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Paul yaffe 12 monkey bars

A pull wire is also installed on the throttle side making the twist grip throttle sensor exchange painless. If the thought of installing your new Original Monkey Bars has you stressed out, or if you simply want the fastest route to be back in the saddle, we got it covered. All of our customers RAVE about how comfortable our Monkey Bars are and how installing them has changed their riding experience!

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ed Feb 24, I'm looking to add these bars to my street glide but don't know which to go with 10" or 12". I realize with the 10" you can use stock cables, so that is a huge plus considering I'm doing the job myself. I'm 5'10" but with a longer wingspan so reach is not a problem.

To those of you with the 10" or 12"s, where do your hands rest? I like the look of the 10"s because they appear to still have a majority of protection from the fairing. The 12"s look great too but you lose that protection and I worry about fatigue.

Just looking for all feedback, pros and cons, of each height. Thanks in advance. ed Sep 8, Sent from Motorcycle.

Here's a pic of them on his bike Sent from Motorcycle. ed Jun 18, I just put 10" yaffe bars on my ultra classic. The bars fall right at the top of the fairing.

So your hands will be in the wind. I'm 5'9" and love them. ed Nov 6, I'm using the 10" I don't care for the bars above the fairing look. The 10's are just a bit above the fairing but that doesn't make a big wind problem.

I'm also 6'5" and no problems with fatigue or soreness. Not sure what kind of ruler he was using when he deed these since most of his are 2" taller than any other size in aftermarket bars.

ed Jun 24, Im 5 5 and put yaffee 12 on my bike. Hands are just above the fairing, but no big deal.

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Rode a few 12hr plus days, no discomfort. Have to scope out the dealership and check out to see what I like.

Been looking at Wild1 bars too. Just like the style of the Yaffes ed Feb 21, Those look like where the yaffe 10" sit. Looks good. ed May 21, JJ said:. View attachment I'm looking at doing the same thing this winter, 10" Yaffe on a Ultra Limited. If so, what length? If not, could you still run them inside the fairing or did you have to go outside?

Thanks for the info.

Paul yaffe handlebars & controls for harley-davidson

I did have to change both cables. I don't remember what the length was though. The clutch cable and hose is still run in to the fairing. Her are yaffee 12s. Look good.

Appreciate all the feedback. I'd really like to not have to change out the lines. Should I consider making sure that my hands end up parallel to my shoulders for best comfort? If so, 10" might be too short. Any feedback on that?

Is it difficult to change out the hydraulic clutch and brake line on a bike? ed Sep 12, I have the street glide and I have looked all over the internet for the 10" Monkey bars but all I find are the ones that go up to and nothing for Can anyone give me a good part for both chrome and black?

I was talking about the Paul Yaffe bars that you guys have been talking about. I didn't think I was high jacking anything. Thanks for the help senior member, wth.

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