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Romantic things to do in malibu

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By: Author Busy Tourist. Malibu is a beautiful city famous for its beaches, natural hiking trails, and the many celebrities that have homes in its region. With a mix of laid-back attractions and upscale luxury hotspots, there are so many places to see and places to go within the vibrant, sunny town.

With so many choices, you might not know how you can spend your time here or where to head to first. This gorgeous expanse of sandy beach, decorated with an overhang of cliffs and headlands and packed with coves of rock, is a beautiful spot to relax and have fun in the sun! Operated and maintained by the County of Los Angeles, this beach provides all sorts of facilities. Between the months of December and April, you can even spot California gray whales as they migrate for the season!

When the Getty Villa was opened, it was subject to a fair bit of controversy, especially from art experts.

2. palisades village

The museum was opened in a faux Malibu villa that was deed based on the famous Villa dei Papiri ruins of Herculaneum. It was established by J Pau Getty, an oil magnate, and earned much derision when it began operation in Getty used the villa as a home for his personal holdings, and after some renovation, the Getty Villa was converted into a genuine museum to store antiquities from the Mediterranean that Getty had collected.

For nine years, work was done on the building by expert architects, and the villa finally reopened in to much higher praise. Seminar rooms, temporary exhibitions, conservation labs, and research libraries are also scattered about.

There are a couple of hundred rooms at the Getty Villa, each one ed and named based on its theme. Room maps out civilizations over the years, room contains multiple Greek artifacts including a statue of Aphrodite dating back 2, years, and room holds a magnificent statue of Hercules that is almost two millennia old! Do note that a visit to this museum requires booking a ticket in advance, though tickets are free!

Termed as one of the best places to visit in Californiathe Adamson House is a stunning marvel of architecture that looks out over the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Often referred to as the Taj Mahal of Tile, it has an eccentric and unique but undeniably beautiful interior that was likely originally deed with promotional intent.

InMay Knight Rindge and Frederick Hastings Rindge had the estate constructed upon 13, acres of gorgeous land, encompassing the city and terrain with Spanish settlers. The pottery company made a wide range of different ceramic tiles with different motifs, inspired by different cultures and muses, each one ornate and stunning.

Built resembling Mediterranean Revival de, a few unique Rindge features made it one-of-a-kind — specifically, the multiple ceramic tiles. Custom tiles pepper the rest of the interior, ranging from Art Deco to Native American and from nautical to Andalusian in theme. The bathrooms, kitchen, floors, fountains, pool, and even benches are covered in them, almost top to toe! In California, visiting the Adamson House is what to do if you want to view the greatest work of this family business in its truest form!

With acres of land, 1. A smattering of eateries, ranging from casual to fancy, let you sate your hunger without ever fully leaving the beach area! If you come by in the winter, you might get to watch the dolphins and seals, and all year round, the ridge above the beach lets you hike for a lovely view.

Leo Carrillo State Park is a prime spot for sightseeing.

A wide range of activities, such as beachcombing, swimming, windsurfing, and surfing, are commonly undertaken here. Exploring the stretch will let you find coastal caves, tide pools, backcountry trails, campgrounds, and even interpretive displays. With its relatively secluded location and serenity, a visit here to bask in the sun is one of the top things to do in Malibu.

Visiting other parts of California? Cheerful and vibrant, it provides a great spot for people to sit or stand and watch the surfers at their craft. This charming spot is filled with well-spaced brackets for fishing enthusiasts to place their reels or rods. It would be almost criminal to go to the sunshine state of California without diving at least once in its beautiful blue waters.

Most romantic things to do in los angeles

Malibu Divers helps you out with that! This company is the main go-to for diving courses of all kinds, providing programs for people of all skill levels. In addition to providing equipment for the fun act of diving, the company also offers a range of different guided dive trips across the islands and reefs in the south of the state. Charters can even be organized for father locations, and most trips include lodging, transportation, and food. Training is offered for rescue divers, free divers, and even kids, so this is a cool way to get everything you need for the sport!

Lots of wealthy celebrities and business people live in the city, and a huge majority of them probably get their groceries from Malibu Country Mart. Located in the Malibu Civic Center of California, the mart spans 6 acres and provides a range of high-end shopping, dining, and play options.

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Each one is surrounded by stunning gardens fitted with playgrounds, sculptures, picnic spaces, and eateries. The structures themselves are made in many different des, including rustic, Spanish, Mediterranean, and even modern architecture. Desserts here are very popular, with places like Malibu Kitchen offering sweet treats and Grom Malibu famous for gelato.

Solstice Canyon is situated in the Santa Monica mountains and has huge historical value.

A quick two-mile hike of low difficulty can bring you right up to the greatest spots — or if you want more of a challenge, a much more strenuous hike spanning six miles. Though the waterfalls of Solstice Canyon can get crowded, they truly are beautiful and relaxing, and most find them to be worth the visit. It is no doubt, one of the most beautiful places in the US! With more than 8, acres of land and countless things to see, this state park boasts oak savannas, plains of tallgrass, thick forests, and sharp mountain and hill peaks.

