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Today, more and more countries are famous for their beautiful women. But have you ever thought that you can find the best wife in Afghanistan?

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Afghanistan has been rocked by allegations of sexual harassment at the highest levels of government. Officials deny wrongdoing but a BBC investigation has heard from women who describe a culture of abuse.

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W hen Zainab met her first client almost two years ago, she was drunk, drugged-up, and had passed out by the time he started raping her.

Terrified, she reluctantly agreed. The man was gone when the then year-old woke up; her body in pain, her thoughts filled with regret.

In Afghanistan, sex work is illegal. But as war — and the widespread poverty that comes with it — lingers, the of women and men who see the trade as their last option has been steadily rising.

Sex abuse of afghan women

Although the penal code does not specify the punishment for sex work, they risk a prison sentence if they get caught. Often, they are deceived into the business. Fearing threats and retribution, aid workers who were interviewed asked the Guardian not to reveal names. When her younger brother became ill and needed hospital care and medication, she asked for a pay advance.

It was then that Zainab found out about the underground brothel her employer ran. My mother had long been sick, and as the oldest, I had to take responsibility for my family.

Wrapped in a black abaya cloak, Zainab agreed to be interviewed under one condition: no photographs, no last names, no reference to the neighbourhood where she has been working. She sits with her hands folded as she describes her work, only her eyes exposed. They know my employer and call her to arrange an appointment.

Zainab tells them she still works as a housekeeper. Javeed not his real namea year-old husband and father of three, explains that he lives a double life, with his wife and children unaware of his other occupation. I started going home with people and developed an interest.

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The money, he says, is barely enough to feed his children and provide them with school supplies. Unlike Zainab, he claims his clients never use condoms. Both Javeed and Zainab say they cannot see a way out of their current situation. Global development.

Decades of war and grinding poverty have forced more Afghans into risky double lives to survive. A market in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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Sex work is illegal in the country but many people see it as their only remaining option. Global development is supported by.

Stefanie Glinski in Kabul. Mon 14 Jun She says she now has no alternative but to continue selling sex.

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