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Temple street prostitutes

Lets start at the south end of the street, in Jordan where the night market starts, and walk towards the north end.

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A single mother, whose own mother is too sick to work, Kat jumped at the chance to earn a high salary but soon after arriving in Hong Kong, the mama-san confiscated her passport and sent her to work in the bar alongside other trafficked women. Without any money, she said she cannot escape or fly home — and besides, her traffickers know where her family lives. The other bar girls are depressed. Prostitutes try to lure clients with offers of Thai massage on Reclamation Street in the Jordan district of Hong Kong. Many victims do not speak out for fear of being punished by their traffickers, some of them linked to the powerful triad organised crime group. Others are afraid of being deported home or criminalised for being in the possession of fake papers arranged by their pimps, campaigners say.

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Its mega malls, incredible branded stores and neon glowing boards offer an amazing shopping experience to the travelers. But the fact remains is that, by the Asian Standard, Hong Kong is really an expensive destination. If you enjoy those malls and stores without thinking about your money, you will surely end up by too much expenses.

This post is not about the mega malls and grand stores. This is about the most famous street market in Hong Kong, where you can spend your money on an enjoyable shopping experience.

The items are of course not the branded one because its merely a local market, but still the product range available here is amazingly good to make this market a hot favorite among the locals as well as the foreign backpackers. The market is located in the districts of Jordan and Yau Ma Tei. In the day time it is a busy road like other ro in Hong Kong packed with cars and other shops.

Hong kong: 10 things to do

But at 4 PM, the street starts taking a new shape, then cars disappear off the road and local vendors move in, erecting their steel, canvas and plastic tent-like stalls. They mainly used plastic tents to protect the stalls and items from any sudden downpour. This a great place to try some inexpensive local food before bargaining hard with vendors in the street market. The menu is mostly written in Cantonese, so please make sure whatever you are ordering. Do not expect a vegetarian item, even vegetarian item can be a non-vegetarian.

Temple street night market

You may find many unrecognizable sea creatures and insect in the order menu. If you find them delicious, you can move ahead with your order. It is a place for clothes, watches,leather goods, DVDs, toys,footwear, artworks, mobiles, goggles etc. Be prepared to bargain and always bargain hard. In my case, for a leather valet, the vendor quoted a price of HK Dollars, but I bargained it to HK Dollars with an additional fancy watch for Nidhi. The market is illuminated by many blazing incandescent bulbs and music coming out from CDs shops making whole atmosphere very colorful.

Accessories: Lot of accessories like purse, valet, bags, ear rings, sunglasses etc are available in this market. They looks good and also work good for a considerable period of time, but do not expect more from these products, even if you spend some HK Dollars to buy them.

Prostitution in hong kong

Plenty of stalls with cheap T-shirts, jackets, jeans, skirts, tops are available here. Again, bargain hardly before buying anything. Do not expect changing rooms to try the clothes, unless it is a proper shop.

Street Vendors do not offer changing rooms. Mobiles,Notep and other Electronic Items: These items are also available in plenty at this market. But again there is no warranty and guarantee. The i-p and i-phone like mobiles are very cheap in the street market. I am not sure about the quality, but when I asked my hotel receptionist about those items, he informed that in HK, those items are very popular and local people like them more than branded name like Nokia. You can also find plenty of pirated DVDs of software, movies etc in the market.

Fortune Teller Shops: There are also many shops in this street to tell you about your fortune based on the Chinese zodiac, Feng-shui and taro cards.

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They can also prostitute you some interesting idea to turn your fortune, of-course for the money. You will find them in parking areas and at street corners, trying to look casual in their short clothes. They are priced according to ethnicity. While you walk along the street, chances may come especially if you are an Indianwhen you will be approached by an Indian and that great guy ask you whether you want to buy a watch or something else.

If you deny, then his next question would be related to hiring a prostitute for the night. Just laugh and move further. Just for your information, prostitution is legal in Hong Kong, but public solicitation is against the law. So, except some police deployment also in the area. After all these hustle and bustle if you start feeling hungry, then you can again turn to those inexpensive food stalls at the beginning of the market. You will find no temples, no vendors and no prostitutes till the evening. It will look like any other market in Hong Kong.

This happens daily at temple street. It only comes alive after 7 PM. Most stalls close between about pm and midnight. Take the MTR and get to the Jordan station. Get out of the station through Exit A and turn right.

Walk meters along the Jordan Road and then turn right to the market. Travel time is about Minutes. Alternatively, you can also walk along the Nathan Road to Temple Street. This was one of my favorite places in HK. I remember shopping like crazy on all the cheap and cute stuff…. Never been to Hong kong and your virtual tour has taken me there already showing the lovely sights. But still I would like to visit personally. Wonderful virtual tour of the Temple street markets, I loved the purses in the lot and would like to pick one for myself when I get to be there some day.

Lovely portrayal of the temple street market, Liked your travel stories as well.

5. temple street night market

Will come back again. A stall with jackets and another one with paintings Temple Street Night Market The market is illuminated by many blazing incandescent bulbs and music coming out from CDs shops making whole atmosphere very colorful.

Various stalls Temple Street Night Market Accessories: Lot of accessories like purse, valet, bags, ear rings, sunglasses etc are available in this market.

Purchased Items Temple Street Night Market and at last, this market is also famous for the prostitutes. Please Share This Share this content Opens in a new window Opens in a new window Opens in a new window Opens in a new window Opens in a new window Opens in a new window. Snigdha Jain 14 Nov Reply. Nisha 26 Sep Reply. Arti 24 Sep Reply. Shalu Sharma 23 Sep Reply.

Hong Kong does look like a shoppers paradise. Will love to go there one day. Arnab Maity 22 Sep Reply. Solo Backpacker 22 Sep Reply.

Thanks for visiting this post Arnab. You are always welcome.

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