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Silver pawn prices

It is said that investment in authentic and expensive jewelry is one of the best financial decisions a lady could make. But whether you are buying new jewelry out of love for nice things or accessorizing, or if your purchase decisions are guided by a future-thinking process — what can I get from this purchase decision in future — then this article could be open on your computer tab at a better time. At the same time, this article is also ideal for anyone looking for a quick financial fix looking for guidance on how to make money out of their valuable sterling silver jewelry or any other piece.

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Most bullion dealers will offer about 95 percent of the spot price, though this will vary depending on market conditions. Pawn shops will offer the lowest return — sometimes less than half of the bullion content. If you have silver that has a high Fineness more on that in a bit! This is sort of like a convenience fee. Depending on where you live, pawn loans can have day terms up to

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Where to sell your silver

Please click "OK" to Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Our full privacy policy can be accessed at the bottom of the. Got something you want to sell to the shop?

However please understand that w e can only buy items when both the seller and item are in our store! If this is not something you can bring down to us we will not be able to buy from you! We cannot preview any item via mail,phone etc.

Please read the following FAQ for information on selling to us, and be sure to read the bottom of the for advice relating to specific of items. If you can't bring your item here unfortunately we can't do business as store policy requires all transactions to take place in the shop. We pay top dollar in Cash on the Spot! If you have a luxury watch to sell and are a US resident read here for our watch buying program gspawn.

Pawn or sell to gold & silver pawn shop

What time are you open? The showroom is open 10am - pm 7 days a week. But you can always sell at our Pawn Window, open 24 hours a day. Are you ever closed?

We are located at Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV You can park in the lots on either the North or South side of the building, and parking is always free. Just tell the parking attendant you are there to sell an item, if you are a local you can show your Nevada ID to the doorman and skip any line. What do I need to bring? Your item and a current, Government Issued ID. If you have any other documents, certificates of authenticity etc. Can I send an item to you to look at and maybe buy from me?

We get so many letters and gifts from fans in the mail it is impossible for us to separate them out.

Any items mailed to us without specific prior approval from a manager are assumed to be gifts and we are not responsible for returning them. Due to the overwhelming volume of submissions we are unable to review items in advance at this time.

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Your best bet if you want to sell an silver is to just bring it to the pawn and see if we are interested. There are many other pawn shops and antique stores around that country that will likely also be interested in your items. We are always buying luxury watches, jewelry, gold and silver coins and bullion just bring them down to the shop. What is the best time to come to the shop but avoid the long line? If you have an item to pawn or sell you always get to skip the line! As far as slow times go they are usually in the morning between am or evenings after 5pm.

Nevada prices always get past the line even if you are just visiting to look around, just show your NV ID to the doorman! Do I need to make an appointment for you to look at my item? No appointments are necessary.

How much is sterling silver worth at a pawn shop?

Is there any way you guys can come to me? If you are in the Las Vegas valley, and have a large collection, mobility impairment, work obligations etc. Please pawncounter gspawn. As stated above, due to volume we can only get back to you if we are interested, no follow up is necessary.

I just want help identifying an item or can you tell me what it's worth? Please understand we are just a small family business and the sheer volume would overwhelm our small staff. You can try local antique shops, collectible stores, museums or the internet to determine the price of your items.

If this is an item you can bring to the shop, before visiting us it is best to sell gspawn. They will let you know if we are interested. If coins are not graded we will buy them for their precious metal value only. If you do not have a COA you can go to any of these companies websites to get your item evaluated via mail submission or in person events. All electronics must be fully logged out of any s and not password protected.

All items must be brought to the shop for purchase but if you want to check if we would be interested you can photos to jesus.

Just looking for a loan? We are always happy to pawn your items here is how it works Any Questions?

pawncounter gspawn. The line can get very busy so we apologize if we miss your call please try again in minutes. If you wish to sell us an item please review the procedures specified below. After you bring your item in we settle on a amount that we will loan you pawn for your item. The Loan contract will be written for 90 days and you will be paid in cash. Any period from days will still be charged the same amount. If you do not come price to claim your item before the 90 day loan period expires you can still pick up your item if we still have it in inventory.

If you are not in town we can arrange payment via mail, silver mail us a copy of your ticket, ID and a cashiers check or money order. A new ticket will be mailed back to you. We can also mail your item back after a mail payment, just call us first so we can give you the shipping total to add to your final payment. up for our newsletter to receive the latest news, press releases, product info and more: Address up.