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Nice guy seeks snuggle buddy

The Friendzone. It's a favourite guy term.

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Trying to figure out whether a guy likes you might not always seem easy. You might have been given certain s, but he could be standoffish toward you in other ways. If someone is sending you mixed als, then you might assume that they don't really like you that much. This can become more complicated when the guy tries to cuddle with you. Do guys cuddle if they don't like you romantically? Or is this a that the guy is interested in something more?

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The answer might depend on how he is acting and the other s that you're seeing. Cuddling is not something that you would expect to do with someone of the opposite sex unless they're interested in you. There are exceptions, and some friends cuddle with each other. Even so, it's seen as a bit unusual for two people of the opposite sex to cuddle with each other if there are no romantic feelings involved.

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You might hear differently from someone who feels it's a natural way to express platonic affection, though. This means that it's a complicated topic, even though most people associate cuddling with romantic activity. Most men wouldn't try to cuddle with you unless they were interested in you in some way.

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This doesn't necessarily mean that this guy is trying to date you, though. For example, many men assume that cuddling is a sort of way to transition into fooling around. They often use the idea of cuddling to initiating kissing, and then they try to proceed to take things further. You could be dealing with a guy looking for an opening to make a sexual move on you. Knowing this, you might think that he is interested in trying to date you.

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If you don't know this guy very well, can you be sure that he doesn't already have a girlfriend? He might not be asking you out or giving you the usual s because he is already attached. This could be a louse who is looking for some side action. The scenario presented here isn't necessarily what is going on, but it's something to consider. If he does seem to like you, then he might be building up the courage to make his move.

Not every man considers himself to be Casanova.

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The guy you're hanging out with might like you, but he could be awkward when speaking to women, or he might be too shy to take things further. He probably enjoys cuddling with you, and he might be hoping that you'll give him a that it's cool to make a move. The mere act of being willing to cuddle with him should be a in and of itself, but keep in mind that some men are a bit dense when it comes to flirting.

When you're trying to figure out how this guy feels about you, it will mark considering how he is acting. His desire to cuddle with you is certainly a that he likes you. Most people would say that it is a that he has ais interested that is romantic. If you aren't convinced of this, then you need to look out for other little s. Is he trying to spend a lot of time around you?

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Do you catch him staring at you sometimes? These are s that he has a crush on you. Some men stammer when trying to talk around their crushes.

Others might try to stand a bit too close, or they might try to make up excuses to touch you. He could try to come up with ways to get you alone so that you can have some cuddle time as well. If he is doing all of this stuff, then he most likely is interested in dating you. He might not be bold enough to go through with asking you on a date. Being bold enough to cuddle and not confident enough to state your feelings is a bit odd.

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Even so, there is likely something there between you two. It's also appropriate to take a look at what happens when you're cuddling with this guy.

Does he fall asleep, or is he putting his hands on you? If he starts playing with your hair or rubbing your body in some way, then that's certainly an indication that he is interested. Also, many men have a certain chemical response to cuddling with women they find attractive. If he gets an erection while you're cuddling, then there is a good chance that you'll be able to tell if you're cuddling closely.

The s might be there that he is into you, but you just might not have taken the bait for some reason. He could be longing for you and hoping that you give him the al that he can make his move. Maybe you've been the stoic one, and he thinks that you're giving mixed als. It could warrant some examination, and you might want to consider whether the s that he likes you have been there all along. The fact that you question his interest in you has to be based on something. You aren't sure if he likes you even though he wants to cuddle or has cuddled with you.

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What is it that he is doing, or isn't doing, that makes you think that n't interested? Does he seem to push you away when others are around? Have you asked him to hang out, and he turned you down? If these things are happening, then you have a real conundrum on your seeks. Just try to examine things logically and get inside his hide. If he is giving you reasons to think that he isn't interested, then maybe this guy is someone you should stay away from.

He might already have a girlfriend and is flirting with you anyway. Or he could be a weird and conflicted snuggle who doesn't understand what he wants. Either way, you should have to play these types of games with someone. If he does like you, then he's going to let you know at some point. Otherwise, leave him be and stop cuddling with him. When you're unclear about buddy you stand with someone, isn't it logical to have a chat about things?

You could discuss how you're feeling with this guy to guy everything out in the open. He might be misleading you by trying to cuddle with you. Maybe he does want to be friends, but he doesn't realize that he is sending mixed als. Some people think that having a "cuddle buddy" is a completely platonic thing. But you'll never know for certain unless you ask. Having a nice discussion with this person makes a lot of sense.

If you like him, then you shouldn't be afraid to tell him so. Ask him if he is interested in dating or if he'd like to take things beyond this casual cuddling relationship that you have developed. You can see how things go, and it could wind up transitioning into a relationship.

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There is a good chance that you will discover that he has had feelings for you for quite some time. If things don't go your way, then at least you won't be confused any longer. Is this guy making you uncomfortable by trying to cuddle with you?

Maybe he makes you feel like you're being put in an awkward position. You aren't his girlfriend, but he might enjoy pressing up against you in this fashion. If he is also touching you in certain ways and you aren't comfortable allowing him to do so, let him know that he needs to stop.

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You might not even want to cuddle with someone that you aren't dating. Tell him that you think that this is inappropriate, and he needs to listen. If he reacts negatively to this or keeps making you feel uncomfortable, you can get help from someone else. Talk to another guy friend or an authority figure who will make you feel safe. No one has a right to put someone in an awkward position that they aren't consenting to.

You might have mixed feelings about this person, but you can trust your gut if something feels off. He might not be looking to date you, and he could be trying to use you, thinking that you're naive. It's always good to be guarded around people that you don't know well. Professional help might be necessary if you do start a relationship with this guy.

Relationships aren't always smooth sailing, and you might need some guidance to overcome certain hurdles. Online relationship counseling is a great way to get through even the most complex issues. A d therapist can work with you as a couple to strengthen your bond.

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It can take time to get over some issues, but you'll be able to work toward resolving your problems at a steady pace. This discreet form of therapy is very convenient, and you can up today if you would like assistance.

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In regard to how they feel about cuddling, some people believe it is a way to transition into fooling around. However, in a longer relationship, cuddling could indicate that the person is falling in love with you or, at the very least, becoming more comfortable cuddling with you and being intimate. What does it mean when a guy wants to cuddle with you?