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Sex stories wifes friend

Beth had been a good friend of ours ever since we had moved out to sunny Santa Monica two years earlier. My wife had met her at work when they were both receptionists at a mail order company. She and her husband Steve had often came over for dinner or met us for a movie.

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My wife had quite a few good looking friends. Tamara was definitely one of them. She is an over 40, long haired brunette MILF. She recently had 2 children in the last 5 years and her body has changed for the better. Thicker in all the right places. She always has had big tits but they seemed enormous now.

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Hi, my name is Virat, a married guy from Delhi with an average built body but, turns out, it has a great caliber to satisfy women! The story is a few months old.

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I was living a routine life — working 10 hours and spending the rest of the time with my wife. We use to have sex at least 20 days in a month. So, like a typical Indian husband, I had let go of all such desires and live the regular life.

The two used to share everything and my wife shared everything with me. After Swati was married, she started experiencing desperation for sex and she shared it with my wife. Swati was the one who always initiated sex and her husband does it like a favour despite not satisfying her.

Seduced by wife’s horny married friend in delhi

She is a hot looking girl with straight hair and amazing ass and boobs. Most of her boyfriends have had sex with her and had a role in developing her assets to such proportions. Last month, Swati was visiting Delhi and planned to stay with us for a few days. Luckily, it was Friday night and I was able to get a chance to see the girl whom I have imagined many times while masturbating. Every weekend I and my wife used to go to a club to party. Similarly, we planned to go out in that week also.

So we planned to visit a very fancy night club on Friday. Both girls got ready. My wife was wearing a short one-piece black dress which looked amazing but when I saw her friend Swati, I was dumbstruck. She was wearing a super short dress with a very deep neck, so deep that the sides of her boobs were visible.

‘wife's friend’ stories

I hid my amazement and proceeded to the venue. Swati was surprisingly friendly with me, touching my shoulder and kept coming closer to me often. I thought it was normal. In the club, we were partying and drinking. My wife and Swati both were high.

But my wife was the one who was getting more tipsy. Swati suggested we hit the floor to dance. So, we were dancing for a while.

I was enjoying dancing with two hot girls. At that time, my wife wanted to go to the washroom.

So I offered to escort her but she insisted me to stay and give company to her friend. Then my wife went. While my wife was leaving, Swati had a naughty smile on her face as she knew it will take a while for my wife to return as there would be a queue. Swati started dancing with me, that too even more close to me. I was obviously very hard and she also sensed that. But she kept teasing me. After two more shots, we decided to go home. Swati helped me in getting her to bed. I put my wife on the bed and told Swati to get some rest in the guest room.

But she insisted that she wanted to stay and take care of my wife.

Swati then came and bend down to check on my wife, giving me a complete view of her lovely boobs! After a few minutes, Swati said she wanted to sleep next to my wife.

Swati suggested me also to stay there itself and sleep. I went and changed into shorts to sleep. Swati changed into nightwear. Her nightwear was complete net material. It felt like she had got the only intention to make me lose my self-control. Believe me, I was already melting from inside to fuck that baby doll and ram her ass!

Then we slept. I was in one corner of the bed. Swati was in the other corner and my wife was between us. But I was too horny to stop at that time.

Fucking the wife's friend

Once I realized it, I was out of control and slowly kept my hand here itself. I understood she was awake. Gradually, Swati was out of patience.

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her boobs! I started squeezing those boobs vigorously. Swati completely naked even at the bottom. Then I checked on my wife and realized she had completely passed out. So I slowly got up from the bed and moved to the side where Swati was lying down naked.

‘wife's friend’ stories

I wanted her to remember this for the rest of her life. So I went straight between her legs and started to smell my dream pussy.

It was well-waxed and completely wet. When I gave her a kiss on it, Swati almost screamed out of ecstasy but somehow controlled it by keeping her hand on her mouth. Then I started to make my fantasy become a reality.

I kept licking it for a while and then slowly added one more finger in the pussy with a slightly more vigorous licking of her clit. I slowly inserted my thumb into her ass but still kept licking her pussy. But the moan made my wife move. We both came to our senses. I jumped back on my side of the bed and Swati wore her so-called clothes. With all the disturbance, my wife was slightly awake.

Sex with wife’s friend

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