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Tall and intimidating

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Ya but typically it goes the other way for me I get nervous and don't approach the girl in the first place. I am gaga over tall guys! I would probably wouldn't be able to stop staring!

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I'm 5'7.

Why are tall guys intimidating?

Maybe its a bias but I tend to see tall dudes as big targets when in a fight or just in general. I believe the lower your center of gravity the better.

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Smaller dudes have lower center gravity and can easily, in my humble opinion, take down a larger person if they fight correctly. Just me though. Tall guys might have a different opinion. Higher center of gravity, yes, but longer legs and larger feet means a larger base of support, therefor a more stable stance. Also a likely higher weight means it's harder to move you as well, but weights obviously vary ificantly due to different body types, but generally taller guys should be heavier.

Wait, what does dating have to do with anything? Did you misunderstand the question or was it just something you added? I just added it.

3 reasons there is a height double standard!

I just don't think height makes someone intimidating It's genetics. It's genetics and other environmental factors, just like personality, physique and pretty much anything else that makes up a person. So how does that make it a non-intimidating factor? Your brain associates size with physical dominance, everyone subconsciously judges everyone and height is included. It's why many animals raise their bodies to appear taller as it makes them look more threatening to intimidate rivals.

Are you saying height doesn't factor into the intimidation or you aren't intimidated at all by any man? Both, I'm not intimidated by men at all and height isn't a factor of intimidation for me.

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Intimidation is a normal and natural response for self-preservation, to say you never have it at all for men means you're either lying or have a malfunction in your brain. Like how so many guys claim to have no fear, but then soldiers, people who have been through some of the harshest, dangerous and scary situations for months on end almost always admit to fear despite doing some of the bravest things a person can do.

It's because bravery isn't the absence of fear, fear is also normal and natural, bravery is doing something despite the fear. I understand why you want to maintain the facade like so many others, but there's no point in denying Human nature. I don't see men as a threat, that's why and not intimidating to me. If I was a man, I'd probably see them as a threat and thus feel intimidated by them, but I'm not. I do feel intimidation and fear but it's not from men, it's from other women or the environment. I have no reason to fear someone who has evolved to be a protector. That's a very interesting way of tall at it and while tall men adhere to the evolutionary programming, some don't.

This is evident with the prevalence of assault and rape by men against women. But I never expected an answer like that, and it's nice to know there and those on the opposite end of the spectrum to the misandrists that think all men are violent rapists out to get them. Yeah you are right not all men adhere to evolutionary programming even though most do. It's the majority that I base my expectations on though. I know that when I do come across anyone who is off I have plenty of resources around me to protect myself.

What height do you think is the most physically imposing?

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Share Facebook. Most intimidating height for a guy? Add Opinion. What just in general or in like a confrontation? If it's in general, I'm usually more intimidated by a smaller dude than a taller dude.

Do girls see tall or big guys as intimidating?

In a confrontation it's the same thing too. Both, and really? Why's that? How tall are you? I am not scared of anyone if Mike Tyson was here I'd slap him right on the face if he threatened me. I don't find any height intimidating to be honest.

I'm really tall myself and my dad is 6'7" so that's probably why.

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I'm not really sure why tall men are seen as intimidating. Height doesn't really seem to intimate me at all I just don't prefer to date a guy that tall since I'm only 5 ft 2. Show All Show Less. How DOES it make it an intimidating factor? Maybe I'm too aware of the fact and it just doesn't bother me. AshleyMD opinions shared on Other topic. I don't find men of any height intimidating. Thank you for MHO and you're welcome :. Up Now! Related Questions.

Show All. What height do you think starts to be intimidating? I wish I was a tall big guy :?

Guysdo you have a height preference? Is this list accurate for what is most important for a woman in a guy?

Most intimidating height for a guy?

Sort Girls First Guys First. Yeah that is a pretty intimidating height lol. Related myTakes. The road not taken: Dealing with the choices in life we regret! Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real. Learn how to take care of yourself! Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.