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XX, A person who was recently called a female Harvey Specter if only I could rock a three-height forum like him:: This business will not last.

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Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Online dating in vs now: what the h-ll happened?

Thread starter Oscar Henri Start date October 5, Oscar Henri. When I tried online dating first time in it worked.

Not that you necessarly met a girl you loved but at least it was easy to get dates and s. A guy who looked good and had a mediocre profile like me didn't have much problems to get a date the same night as you contacted this girls profile or she contacted you. Then ofcourse it happened sometimes they you started to argue after one date or two, and then split apart.

Or that you didn't even met because you were too busy with either other girls or work or something, or lived too far away from your match at an online dating site. I thought it was quite good and fun to use such a site. Then I met a girl I loved and went to a several year relationship with her. We didn't met on the Internet, but among friends we had incommon.

But after we broke up and I went single inI went back to a dating site and got an. And I noticed something. It was incredible hard to get a reply from a girl, despite me being even more muscular than when I used dating sites 6 years earlier. It seemed like a shift in the purpose of such sites. Girls didn't use online dating to get dates anymore, they used it to just get attention. Or - they were super picky. A friend of mine notice the same. What happened during the years say ?

Anyone else noticing it. Captain Gh Ostrich Gold Member. Women's options simply exploded exponentially in between, therefore creating a high level of competition. You stopped in your inquiry.

Between then and now This is a deep concept with many many facets to it. Peruse the Game archive, and read on to know how it happened in details. This was discussed in this post as well as many others. But the user Montrose made a good addition, pointing out the decline in meaning of commitment. My experience of Western women is that they are generally floating around in a non-culture with little idea of where they are heading.

They also don't really need a man to protect them, because there are white knights; or to support them, as there is welfare, sugar daddies A Western woman may want to date you, but few are genuinely marriage or long-term minded. In which case they will be drawn to superficial or unimportant characteristics, skewing generally to very attractive men. Women in foreign countries have reasons why commitment is desirable. I tried online dating in with a fairly poor, but still better than average profile.

I'm not sure if anyone messaged back, but I got a lot of interest, mainly from women I tried it again in with a better profile and a girl messaged me and we went on a date. She was about a 7.

Seemed to go good, but she ghosted. It was likely because she saw one thing she didn't like about me and couldn't stomach it. I got some other interest from decent girls, but it was flakey and notably the girls who messaged me were all non-white, i.

Anyone I messaged who replied quickly trailed off if they replied; and no white women replied. I tried again early this year and it was pestilence. I also think one factor with online is the increase in thirst. Men go on dating sites and find almost no one replies.

So sit back or quit, others start fire-bombing messages. If you set up an average women profile in a major city you'll see the inbox quickly explodes with thirsty messages. I suspect this has increased. Online dating is zero-sum. It's always going to go towards male thirst and female disinterest. If you want to get a woman's attention online you have to know that she may not even look at your message or picture. She may be using the site to talk to one guy who managed to catch her attention and not look at other messages.

If you are talking about foreign girls then it's very different for a whole host of reasons. You'll also find things are very different on religious dating sites, which are one of the only places you'll find women who have any considerable desire for healthy commitment.

Oscar Henri said:. Click to expand Chetthebaker Woodpecker.

Just delete all the apps off your phone and quit cold turkey. Then go outside and meet women in real life. Is there a reason for a woman NOT to use tinder from womans pespective?

I've been debating whether to start doing online dating, but posts like these make me not want to bother. The odds of you finding wife material aren't great. Mostly I swipe tinder as a hobby these days and if she'd still be attractive at 15 lbs heavier, I'll take a chance and meet her but I pretty much expect her to have a speech impediment or no personality though lol.

I don't want to black pill too hard with a post like that. Just laying out the reality. As for what you can do about it, the easiest answer is to not use any dating apps. The thing is, not every woman is using those apps. And more importantly, the vast majority of the highest value women are not using the apps - because they simply don't have to.

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They get more than enough attention through their interactions in real life and through their social circle. The trick is putting yourself in a position to move in the same social circles as those women. That is the new game for and beyond. Let me repeat that for emphasis: the entire concept of "Game" over the next decade will be less about lone wolf cold approaching and more about building social circles that naturally attract high-value women into your orbit.

Social media is the other side of the modern dating coin that exists alongside dating apps. You can essentially think of them as parallel paths to the same destination.

Thank you.

But the dating app path is covert, while the social media path is overt. The Chad on the dating app can easily pull mid-range level women with no effort via the covert path, but he will struggle to get high value women that way.

Because the high value women prefer to stay on the overt path where everyone can see them. There remains a stigma among high value women regarding dating apps, because to use a dating app is to essentially admit that you are NOT a high value woman - because if you were you would have no need for one.

And there is a great deal of truth to this. The result is that a lot of great women solid 8s with good personalities don't use dating apps and instead end up settling for guys they meet through social circle! So my recommendations are in summary: stay away from dating apps, put a LOT of effort into building up your social circle, and create a strong overt pathway for women in your social orbit to life through savvy use of social media.

RDF Woodpecker. Chetthebaker said:. Arcite Sparrow. Fast forward to today, a woman can make a dating app profile that merely consists of a handful of good pictures of herself.

Her required time investment is close to zero. Kid Twist Hummingbird. Velkrum is correct, he's a little harsh he might say "straight to the point" but in general he is on to something.

The biggest issue is that in the "weeding process" he speaks of, there is major collateral damage being done to women and even their potential suitors via the technology, with all that thirst.