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Poway hazardous waste disposal

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Household Hazardous Waste. Common Household Hazardous Wastes. Household Hazardous Waste HHW is unused or leftover portions of products containing hazardous chemicals used around your household including your garden and vehicles for example. It is dangerous and illegal to discard HHW into the trash, storm drain, or down the sewer.

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Show All Answers. This link provides the current maximum rates that can be charged by EDCO for trash and recycling services and this link is to the agenda report for the overview of the fees, including the franchise fee and AB fee. Waste and recycling collection services for commercial businesses are unaffected by the holiday and will be provided on the regularly scheduled service day. For health and safety reasons, weekly trash and recycling collection is a City Code requirement.

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If you can demonstrate you have a legitimate disposal alternative for your trash, and you can demonstrate that your recyclable materials are being recycled, you may apply for an exemption from Weekly Trash and Recycling Collection Service. The exemption must be renewed annually.

Contact the Public Works Department at to request an exemption application. My gardener comes to my house a couple of days before my scheduled pickup. Can they leave yard waste at the curb in front of my house until my pickup day? Yard waste cannot be placed out any earlier than sunset of the day before collection and should be out by 7 a. Containers used for yard waste must be removed from the place of collection no later than midnight of the day of collection.

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This is a City Code requirement. Where may I dispose of electronic waste e-waste? Cathode Ray Tubes CRTs found in most televisions and computer monitors contain approximately 5 to 7 pounds of lead, a hazardous material, which requires special handling. Therefore, computer monitors, televisions, and other electronic equipment should not be disposed in the trash.

Transportation & weight limits

It is recommended that unwanted electronic items in good working condition be donated to your local thrift store or other charitable organization. Residents are encouraged to combine delivery of e-waste with their next trip to the household hazardous waste facility to dispose of unwanted paints, solvents, automotive fluids, auto batteries, and other unused household toxins. A special AB fee appears on the monthly EDCO residential trash bills, which is passed through to the city to fund its household hazardous waste and e-waste disposal programs. What do I do with my holiday tree?

EDCO Disposal will pick up your holiday tree on collection day for 2 weeks immediately following Christmas day at individual homes and multi-family units.

The stand and all trimmings should be removed, and it is appreciated if trees are cut to lengths of no more than 4 feet and 18 inches in diameter. Place cut trees in deated yard waste recycling container sor bundle tree sections together with twine and place on the curb. Residents are required to cut and bundle their trees if they are placed for collection after the 2-week period ends.

Will trash pick-up scheduled services be affected by the Fixed Compressed Work Week?

Trash pick-up scheduled services will not be affected. I want to remodel my home or yard. How do I get a temporary bin to collect the demolition or yard waste? How do I dispose of large bulky items that do not fit in my gray trash container? EDCO provides pickup of large bulky items for a nominal fee. Each fall and each spring residential customers are also mailed a coupon for the Self-Haul Cleanup Event.

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The coupon is valid for the free disposal of 1 load at the local transfer station over a 3-month period. When should I put my containers out for collection? Trash and recycling carts and yard waste cannot be placed out any earlier than sunset of the day before collection, and should be out by 7 a. Carts and yard waste shall be placed in front of the owned or occupied premises. Carts must be removed from the place of collection no later than midnight of the day of collection. May I have my trash payment automatically deducted from my checking ? Residents should contact EDCO to obtain an authorization form for automatic payment or call In either case, a voided check is required to facilitate the automatic deductions.

When is the trash bill mailed and when is it due?

EDCO directly bills customers bi-monthly. The garbage bill is due on the 20th of the 2nd month. What can I put in my blue recycling container and what goes in the gray trash container? Go to, What Goes Where.

Where may I dispose of household hazardous waste? The facility is open every Saturday except holiday weekends from 9 a. The facility accepts leftover paint, auto fluids, drain opener, or any unused products containing toxic chemicals used to maintain your home or automobile.

Products labeled caution, warning, danger, poison, toxic, flammable, or corrosive are considered hazardous. Can I throw common batteries and fluorescent tubes in the trash? Please go to Universal Waste for more information.

I am a new resident. What do I need to know about trash and recycling in Poway?

Go to, Information for New Residents. My trash was not picked up. Who do I call? Residents should contact EDCO at to report missed pick-ups. I am going away for an extended period of time and will not be using my trash service.

Poway household hazardous waste collection facility

Do I have to continue my trash service? Pay Bill. Home FAQs. Show All Answers 1.

What are the current rates for trash service? What is the holiday trash schedule? You will only be affected by this delay if your service day falls on or after one of these holidays. Holidays which fall on a Saturday or Sunday do not delay waste removal services for the remainder of the week. Live Edit Close. Arrow Left Arrow Right.