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Mastiff and boxer mix

The Boxer Mastiff mix combines the iconic looks of the Boxer dog with the immense size of the Mastiff.

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Affectionate, loyal, and devoted to its family, the Boxmas stems from the Boxer and the Mastiff breeds. This breed has a tendency to become a one-owner dog if early training is not provided. This dedicated canine is not known to be a nuisance barker. While its history is not well-documented, the Boxmas is a hybrid breed that originated in Europe in relatively recent years.

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Another priceless moment was when I had the chance to treat almost a hundred dogs or more and talk to the owners. With this, I firmly believe that dogs, just as humans do, deserve a family that loves them, a roof above their he, and friends that keep them company throughout their lives.


One thing most owners note is that the Boxmas is fiercely protective of its owners as well as very courageous and energetic. A Mastiff, on the other hand, is the largest breed of all.

A natural instinct that may show is the reaction to suspicious people because your hybrid will not bite, but most likely push the stranger to the ground. The Mastiff Boxer mix is a gentle giant that is popular among households because of the great built and even temperament. More families are choosing to adopt a hybrid of the Boxer and Mastiff because of the positive reputation of being very protective and being right around children. Although they are naturally inclined to be protective, it is best to boxer early socialization training because if not, your mastiffs will eventually be wary of everyone else aside from your family.

While this is a good thing in terms of protection, but it might be a pain to always have to and your hybrid because of socialization issues. Just as any dog, you Boxer mixed with Mastiff should not be left alone because this makes them restless and agitated which to them chewing on things big and small. If you turn a blind eye and let this habit go on, your hybrid might uncontrollably destroy more stuff in the future. Families all over the world have started to decide and adopt Boxer Mastiffs because of the built mastiff calm temperament.

This combo is a perfect result of two great parent breeds historically recognized in Europe. In a research conducted and scientists at UC Davis, they proved that the health of a puppy hybrid or pure depends on the health history of both parents as well as the living conditions, etc. These companies or institutions focus too much on the reproduction that they neglect everything — all for transactions and sales.

If you wish to purchase a well fed and well brought up hybrid, opt to contact a local breeder instead. A local mix is ten times better because unlike online or pet stores, they care and love for the puppies they produce. Take note of how they handle and interact with the puppies.

In line with finding a good breeder, make sure you ask to visit the kennel and check the area and space they have for producing hybrids. It is vital to take note of the living conditions they have at home because this may also contribute to the health status of your desired puppy. Dogs For Rescue Classifieds. Lone Star Boxer Rescue. Boxer Mastiffs are easy to groom overall but generally shed in large amounts, which is why you should schedule days that you thoroughly brush their fur. Daily brushing is essential even for your short hair because it eliminates and lessens dirt accumulation as well as hair accumulation in the house.

Ear and teeth hygiene should be an everyday priority to avoid dirt and bacterial boxer in the ears and cavities or tartar, which could lead to infections in the future. Some of the conditions to take note of are:. Always prioritize your Boxer Mastiffs food to ensure that they live a long and healthy life. Make sure you make arrangements mix members of the family to ensure an adequately measured amount of food for your puppy.

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Choose gifts that have low calories insteadso that obesity is avoidable. The best choice of food would be those that are rich in protein for proper muscle building and repairing. Protein can be obtained through dog food alone, or you could ask your local vet for additional snacks and supplements. You can find protein in meat such as chicken, lamb, fish, and beef. Meat meals are concentrated forms sans the moisture but offer the same amount of protein as well.

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Fats are essential for eye and brain development because of the rich sources of Omega-3 Fatty acids. Chicken meat and fish oil are excellent sources. Avoid giving your Boxmas foods rich in common allergens such as corn, soy, dairy, wheat, and potatoes. Also refrain from giving any food coloring, as these may compromise the immune system. Never give them table food because it might cause different allergic reactions ranging from skin allergies to difficulty in breathing.

To give your Boxer crossed with Mastiff better nutrition, check the following high quality and nutrient-packed dog food available on the market:. Your dog may be big or small, but you need to keep it happy and healthy all the time.

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Never give them the worst dry dog food that is low in nutrients and filled with by-products, and opt for best dry dog food instead. For the littlest of munchkins, check out our list of best puppy food brandsand for gray-coated, wise grandpa-doggos, opt only for the best senior dry dog food. Your stunning mixed heartthrob carries the genes of their super-gorgeous and incredibly different parents.

But that means that you are in luck as you can offer your little charmer both the best dry dog food for small dogs and the best large breed dry dog food. Let them have a final say in which kibble they nibble.

In line with the diet, also schedule a daily exercise regimen for your Boxmas. They are highly energetic and exuberant by nature, which means they require at least an hour of intense activities and exercises.

This program includes running, walking, playing fetch, obedience exercises, and jogging. Never contain your Boxer crossed with Mastiff in a small space such as apartments or condos. Fulfill their need to stay fit by choosing a home that has adequate running space if you plan to adopt a Boxmas.

Another option is to take trips to the park or jog around the neighborhood. If left idle for too long, they can be agitated or easily distracted and tend to destroy or chew on things out of frustration. It can be a challenge for most owners because of the intelligence plus energetic combo, but with patience and determination, your hybrid will follow proper orders in no time. Boxers are easy to lead and train.

This trait will save you a lot of time and effort. Make sure to familiarize yourself and your pup with play biting and attacking an intruder or stranger.

Another thing to remember is always to have a big space for them to move around when around children to avoid any unwanted accidents. Your hybrid is a large dog and might be prone to crashes if confined in a small space. You can renovate your backyard and put obstacles or toys, or you may visit the park and play with other dogs.

But in general, Boxer Mastiffs are very loyal, fun, active, and protective. The temperament from both parent breeds ensures that there is no aggressiveness or violence along with, of course, proper training. Older members of the family can pitch in and help training the big fellow, and this also allows more exposure to different people.

This plan will avoid the unwanted one-owner type of dog in the future, as well as agitation and idleness. As an owner, it is your responsibility to ensure a healthy diet, proper living space, frequent trips to the vet, and specific training to help your hybrid live the best years of its life. Follow Us.

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