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Sell comic book

Comic books are increasingly becoming popular. If you have the talent and the idea, why not create your own comic book?

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Are you trying to navigate the waters of selling your comic book collection? Fret not!

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We've been selling comics since and are the largest comic book retailer in the world. Each year we buy millions of comics from sellers all across the United States and around the world. We buy single high value comics, collections large and small, estates, and dealer and retail store inventories. We make selling comics easy and treat you fairly regardless of your experience and knowledge of comics.

We are a two-generation family-owned business with over employees.

We have an outstanding reputation for honesty and square dealing. See testimonials from sellers who have dealt with us.

2. ask yourself: are comic books worth much money?

In addition to comic books, graphic novels, and comic magazines, we also buy original comic art, pulps, digest magazines, fanzines, vintage paperbacks, and pres Men's interest magazines. Unfortunately most comics published in the s, s, and newer are very common and so not worth very much. Here's how to get an idea of the value of your comics: Look up your comic on our online want list to see if we're buying it, and if so how much we'll pay.

If it's not on our want list, then it's usually a common comic and not worth very much. If it is worth enough to sell, you can use our online want list to sell it. Look up your comic using the search on MyComicShop to see what we're selling it for.

Look up your comic on eBay to see what other copies are being listed for sale at. Even better, use the options to see eBay completed listings, since a completed sale is more informative than an asking price on an unsold item. Then, if you think your comics are valuable enough to be worth selling to us, you can use our online want list to sell your comics from the s, s, and newer.

Selling a top collection?

How to sell comic books: where and how to get started

Talk to Buddy. If you have a major collection of Gold, Silver, or Bronze Age comics, please click the link above for more information. Unless your list is espeically large we should be able to get back to you with an offer within business days if not same day. If your comics are not graded by CGC or CBCS: please review the other selling options described on this and pick the one that best fits what you have. For most people with comics from the s or newer, this would be Option 2, described just below.

How to Ship Comic Books - tips for packing and shipping your comics. Scan Your Comics - own a barcode scanner? Use it to scan your collection quickly. Compact Printable Want List - see what issues we're buying in compact form suitable for printing. Before offering your comics to us, we suggest you comic with your local comic store, or antique shop or used book store if there's no comic store in your area, and get an offer price from them for your comics.

That way you have book to compare to when you receive our offer. Sellers who take our advice and get comic offer first tell us that our offer is usually two to ten times better. Call us atMonday-Friday Central to speak with a comic buying specialist. Conment Service Overview - everything you sell to know book conment. Quick Sale is sell because it is easy and fast. No prior authorization required. Follow the instructions and ship your comics. Once your comics arrive at our warehouse, you'll receive an offer within seven business days, usually sooner, and we pay immediately on your acceptance of our offer.

If we are unable to agree on a price for your comics, we will return your comics to you at our expense. Condition : If Nice to New, we pay full amount per book as noted above. If in lesser condition, we pay half of the prices listed above.

1. organize

Call us atMonday-Friday Central to speak with a buyer. Call us atMonday-Friday Central and ask to speak with Buddy. We have long-standing relationships with more than trusted professional comic buyers in locations across the United States, Canada, and even some locations overseas.

We can often arrange a visit by one of our buyers to evaluate qualifying collections and make immediate cash offers. We and our partners buy comics, magazines, graphic novels, digests, pulps, paperbacks, and other related paper items. We don't cherry pick. We buy everything. We have comic buyers in the following locations. Even if you are not in one of these locations, we may have a buyer who will come out and make an offer for your collection.

Thank you for considering us.

Sell my comic books begins with a huge golden to silver age comic book buy!

We look forward to working with you and buying or coning your comics! Contact: Central Mon-Fri wantlist mycomicshop.

Every word detailed in the stated terms and conditions are followed to the letter! I will continue to frequent Lone Star Comics often! Love comics, love your website! Thanks for always being so great to deal with! I am very impressed with your conment service. I got roughly the purchase prices I wanted for everything that has sold thus far and probably could have gotten more for the Green Lantern 76 had I not chickened out and book it down after a week!

Your team handled everything expertly, from the fair grading to the scans, the postings, and finally the payment. I don't know when I'll have such a slew of desirable books to sell again, but I'm certain I'll send them straight to you when I do. Thanks for everything. I'll look forward to the check! Read this first: If your comics are from the s, s, or newer, or you just want to know what your comics are worth Unfortunately most sells published in the s, s, and newer are very common and so not worth very much.

Ready to sell? Choose one of the following options. Talk to Buddy If you have a major collection of Gold, Silver, or Bronze Age comics, please click the link above for more information. Option 2: Sell using our online want list all eras, all values You can sell comics from any era, low grade or high grade, low value or high value, "raw" or 3rd party encapsulated.

Our want list is updated in real time based on our current inventory needs. You can look up any issue to see if we're buying it, and if so, how much we'll pay for it. Individual sellers and comic stores use this option to sell us comic than a million comics a year.

How to sell comics books online

If you have a complete list of your comicssend it to us. We will evaluate your list and get back to you with an offer for your whole collection. If you don't have a list, you don't have to spend endless hours creating one.

Instead, send us a cover price count summary which can be prepared very quickly. That and a few follow up questions from us and you'll have our offer. When we buy your collection, we'll either pick up your comics or pay all shipping costs. Either way, you'll not be out a dime for shipping. If we have a Buying Partner near you, that partner can assist us in purchasing your comics.

Option 4: Con your high value comics and comic art Sell comics and comic art via list price or auction. Otherwise, your Quick Sale submission should contain or more comics.

Lovecraft, any s TV series. Howard, C. Lewis, Fritz Lieber, H. Tolkien, Jack Vance, Edgar Wallace. Star Trek and Star Wars only if 1st printings by the respective publisher. We are not currently buying : Romance, western western OK if 40c cover price or less. Trade-size or hardback books.

What do we consider a paperback?

1. know the best place to sell comic books

For the purposes of this selling option, a paperback book is considered to be any softcover book with measurements at or close to 4-in. We will not buy larger format paperbacks trade copies or softcovers via this selling option. If sent, larger format books will be discarded. We pay your shipping cost to us if you ship via post office "media mail" rate. Option 7: Store Stock We buy store overstocks and store liquidations. Have you closed your store, or just have long boxes piled up in your back room?

If you have or more long boxes, we will travel anywhere in the contiguous 48 states to buy your inventory. We are especially looking for lots large enough to fill an wheeler 21 skids.