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Meet my thai girl

Sometimes it surprises me when I read all the negative stories, comments and forum posts about Thai girls.

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Well brought up Thai girls from good families are taught not to talk to men first, and definitely never approach one. Good Thai girls are shy and reserved and you will have to approach them. But where?

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Details here. Interested in making some Thai friends before traveling to Thailand. Has anyone had much success meeting Thai Friends on the Internet? I've come across a few sites that seem pretty good. I have no personal experience of such web sites, and anything I say is just what I have picked up over many years. I'm assuming that you want to go out with them once you arrive in Thailand, and I'm also assuming you've never been in Thailand before, and are not interested in "pay for play" friends.

5 techniques to approach a lady | my personal experience

Everything I've heard, says that they will only go out with farangs once they've got to know them really well, which takes a long time. Most Thai women on such sites are advertising for a husband.

Any Thai woman prepared to go out with a farang that she has only "met" on the internet, is probably going to have a "financial" interest in the relationship. Before anyone trashes me for the above, I've said that it's generalisations. I'm sure there are lots of great casual friendships between Thai women and farang men on holiday, but I've never seen such myself. She doesn't dress trashy, but is still assumed to be a hooker, and there's not always a big age gap either, as many of the guys are quite young.

Experienced it myself. Maibah, There have been many, many posts pointing out that there's more to Pattaya than hookers. If someone goes there wanting to see hookers, sure, there's plenty, but it's also an interesting, and cheap, place to stay for a few days.

In Thailand you can find whatever you desire. I've met lo of women from that site - at least 15 and they're all sorts, from 21 year old students to 35 year old University lecturers. In fact I've met lo from all over Asia, not just Thailand, from sites just like that.

Nothing wrong with them at all. There's Malaysian and Philippine equivalents to sites like that where it's just as easy to send a message and get chatting online and then, later, meet them for a coffee or a night out in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, KL, or Manila. All they'll do is get you started.

There’s two things you need to remember should you want to date a thai woman:

After that, it's up to you. I've only ever interracted with one hooker from a site like that, only I never met her, because she's in Phuket and I've never been there nor ever wished to go. Contrary to what is sometimes puffed about on here and the Stickman, etc, sites, she didn't try to pretend she was a bank teller or something, but admitted pretty much straight away that she was an Issaan bar girl there once she realised that I wouldn't think any the less of her because she happened to be a bargirl. Disarming honesty which you can, sometimes, find in Thailand.

Most are looking for a permanent ,not a casual relationship. If you just want a short term holiday affair,it is easyier and more honest to just use Bar girls. Oh come on! It seems the only requirement is 'still having a pulse'. And the internet is indeed a stellar opportunity to meet people you otherwise wouldn't.

Heck, just being online on Skype I get girls saying 'hello' all the time. I dind;t even know Skype had a feature to search for random contacts. Then for the fun stuff there's CamFrog Yeah, up to a week in some cases where they play hard-to-get.

Cheers, Chanchao. Bangkok especially is not that much different to major cities in the West really these days. It's really very easy to get dates with university educated Thai women with middle class jobs on the internet at least in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Absolute piece of of piss. As 11 says, they're usually looking for something at least semi - permanent.

If you do get on with them, what happens is that you go out with them a few times and it isn't long before they either they decide that you're not up to scratch, and they'd sooner shag one of the myriad of other guys that are floating around their social lives, or you end up shagging them yourself, pretty much the same as at home really. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. No worries.

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The 2 places to meet good girls in thailand

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How to meet good thai girls

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