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Stryper love songs

Stryper has stood the test of time as a band.

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Rather than being known for rock n roll excess and debauchery like many of their peers, they are known for their Christian beliefs which are often reflected in their lyrical content. Their success came along very quickly with their debut album The Yellow and Black Attack being released a year after their formation in Then ten years after that inthey got back together for a reunion tour and they have since remained active, having recorded several more albums and continuing to play live. Here is a list of our favorite Stryper songs from over the course of their career. The album was very well received both critically and commercially, notably reaching two on the Billboard Christian album charts.

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They went on to become the first overtly Christian heavy metal band to gain acceptance in the mainstream.

My 10 favorite stryper songs of all time

In the mids, Stryper enjoyed their most successful period beginning with the release of To Hell with the Devil, which achieved platinum sales status. Stryper went on to release two more gold albums before disbanding in InStryper came out of retirement for a reunion tour and subsequently ed a multi-album contract with Big3 Records in Inthey ed a multi-album deal with Frontiers Records, and have released Second Coming, which includes 14 re-recorded songs from their first three albums and an album, No More Hell to Pay, released on November 5,Fallen on October 16,and God Damn Evil on April 25,and Even the Devil Believes on September 4, Here are all of Stryper songs ranked.

If you want to hear a true hard rock music. Their music and vocals have always been strong.

Stryper seems to gain more momentum with the release of each album. I love how they honor God in their music.

Excellent vocals and musicianship. Stryper is definitely still putting the quality into their tunes. Production is first class with edgy guitars and booming drum tracks.

Top 10 stryper songs

God The Covering That song is simply a Killer!!!. I have never heard Michael scream so much. The guitars are exceptional and carry the songs to new heights. The simple, but awesome intro of that song could be one of my favorites from any rock song the way the guitar screams back and forth in your headphones from ear to ear.

# 10 – jesus is just alright

Gone are the corny christian lyrics and the stupid bumblebee outfits, replaced by heavier guitars and tastier riffs. I love all of their albums including their nu- metal album, Reborn, I think it is great.

Shining Star Against the Law, Good Music!! At six minutes, it is by far their longest song ever.

Stryper songs ranked

Sonically, it appears to be their foray into symphonic progressive power metal. The guitar work is impeccable. The vocals, drums, keyboards, and bass are amazing too.

I am not even really a religious person, and I still dig it. Michael Sweet can sing, but oh please no more of this! Aside from that, this is just one of those albums I keep coming back to because of its good songs and musical quality. I bought three singles from that album including this song and all of them start one or two seconds into the song so you miss the opening chord.

Free is the song that turned me onto the band way back in middle school. It was a daring statement during that age of Reaganomics, sending both churchgoing parents and hell-bent rockers into a tizzy.

Stryper lyrics

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