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Sneak over while my wife is home

Tokyo Olympics: Get the full schedule, events and where to watch.

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When you're in a monogamous relationship — even one that's healthy and happy — it's normal to fear the possibility that, one day in the future, you could find s that your partner is cheating on you. While it's not healthy to be paranoid about cheatingthat doesn't mean you shouldn't still be aware of the common s of cheatingand feel comfortable communicating with your partner when you feel a boundary has been crossed. And while every couple might have their own definition of what constitutes cheatingthere's one thing that all kinds of cheating have in common: an element of deception. And if you suspect your partner is cheating, ask.

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Tokyo Olympics: Get the full schedule, events and where to watch. Everybody knows that once you and your spouse have kids, sex becomes a challenge.

Sex seems impossible. My husband and I split in after more than 10 years of being together. My oldest daughter was 6 and my twins were 3.

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For three months, we did nothing more than chat online, until we finally met for coffee. He gave me dating advice the rare times I needed it and we talked about our writing and bad dates.

Then one day he caught me by surprise — and kissed me. And it occurred to me.

And of course, I had roommates too. Only mine were shorter, and far less understanding.

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We made out in parking garages, restaurant bathrooms and the back of my car. Once we were in the back of my car for so long, my battery died.

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After about six months of this, I finally introduced him to my children. Not as my boyfriend. Just as a friend.

They need something from the grocery store

And they bought it. Now that we were able to hang out at the house we had a new home base. The kids were young and went to bed early.

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They adored him, which was good. Because so did I. But we did not want them to see us sleeping together. The maneuverings that went down in my house in the name of sex would impress James Bond.

There were so many potential landmines:. Each intrusion would be preceded by an oncoming thumping down the hallway followed by a burst through my unlocked bedroom door — causing Scott to perform a drop and roll under the bed in the dark. Thankfully, the loud thumping of the kids jolted us awake and gave Scott time to hide in my closet.

Mornings were trickier.

I would have to distract the kids in the kitchen so Scott could sneak down the stairs and go outside, where he would turn around and ring the bell. The kids would be so happy to see him, they wouldn't notice he was wearing the same outfit as the day before. Ben and Livi would dance around with joy and invite him in for Cheerios.

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Scott: both of us wide-eyed! After six years together, Scott, the kids and I officially moved in together and all of the machinations came to an end.

Scott and I have been together now for almost eight years and the kids are old enough to understand all of the ways he is a part of our lives. Sarah Maizes is a mom of three and author of "On My Way to the Bath," and a comedian, blogger, and parenting humorist.

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