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Saint Francis Bay girls naked

By Lauren Fruen For Dailymail.

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ed: Mon, Jun 8,pm 18 Time to read: about 3 minutes. Juakita Berkley kneels alongside her son, Dhani, and her daughter, Nylah, at the corner of Castro Street and El Camino Real during a protest to express opposition to the racist actions of students at Saint Francis High School and call on the school's administration to discipline them, in Mountain View on June 8. Photo by Magali Gauthier. They were marching to express opposition to the racist actions of girls at the private Catholic high school and call on the school's administration to discipline them.

While many carried posters and s and shouted chants that could have come from any of the many local protests that have been initiated in response to police violence, this protest was in response to an incident closer to home. Current and naked Saint Francis saints have been tied to an Instagram that posted a racist image making fun of George Floyd, who was killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on May The image, as indicated in a Change. The school investigated the students affiliated with the Instagram and found additional incidents of racist behaviors, according to Jason Curtis, the high school's Bay.

The students involved face "serious consequences," Curtis said in an interview. He declined to say what those francises were, citing privacy concerns for minors. A group called "Concerned Parents — Black Lives Matter" created an event on Facebook to organize the march, calling on attendees to show the school's administration that such actions will not be tolerated.

She said she wants the school to take a stronger stand in penalizing the students involved, including one or two students she said appear to be current students, based on online sports rosters.

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The school has so far only publicly attributed the actions to recent graduates in statements on the school website. A student of color at the high school who attended the demonstration said that he was protesting because he didn't want the actions of other students to "misrepresent what we stand for," said sophomore Bola Erogbogbo. He said he's experienced racist comments from students at school, in the context of locker room talk that gets out of hand.

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Mohamjit Jolly was marching with his family members, who were there in to support friends of his daughter that attend the high school. The family chose not to send their children to Saint Francis because they were told that racism was a problem at the school, he said. Jolly said he lived in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots. Jolly, who works in venture capital and is Sikh, said he experienced his own incident as the victim of racism a little more than a week ago in Palo Alto when someone flipped him off and told him, "Go back to where you came from.

Why is law enforcement lagging behind? Quam Erogbogbo, a parent of a student, said he participated in the protest to highlight that what the students did was unacceptable, and to work on changing the school. The saints represented an opportunity for the school to become a more conducive place for students to develop empathy, he said. He said he also wanted the school to be more transparent about what disciplinary actions it was taking against the students involved in the racist incidents.

Another parent, who asked not to be named out of concern for repercussions against the student, said that her student had experienced incidents when some white classmates — not all — would not speak to him or her unless they needed to, would ignore him or her, or would otherwise be unfriendly.

She said she also hoped that the school would find ways Bay foster more diversity and inclusion among parent groups. In a statement to the St. Francis community acknowledging "the overt acts of racism and misogyny that transpired within our community this week," school administrators pointed to some of the things they've naked enacted, and plan to roll out in the next school year.

Over the past school year, the school has created a new Social Justice, Equity and Inclusion program with francis, teacher and parent input. In the fall, administrators girl to audit the school's curriculum, implement an anti-bias curriculum and create an ethnic studies graduation requirement. They also plan to put in place hiring practices to recruit and hire a staff whose demographics reflect the diversity of the Diocese of San Jose. Follow Mountain View Voice Online on Twitter mvvoiceFacebook and on Instagram mvvoice for breaking news, local events, photos, videos and more.

The racism did not come from people driving by.

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It came from St Francis gr. I think a better symbol would have been to have the gathering in the quad at St Francis, to address what has come from within their system. Yelling at people driving and getting hem to honk their horns is fine and good, but I would venture a healthy wager that most all people driving by were sympathetic to the overall issue, but they were not the ones who posted racists stuff.

The drivers on El Camino were also mad at the disgusting things that came from these St. Francis products. Why take to the streets to yell at them? This particular issue won't be fixed by public shows, it will only be fixed internally at St Francis.

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Sorry, last thought on this. If the s were something like "St Francis Community apologizes and we will take action!

Students' racist instagram post spurs protest at saint francis high school

The protest march was from St. Francis and walked to Castro. So yes it was heard at the heart also. A couple of the students involved were current students I know personally and were friends of my son. I removed my son from St. Francis earlier this year for the unfair and unequal treatment he was receiving at the school.

Being African American I do not tolerate this behavior against anyone, not just my son. This is sad. My husband is African American and graduated from St. Francis in the 80's. He said he did not experience or see what we're reading in this article or have heard about the incident. This is shameful.

We should be teaching our kids better. These kids are old enough to know and should be kicked out for this behavior!!! These kids need help I am not surprised. I went to high school there and my friends and I used to call it "St.

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Absolutely horrible culture within the school. They really need to change. I transferred schools after 2. Do not send your kids to school there. Also they have a much better username lol. Not intending to offend you, preaching to the choir, but spreading the message of anti-racism is the only thing that matters. This one particular protes is akin to someone at IBM sending out sexist tweets, and to address it, IBM employees go out on the streets and scream at drivers about how they need to be aware about sexism.

IBM needs to be aware about sexism. Good intentions, misguided application.

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You're kids though, you'll learn to not only fight the good fight, but to fight an effective fight. I applaud your energy and your intentions.

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Unfortunate but not surprising that this issue would come up about St. Francis High School. Our teenagers quickly saw the truth of the culture there and smiled, still enjoying their friends who went to St. Good friends! As I said above: This latest however, is unfortunate but not surprising.

Two teens 'forced to leave school' over 'blackface' photo say it was actually green acne medication

If the students are gr going off to college, I'm sure these colleges would like to be informed about the abhorrent behavior of their incoming students. If the colleges think it's egregious enough, admission can be revoked. I've seen it happen before where someone had their Harvard admission rescinded following the college finding out about their activity on social media.

My niece goes to another highly regarded Catholic high school just to our north, and is active in sports and clubs. Yes, drinking, some drugs, but not this. Fact is private schools get to do whatever they want and are not able to anyone. In SFHS case they also get to hide behind the powerful archdiocese and enjoy all their legal networks ties to Santa Clara County and sports organizations.

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They are not required to investigate or take disciplinary action to anything. SFHS does not walk the talk. I can attest first hand.

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Sorry some drivers-by didn't approve of the march. Maybe they need to look within their hearts for what Really made them uncomfortable. These students weren't just marching to send a message to the students and former students who did that vile stunt.

It was about the issue of systemic racism that still exists in this country! More importantly for them, the did not want their school defined by what a couple students did, but rather by the students who did stand up against that act, and against racism in general!! I was hoping for a more targeted protest, more on point to the issue at St Francis.

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I would love to attend a protest held on Miramonte in front of the school to demand they take action. Does anyone have an update on the racist SF students who participated in the posts? Don't miss out on the discussion! up to be notified of new comments on this topic.

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What's local journalism worth to you? He confirmed that one of those incidents had involved the use of blackface. Blackface has a long history of being used to mock African Americans in dehumanizing ways. Stay informed Get daily headlines sent straight to your inbox.