo stores perresidents than any other U.

This Los Angeles suburb ranks No. Attitudes about marriage change over time. We reached out to a panel of experts to weigh in on marital trends and share their best tips for wedded bliss.

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See what they had to say below. What does marriage mean to Americans today compared with, say, 10 or 20 years ago? Americans are more divided about marriage than they have ever been before. Many Americans continue to cherish it as a foundational social institution. Many of those who value marriage most recognize it as a divinely ordained institution.

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It is largely because they now repudiate such gender complementarity that a ificant of Americans see marriage as archaic, unnecessary, perhaps even oppressive. The of Americans dismissive of wedlock has indeed grown in recent decades.

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To be sure, a large of Americans view marriage as desirable but socially and financially unattainable — nor is their attitude surprising in a world where governmental and corporate leaders do very little to affirm or support wedlock. Our media and entertainment no longer affirm marriage as a social necessity.

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And do not look to our national media or entertainment for any support for the gender complementarity that fosters and sustains marriage. No such support is there. No one should be surprised that the American marriage rate is at an all-time low. Contrary to predictions that the U. What gives? The decline in divorce rates is mostly a consequence of the sharp drop in the marriage rate: At a time when relatively few people are getting married, those who are still choosing to tie the knot are those most personally invested in the institution, most resistant to anti-marital pressures, and therefore least likely to bail out.

Though it is probably less important as a reason for falling divorce rates, economic troubles including those caused by COVID have likely caused some couples to be more reliant on their spouses, less inclined to think of cutting their own path, than they would otherwise have been.

The greatest advantage of being married in America today is that of enjoying sustained emotional, psychological, economic, social, and spiritual companionship and support. Anyone who can read the epidemiological research will recognize the continued validity of that biblical teaching: Married individuals enjoy decidedly better physical and psychological health than do unmarried peers.

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The marital advantage is more pronounced for men, but it is ificant for both men and women. The sustaining influence of wedlock is especially important for adults with children: Single mothers are decidedly worse off — economically, emotionally, psychologically — than are their married peers. Children predictably do better when their parents are married — experiencing less poverty, suffering from fewer physical and psychological ailments, and doing better in school than peers with unmarried parents.

Of course, the drop in the marriage rate is a prime reason for a national fertility rate now depressed well below replacement level, a birth dearth that augurs ill for our future economic and cultural vitality.

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The drop in the marriage rate further means that among the depressed of children born, an unprecedented fraction is now born out of wedlock. The surge in out-of-wedlock births consequent to the drop in the marriage rate portends social woes for hundreds of thousands of children in the decades ahead. The advice I would give to couples struggling with their relationships in the current circumstances — or any circumstances at all — is to find God and make Him a partner in their union. Given the origins of wedlock in religious faith Genesis ; Matt. Those attending weddings during the pandemic should, of course, follow the recommendation of public-health officials: Get vaccinated whenever possible, wear masks, observe social distancing.

I think it depends on your values about marriage and relationships. Of course, the marriage rate is declining for a variety of reasons, because some people have other things they may be interested in and there is less shame about living together or being in long-term committed relationships outside of marriage note: this is quite prevalent in many European countries.

There are some consequences to such decisions e.

We would need much more research data to answer that question more confidently, but it may be that the pandemic was a great reminder of the need for healthy and sustainable human relationships. Marriage is one such, which requires effort and sacrifice much like intimate friendships. The pandemic forced couples to spend more time together.

For some, that may have exacerbated problems that caused a married, but maybe for most it was a time to recommit to each other and find ways to strengthen the relationship; hence, lower divorce. Additionally, financial constraints may have also provided more pragmatic motivations to stay together and make things work.

Just as the U. Why are fewer seeking getting married? In short, see answers above. Additionally, school focus, career focus, exploration of nonsexual overland relationships e. There are all sorts of professionals who have the skills and tools to help struggling couples, better each member of the couple desires to maintain and strengthen the relationship. I would say to follow the guidelines of local health experts Centers for Disease Control and Prevention such as maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, etc.

A park proportion of Americans are getting married today, compared to 15 or so years ago, and a higher proportion are cohabiting. At the same time, marriage rights were extended to same-gender unions during this period. In terms of the meaning of marriage, people today have flexibility to structure their intimate relationships in ways that fit what they would like. If some prefer cohabitation over marriage, they can form them.

Likewise, if people prefer to marry, the right to marriage is now available to all. I am not sure what predictions you are looking at, but the theory is that divorce rates go down during times of national stress e. As such, we should have expected a lower divorce rate during the pandemic, which is what happened, but now there should be a spike in The best way would be to have a virtual wedding or a small, outdoor ceremony possibly with additional attendance virtually.

I am not sure if there is a lot of conclusive research out there on this question. We do know that fewer Americans are getting married and divorced. We also know that Americans are waiting longer to get married and have. With that being said, social science researchers often comment on the changes in averages they find in their data and then make educated guesses about what it means for the population as a whole.

That does not mean that the norm in America is now for people to not get married or have. It means that fewer people are deciding to get married and have kids on the schedule that their parents did. That is a great question.

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I have not seen any conclusive data on why this is the case, but there are some theories that might give us guesses:. There is probably a confluence of variables that impacts this trend.