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Silent lucidity pink floyd

In a song was released called Silent Lucidity. Essentially it is an answer to the question could anyone take the career of Pink Floyd more seriously than Pink Floyd? Enter Queensryche.

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Is it just me who thinks Queensryche ripped off Pink Floyd on that one? Ok, if the majority of you think that there is NO plagiarism between the two songs, zorrow has to do Silent Lucidity as a cover Ok, given that you're not playing fair and that I don't care about singing either song, I will make a cover of PF "Comfortably Numb" if people here decide they do sound quite the same.

Silent lucidity: a place i like to hide

PS: And yes, she's right. I CAN sing!

However, I must confess I hated the "Empire" when it came out. I guess I didn't evolve with the band on that one. Well, I've finally learned to listen to "Empire" without puking, but it's an album the early-Queensryche rabid fan I used to be hated to death. It's got a Pink Floyd vibe to it, and have thought that since the first time I heard it.

Never thought it was a Comfortably Numb rip-off though Got to agree with this. The first time I heard it, just for a moment I thought it was the new post-Waters Floyd.

Sounds like sorta a mix ideas from the Wall album to me. I can hear similarities to three or more songs.

C'mon, you really think is a rip off?? It's not a direct rip off of any particular Floyd song, but if you listen to the first minute or minute and a half, you can definitely hear heavy Floyd influences, right down to the phrasing of the lyrics e.

Now can we get back to more important stuff, like how much the White Stripes sucked? There are a few similarities, but that's not surprising to me since DeGarmo always said that Gilmour was a big influence for him.

A lot of Floyd elements in that song. I hear similarities to Numb in the chorus, with the big D major chord, midtempo beat and the French horn poking through the strings.

Then you've got the spoken word part over the bridge. Ok, labeling it as a "rip-off" is admittedly too much, but to me still is a song so heavily inspired by Pink Floyd that it does sound Specially the "I Comfortably Numb. Sound effects, concept albums. What else you need?

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Saw them open for Ozzy in Dayton, OH back in 86 or was it early 87? And then there was Ozzy's audience. Not the right place for a sheltered college frosh. Silent Lucidity hit as I had a daily commute on 95 from Waltham down to Newton.

Silent lucidity

Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted February 3, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options BlueRedWhite Posted February 3, Edited to add: how the heck can I add a poll to this topic? Steve Haynie Posted February 3, It is doubtful that there was an intent to rip off Pink Floyd when Silent Lucidity was written.

I don't know if it was either intentional or not, but to me both songs do sound quite close Zorrow: i suggest you starr rehearsing the Queenryche's song Definitely not a rip off. Not even close.

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BubbaVO Posted February 3, Feynman Posted February 4, Posted February 4, Scottcrud Posted February 4, Cary Posted February 4, BlueRedWhite Posted February 4, The only thing similar is they sing the word I in both songs. But no, to me it's not a ripoff.

But I wouldn't call it a rip-off of Numb so much as heavily inspired by Floyd. Toadroller Posted February 5, Posted February 5, Ah, memories.

GC Ron Posted February 5, More like Mother than Comfortably Numb. I hear similarities to Numb in the chorus, with the big D major chord Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to topic listing.

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