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Pygmy goats for sale seattle

PSGR is dedicated to the health and happiness of the goats we have rescued and taken into our care. We carefully screen each applicant and potential home to insure it is a good fit for all involved. The first step is to complete the adoption application.

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Sundays, p. Call ahead or contact info mountainlodgefarm. Goat milk soap bars and lotion are also available. Order from our online store and select a pickup time and location that works for you.

Handmade goat milk soap

Thursdays, 3 p. More information here. Saturdays, 9 a. Saturdays, 2 p. Sundays, 10 a. Metropolitan Market - Ask for our cheese at any of their locations. Ballinger Thriftway- Look to their cheesemonger for both cheeses and inspired pairings.

Want our cheese in your restaurant or store? We deliver directly to restaurants and stores throughout Pierce County.

Call Olivier Boye — Buying goat kids from our farm in Our kidding season begins February 23rd this year and the last doe is due April 19th. Half the babies should be on the ground by March 6th!

We have a list of potential goat buyers that have first options of the kids born that we are not keeping here on farm. There is no charge to be on our goat buyer list. If you are not on our list for this season and would like to be, please us.

We will take photos of available kids, and will set up times for potential buyers to view the kids available for purchase. Due to lots of kids and moms to care for and the complications of COVID this may not happen as quickly and smoothly as we would prefer, but we will do our best.

is the best contact for us during this busy time: sherwin mountainlodgefarm. We anticipate having at least 40 Nigerian dwarf female goats for sale and at least 40 Lamancha or Lagerian female goats for sale this year. We will have more than this available in males most will be wethers, not bucks, but we do have some great buck options too.

Kids are able to go to their new homes if they are doing well on bottle and are at least 4 weeks of age. We recommend Pritchard red teats as this is what the kids are trained on. We like the kids to stay on bottle for at least 10 to 12 weeks to allow adequate time for their rumens to develop.

All kids will be disbudded horns burned off at early agebut if you are looking for pack goats or keeping horns we will need to know that very early on us. Very experienced goat owners can talk to us about taking kids younger than 4 weeks of age. All our kids are raised on their dams for at least a week, then switched to bottle and raised in a pen with like-age goat.

They are exposed to hay immediately and they have access to clean water. We want our dams to have an opportunity to be moms and teach their kids, and we want the kids to be friendly towards humans.

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This combination of dam and bottle raising seems to allow both of these things to happen. We do preventative management and treatment for coccidia, a parasite kids are at risk of this from mainly 3 weeks to 4 months of age until they develop some resistance to it. Our kids are immunized with CDT vaccine at 8 and 12 weeks of age their dams receive a CDT shot about 30 days before they kid to transfer that immunity to .

We will teach you how to trim goat hooves when you pick up your goats. We will also supply a sample of our hay and some loose Sweetlix Meatmaker minerals which we use on our farm. Males are not castrated until at least 12 weeks of age, and you can have them castrated later than this to allow their urinary system to grow even more and decrease the risk of urinary stones which can kill them.

Our freezers are once again full to overflowing with our delicious pasture-raised lamb.

Pygmy goats for sale seattle

It is a privilege to get to share this top-quality meat with our community, available at Proctor Farmers' Market. If you are interested in buying some cuts for a special event before then, and are able to come pick up at the farm, let us know at info mountainlodgefarm.

Also available for distribution to restaurants and stores in Pierce County. Where to Find Our Cheese?

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Goats for Sale. Buying goat kids from our farm in Our kidding season begins February 23rd this year and the last doe is due April 19th. Lamb for Sale.