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Talk about your blessings more

It is up to us and only us as to whether we choose to be happy or not. So it is totally our choice what we speak to others about, no-one else determines what we say.

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Sometimes it can feel like the entire world is against us. The thing is, these types of scenarios can leave us blind to all the blessings that we have in our lives, as small as they may be. We may not even look at them as blessings. Things that seem like burdens to some of us, are actually blessings, those are example of certain things we just simply always expect to be there.

It is easy to label only the out of the ordinary things blessings, a new job, a financial gain, a new love interest. Once we get in touch with God, things become clear.

“talk about your blessings more than you talk about your burdens.”

Questions are answered and the blessings in our lives show that they are blessings and not burdens. I always overlooked the small things in my past, took things for granted.

Took relationships for granted, treated it like a burden opposed to a blessing to have someone that loved and cared for me deeply, and it ended up being the demise of the relationship. Blind to the fact I was being an asshole, and treating them as a burden in my life, opposed to the true blessing they were being my great friends for so many years. All of those things are essential to life and essential to growing as a person and growing in faith.

The bad, burdens and lessons are simply learning moments. God will test us by putting us in situations, having things happen to us, that will test our faith, and he watches how we react.

Once we have completely put our trust in him, we start to see the good in our lives, we start to recognize the blessings, and embracing the burdens and the hardships. Instead of running from them in the future, we put a foot in the ground and take them head on.

You may have more blessings than you know, take a step back a realize what they are. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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