While at this state park, you can explore the hiking trails — such as the beautiful mile oak and sycamore woodland trail by the stream — go riding, or try some climbing.

25 best things to do in malibu, southern california

Most stunningly, little of it has changed over the past several millennia when it was only lived in by the Chumash! Malibu Farm Restaurant and Malibu Farm Cafe are two of the go-to places to visit if you want a healthy meal with locally and mindfully sourced ingredients. The fun rainbow mimosas and open-face omelet are among its most popular options, and other must-tries include the cauliflower pizza and grass-fed burgers.

On the other hand, the Farm Cafe provides counter-service-only, but with the same sustainable concept.

The best things to do in malibu

Malibu Family Wines provides not just good drinks, but also great events. Malibu Wine Safari brings you around a vineyard of 1, acres to meet all sorts of exotic animals that live onsite. Other common options for good wine tastings are the Cornell Winery and Tasting Room, the Rosenthal tasting room, and the ever-famous and simply named Malibu Wines. A trip with Malibu Coastal Adventures is one of the most fun activities you can enjoy in this California city.

The company specializes in planning and executing customized water adventures for its customers, providing unique options for what to do in Malibu that is accustomed to each group. The goal of the Malibu Coastal Adventures company is to create exciting days, which can involve things like fishing trips, surfing lessons, boat trips, scuba diving, paddleboarding lessons, cruises around the coastline, and even whale watching.

Run by U. Coast Guard Certified Captain Dave Ogle and his d team, you know your safety will always be a priority, and will feel relaxed with all these new experiences.

Best things to do in malibu

One of the best things to do in Malibu for surfers is to head to the fun and famous Surfrider Beach. The waves are next level, even for California, and if riding the waves are among the activities you like, this is the go-to Malibu beach for you.

Known as a World Surfing Reserve, this beach boasts three point breaks in the waves that have grown incredibly popular among shortboarders and longboarders alike. Looking for thrill outside Malibu? Located along a stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway and marked by a large, unique board, this seafood establishment provides an ocean view with scrumptious meals.

Fish and chips, clam chowder, ceviche, and fish tacos are among the most popular, with some ice cream sandwiches ready for you to try, too.

The restaurant also doubles as a fish market, selling homemade coleslaw, fillets, and shellfish, as well as a of cookbooks, spices, kitchen tools, and rubs for you to purchase. To get to Escondido Falls, you need to travel about 3. Do note that during hotter months in California, droughts may dry out the Escondido Falls, so plan accordingly. Contrary to its name, the Malibu Hindu Temple is not actually in the city but is near to it in Calabasas, California, within the Santa Monica mountain area.

A sanctuary dedicated to the god Shiva is fitted with gorgeous tiered chandeliers, an underground chamber that serves as a traditional music recital and religious service space, and an outdoor deck that has multiple shrines.

Just remember to be respectful, especially if you spot priests praying or chanting, or if you see some holy water gifting in the temple. Looking for more excitement outside Malibu? How about visiting Orange County and Palm Springs?

The most romantic things to do in malibu

If you do plan the trip, here are some of the best places to visit in Orange Countyand some fun things to do in Palm Springs! Serving up fresh catches, it has been operating since and is located in a malibu environment. Its fun front porch is vibrant and colorful and it looks out over the beautiful water and the County Line Beach.

Westward Beach might be a good bet! From the shore, you can spot sea cliffs that beckon you to swim, fish, and surf — though sunbathing is just as popular an option! From the outdoor terrace, you can view the stunning ocean, and indoors, the dining rooms are elegant and the epitome of an upscale experience. One of the most loved dishes here is the Ahi Tuna Tartar, which is served with Tobiko caviar, ginger, avocado, scallions, and Wonton Crisps.

The eatery is named after Duke Kahanamoku, a Native Hawaiian master waterman, and Olympian, famous for his surfing and swimming prowess. It is thanks to him that surfing was popularized across not just California, but America and the thing of the world. It offers stunning views of the ocean, but even inside, the decor provides many things to see with its surfboards, funky colors, and fun, lively style.

Planning a trip outside Malibu? Why not travel to Pasadena and Sacramento? If you do plan a trip, here are some of the best things to do in Pasadenaand some of the best things to do in Sacramento! Located on the Pacific Coast Highway, Nobu has a prime spot on a low cliff perched above a beautiful beach.

A lounge upstairs with exterior seating provides relaxation, and a bar has a of romantic drinks to sell. The Roberts House is named after its commissioners, Fred and Florence Roberts, who had the house built in However, it is also often called the Williams House after its architect Paul Williams, who was one of the first certified African-American professionals in his field on this side of the Mississippi.