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Raging bull 444 for sale

This Taurus Ultralite Titanium is a rugged and durable double-action, six-shot revolver built on a Raging Bull style frame. Chambered in 44 Rem Mag, this lightweight revolver is well-suited as a hunting sidearm, a perfect pack gun, and a dependable companion for your next outdoor adventure. The textured polymer grips with finger grooves ensure a secure grasp, while the fiber optic front and notch rear sights aid in target acquisition.

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A perfect choice for handgun hunters the Taurus Raging Bull is a six-shot revolver chambered in 44 Magnum.

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Years old: 18

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This GUN is a beast love the de and overall feel of the weapon i was always a Ruger owner but the Taurus is exactly what I was looking for,and Buds Gun Shop is the place to buy I know I will return for my next purchase. I wanted a 6" 44 Mag revolver to go along with my Marlin C. Reading all the reviews on several websites I found that the percentage of negative reviews for each of these firearms was about the same.

I also own a Taurus which I have had for many years and it has had many rounds thru it and has never malfunctioned.

The purchasing and delivery process using Buds preferred FFL list worked perfectly. The firearm I received was in brand new condition with no issue. I took it to the range and fired a bunch of 44 Mag without any issues whatsoever.

Featured taurus raging bull m deal

Accuracy was adequate with me being the primary factor in that. I am very satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend the Raging Bull to anyone that wants a longer barreled 44 revolver.

Product price was Great!! Buds service Excellent!!

Taurus model raging bull handgun

I purchased the Lifetime warranty through Buds for peace of mind for my first Taurus purchase! Fit and Finish Grips lock up as it should be. Only rds down range so far, no problems. Need to shoot it more to decide. But definitely steer all my friends to Buds for firearm purchases!! Best price I found for this pistol, good communication with the Bud's team and I appreciate the multiple payment options. As always. The weight of the gun and the grip really helps.

What about the ports?

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However, the ports combined with the weight do seem to tone down that upward snap and turn it into a straight back shove. The only negative thing I have so far is the front sight. I like some contrast. Lockup is solid, double action pull is heavy like anything else but seems short, which I like.

The single action is excellent. The Raging Bull is very well made and a lot of bang for your buck in my opinion.

Highly recommended. The Taurus Raging Bull that I purchased is a great gun that is very accurate and handles recoil easily.

Taurus raging bull multi

Mine is the 44 magnum. A quality product. I received the gun sent from Bud's to my FFL and it was in perfect condition. The transaction with Bud's was smooth and easy. I would gladly buy again from Bud's. Transaction was flawless. Ordered on a Tuesday and received on Friday. Easy as could be with my FFL dealer. Buds is awesome. Not nearly as much recoil as I had thought and balances well in the hand. Best hand cannon for the money on the market. You wont regret buying this gun if you decide to "pull the trigger".

This is my first revolver and 44 magnum. I couldn't have picked a better one for the price. It is robust. When I first saw it I thought it looked like an exaggerated movie prop. Longest I've shot so far is 25 yards and it hit where I aimed.

The recoil is very manageable. Trigger pull is smooth and decently heavy for double action and the break in single action is perfect. Finish is excellent throughout.

Raging bull for sale

Didn't have any machining marks as some may have. Porting on the barrel can be a little tough to clean but a pick even a toothpick makes it a lot easier. Love this gun. Amazingly fast transfer! Got to my FFL in 24 hours.

Taurus raging bull

The only problem I have with the gun is the front sight needs to be slanted so you can pull it out of a leather holster. I took a Dremel tool to the front sight and rounded off the sharp rear edge. This also made the front sight much more visible. Way to go Buds!!! Yes it is Shane. Out of stock at Buds : budsgunshop.

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